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AS IT HAPPENED: Election results latest, PART 1

2014-05-09 05:29

Our coverage of Elections 2014 continues as we bring you the latest results as the IEC continues to count.

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Last Checked: 10:57am on 24 January 2018
Our coverage of Elections 2014 continues as we bring you the latest results as the IEC continues to count.


Pretoria - The army has been called in to quell a violent protest in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane said on Friday. 
"The provincial police commissioner [Lieutenant General Joel Mothiba] has informed me that people in Alexandra have been attacking buildings and assaulting others... the army is moving as we speak," Mokonyane said on the sidelines of the Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) results centre.
ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza said the party was informed that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had been bussing in people into Alexandra to fuel the protests.
"A certain political party, which took part in this elections, is bringing people into the township, we do not condone violence and destruction of property," he said.
The protesters demanded the release of those arrested during a protest on Thursday, he said.
EFF Gauteng leader Dali Mpofu denied that his party brought in protesters into Alexandra. - Sapa

20:44 The army has been deployed in Alexandra.





Voting shifts map:

Party maps:

New parties

EFF 2014:

Agang 2014:

AIC 2014:

NFP 2014:

Voter Turn out 2014:

19:57 Only 25 more voting stations need to be counted.




19:27 Voter turnout for the 2014 national elections was proportionally lower than turnout from the 2009 election, according to preliminary results from the Electoral Commission of SA's national results operations centre in Pretoria. - Sapa

19:14 The ANC is leading nationally with 62,23% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 22,15% of the vote.

19:03 Voter Turn out 2014:


18:55 99.78% of the votes have been counted from 22 213 out of 22 262 voting stations.






18:33 DA condemns 'racist' tweeter


18:16 - "Almost all the voting districts nationally have been declared. This amounts to 99.66% voting districts counted." – SA government

18:01 - Cosatu congratulated the ANC on Friday on its election victory, but warned against complacency by its alliance partner.

With most votes counted by Friday afternoon, the ANC was leading the national elections and eight of the nine provincial elections, Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement.

"The ANC has proved again that it is still the party in which the majority of South Africans, especially the working class and the poor, put their trust."

According to preliminary results the party had 11 332 698 votes by 17:30 - 62.23% of the national vote.

This was after 99.53% counting had been completed. - Sapa

17:56 - The international votes are in.

17:48 - Sapa reports: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela arrived at the IEC's national result centre in Pretoria on Friday afternoon.

Dressed in black, she did not speak to the media as she was still in mourning following the death of her ex-husband former president Nelson Mandela.

She sat with Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane who briefed Madikizela-Mandela on the election results.

Speaking on Madikizela-Mandela's behalf ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said: "She has come her to see that her children and her grandchildren are doing what is expected of them."

He said Madikizela-Mandela appreciated the overwhelming support the ANC had received in the fifth democratic election.

"Just like her, we are humbled. This confidence people have in the ANC is not misplaced and we not taking it for granted," Mthembu said.

17:28 - 

17:27 - Forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan and Agang SA have decided to go their separate ways, the party said on Friday.

Agang SA wished O'Sullivan well and thanked him for his contribution to the party, spokesperson Mark Peach said in a statement.

In March, Agang SA named O'Sullivan on its parliamentary list.

"Paul O'Sullivan and Agang SA have mutually agreed that he will continue to devote his full attention to fighting against corruption as a private forensic investigator and will therefore no longer be active in the political structures of the party," Peach said. - Sapa

17:23 - The ANC retained control of Limpopo on Friday - but with fewer votes than in the previous election.

According to preliminary results, the party won with 1 149 350 - 78.60% of the provincial vote.

In 2009, the ANC had garnered 1 265 631 votes which was a 84.88% victory.

The capturing of results in the province concluded on Friday.

A total of 1 462 186 valid votes were counted. The number of spoilt votes was 18 409.

Voter turnout in Limpopo was 60.72%.

The EFF snatched second place from the Cope.

Cope became the official opposition in the province after the 2009 elections with 7.53% of the vote.

On Friday, preliminary results showed the EFF had taken over with 156 982 votes - 10.74%.

Limpopo is the home province of the EFF's leader Julius Malema. - Sapa


17:16 -  Chester Missing videobombs DA meeting

17:10 - 

17:06 - 

17:00 - 

16:58 - 

16:54 - The ANC was leading the election with more than 11 million votes as counting neared the end on Friday, giving President Jacob Zuma a second term with a handful of fewer seats in Parliament.

