You’re either a saint or a sinner on Mzansi Magic

By DRUM Digital
14 September 2017

Showmax is dishing the drama with Saints And Sinners – bingeview now as two families are destroyed by murder, greed and worse!

The Khumalos and Moloiswas should learn to keep their dirty laundry hidden from prying eyes on Saints And Sinners, Mzansi Magic’s acclaimed drama series that can now be streamed or downloaded from Showmax right now.

Like any other family, the Khumalos and Moloiswas both have their ups and downs. And like a few unfortunate celeb faces in Mzansi, they’re also making headlines for the wrong reasons. 

Meddling mom Mamohato Khumalo (Nthati Moshesh) isn’t all that different from another mother figure who’s been in the news for trying to protect her cubs. But unlike Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe, who allegedly got into an altercation with a young lady who was overly aggressive towards Grace’s sons, Mamohato has kept her nose clean so far, setting up lavish lives for her daughters Boni and Phindi (Thuso Mbedu and Nompilo Gwala) using cash from her secret armed robberies with her partner-in-crime Gibson (Tumisho Masha).

“The storylines are very real,” explains Tumisho. “A lot of what happens in our show, you would read about in newspapers, like the shady deals that the characters are involved in.” The actor adds that it’s this real-life drama that makes Saints And Sinners so relatable to viewers, because they know about it already. But, of course, there’s a slight hitch to their schemes. “Mamohato convinces Gibson to hire Phindi as his PA and they start an affair,” says Tumisho. “This is his Achilles’ heel and Phindi is the reason his life falls apart.” 

The Moloiswa family on the other hand keep their noses clean. Thabang and Lulama Moloiswa (Tshepo Maseko and Sibulele Gcilitshana) are law-abiding citizens who run a non-profit organisation in their township. But their lives and careers are ruined after they lose everything as victims of crime… organised crime.

“These characters and the stories that they go through are character-driven narratives that speak to the state of our country from an individual perspective,” explains Mzansi Magic. “The characters, who’re either saints or sinners in the eyes of the community, will be tested by the changes that they experience in their lives.”

But just like in real life, sometimes circumstance forces people to wear their halo or ditch it for a pair of devil horns. 

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