This is how you can secure your next big dream

By Drum Digital
10 October 2018


From applying for your first home to insuring what means most – we've got you covered

Life is all about those big moments you share with the people who mean the most, and it helps to have a trusted partner with you along the way. When you really think about it, your bank plays a major role in your life and the process to achieving your goals – from saving towards your future to student loans, financing your car or providing you with the money for a home loan. Use your current income to achieve your next big goal. Do it for yourself.

Are you a first-time home buyer and earn between R3501 to R15000 per month? Consider the government subsidised Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme-FLISP. The programme subsidises a fixed amount of your home loan. This depends on cost of the property you are buying. Why don’t you contact them on 0116449800 or and make your dream home for real?

You work hard for money and everything you have. For peace of mind decide what is most valuable to you and then talk to your bank about insurance services suited to your needs and affordability. When life happens, your wallet will keep smiling.

Now that the WalletWise series is coming to an end, we hope the tips and tricks shared were helpful. Here’s to growing together!

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