The DA grew its vote share to 22% compared to the ANC's 62% and said the increase showed that it had managed to attract significantly more black supporters than before.

DA leader Helen Zille said one in five of the party's voters were now black.

"We grew our support among black South Africans from 0.8% in 2009 to approximately 6% in 2014," Zille said.

"Forty percent of these votes were won in Gauteng. This result shows that people's political attitudes are changing; that, more and more, people are moving away from race as a voting determinant."

The ANC held onto to its outright majority in the country's economic centre, taking 53% of the vote while the DA improved its vote share in Gauteng to 32%.

In the Western Cape, the DA surged to 59% after narrowly securing outright control of the province five years ago. - Sapa

16:51 - The ANC is leading in Gauteng with 53.37% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 31.07% of the vote.

16:49 - The main floor at the IEC results centre seems to be getting quieter, seems fatigue is setting in.
- Roy Mckenzie, News24

16:47 -  All those election promises.. Now what? BLOG by Sizwe Mda.

16:44 - Outraged by the discovery of dumped ballot papers in Alexandra, Johannesburg, protesters broke windows and caused damage to the area's IEC office. Watch.

16:42 - Speaking to News24, the ACDP's Steve Swart said the ACDP was disappointed with their vote tally, but remained positive about their seats in parliament. 

16:40 - There is no space for name-calling and racism in a democratic South Africa, the DA said on Friday.

The party's KwaZulu-Natal leader Sizwe Mchunu condemned racist tweets published on Wednesday by a member of the public who likened the ANC to "monkeys".

"The individual responsible for this tweet has nothing to do with the DA and his views are in no way supported by the [party]."

Mchunu said he supported complaints that had already been laid at the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

"We hope the SAHRC will move swiftly to condemn the responsible individual." - Sapa

See how each party performed by using this great map feature.

16:40 - DA leader Helen Zille took to the floor and stood proudly in front of the leaderboard, stating this was the party’s best performance ever, and the first time that an opposition party had reached 4m votes.

16:37 -  Sapa reports: The Freedom Front Plus was satisfied with the preliminary number of votes it achieved, party leader Pieter Mulder said on Friday.

"We achieved a seat in the North West, which we did not have before, and did quite well in Gauteng," he said.

The party managed to clinch new votes while its support base remained loyal, Mulder said.

16:36 - Western Cape DA and ANC leaders hurled insults at each other after the provisional results were made known on Friday.

"The ANC's efforts over the last few years to make the Western Cape ungovernable failed miserably," said DA provincial leader Ivan Meyer during a victory speech at the IEC Western Cape results operations centre in Belville-South.

"Not the ANC's race-based divide and rule tactics, especially in vulnerable communities like De Doorns, nor their efforts to bribe DA councillors, nor their outrageous so-called faeces war could unseat the DA in this province."

Meyer's comments contradicted his earlier calls for unity and co-operation after the pre-election mudslinging. - Sapa

16:30 - 

16:29 - The ANC is leading in Eastern Cape with 70,09% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 16,2% of the vote.

16:20 - “DA 4million means the ANC did not get the 2 thirds majority, thank you to all the DA voters!!!” – Sechaba Santho

16:16 - 

16:12 - Capturing the 2014 election results in the hotly contested province of Gauteng was 94.75% complete on Friday afternoon.

Just before 16:00, 2 508 out of 2 647 voting districts had been counted.

The ANC was leading with 2 208 256 votes - 53.20%.

In 2009, it won the province with 64.04%.

The DA was behind the ANC by a little less than a million votes.

The opposition party so far had 1 296 209 votes - 31.23%. In 2009, it came second with 21.86% of the provincial vote.

Julius Malema's EFF was in third place with 424 047 votes (10.22%).

The EFF was convinced it would win Gauteng.

On Wednesday, the party's Gauteng premier candidate Dali Mpofu said the EFF had to govern the economic hub of the country.

Earlier on Friday, DA premier candidate Mmusi Maimane, who ran a campaign similar to US President Barak Obama, said he would not comment until the final results were released. - Sapa

16:07 - The ANC is leading nationally with 62,21% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 22,16% of the vote.

16:01 - The ANC is leading in KwaZulu-Natal with 64,64% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 12,55% of the vote.

16:00 - 

15:57 - EFF’s Dali Mpofu has just congratulated Helen Zille on DA reaching four million votes mark. Much jovial laughter.

- Roy Mckenzie, News24

15:54 - Sapa reports: The DA cheered as it hit the four-million mark in the national elections on Friday.

Just before 15:30, preliminary results showed the party had received 4 002 663 votes so far - 22.15% of the national vote.

In 2009, the party received 2 945 829 votes - 16.66%.

Leader Helen Zille and fellow party members at the IEC’s national result centre ululated as the numbers on the big blue result board changed.

"Uyatatazela... mshini wam, mshini wam [the machine is shaking in fear]," Zille sang in clear reference to President Jacob Zuma.

In 2007, Zuma became know for the song "mshini wam" (bring me my machine gun).

15:52 - 

15:43 - 

15:42 - 

15:35 - The ANC is leading in Free State with 69.88% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 16.26% of the vote.

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15:33 - Helen Zille ululating after the DA breaks the 4 million vote barrier. "Yebo yes," she shouts

15:32 - 

15:31 - Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele committed political suicide by turning down the opportunity to lead the DA, as evidenced by the results, the DA said on Friday.

"Mamphela has destroyed her political brand and value," DA leader Helen Zille told reporters at the IEC’s national results operations centre in Pretoria.

"She had a big brand value before voters rejected her."

Zille said Ramphele could have added to the consolidation of opposition if she had stayed with the DA. - Sapa

15:29 - Sapa reports: The ANC was leading the national elections with more than 11 million votes on Friday afternoon.

According to preliminary results the party had 11 181 338 votes by 15:00 - 62.24% of the national vote.

This was after 98.83% of counting had been completed.

In 2009, the ANC won the elections with 11 650 748 votes - 65.90% of the national vote at the time.

15:27 -The ANC is leading nationally with 62.2% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 22.17% of the vote.The IEC has counted 18 000 000 votes in the National Vote.

15:26 - The EFF is the official opposition in the North West, according to preliminary results released on Friday.

Vote counting in the province has been completed and saw Julius Malema's EFF take 143 683 votes (13.20%).

After the 2009 elections, the Cope was the official opposition in the province with 8.33% of the vote.

This year Cope was fifth on the list with only 0.94% of the vote. - Sapa

Follow Election Results LIVE

15:18 - The ANC is leading in Free State with 70,04% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 16,12% of the vote.

15:10 - Congress of the People leader Mosiuoa Lekota will not return to the ANC, he said on Friday.

"Going back to the ANC would mean that I agree that an elite have a right to exist in this democracy," he told journalists.

"The ANC is no longer the organisation we stood for and went to prison for."

Several Cope MPs, such as Smuts Ngonyama, rejoined the ANC during the election campaign.

Lekota said the defectors who left the ANC in 2009 to join Cope did so with no valid reasons why they left. - Sapa

15:06 - DA retained 3rd place in NW 12.59% (2009 8.25%) in preliminary results. Wasp 939 votes (0.09%). Voter turnout 66.32%.

14:50 - Zille: We continue to be the only political party that grows after every election.

14:42 - EFF extremely excited - Alfred Motsi:

14:38 -  Political Analyst - Jacob Zuma not guaranteed next 5 years:

14:36 - 

14:25 - The DA will never bring back apartheid despite what ANC says, thought #Ramphele would help dispel that notion, says Zille.

14:21 - The DA is extremely upbeat, says Zille.

14:17 - Lindiwe Mazibuko: I didn't feel threatened when Zille wanted to bring Ramphele into party, can't speak for Mmusi.

14:14 - "No, there's no ways." - Zille on whether the DA will consider a coalition with the EFF. "We can't go into government with the EFF."

14:12 - Zille on vote counting - we tally up votes at every voting station, compare IEC tally. IEC tally is correct

14:09 - Tendency towards total realignment of SA politics. Unravelling of ANC a big development, says Zille. 

14:07 - Zille congratulated President Jacob Zuma in person, she smiles broadly.

14:04 - Zille: Big divide in ANC. "The unravelling of the ANC will become progressively more apparent." Fundamental realignment in next 10 years.

14:02 - Zille: Can we transcend ethnic and racial barriers to build new majority on basis of principal and value? Major challenge.

13:54 - Zille on Agang - it's proved my point, Mamphela could have added to consolidation of opposition with us, she was nowhere on her own.

13:52 - Zille: We are well on track to unseat the ANC nationally in the next decade.

13:50 - Zille: We will continue to root out corruption, deliver services to all, and create jobs. 

13:46 - DA official opposition in 5 provinces where we weren't previously. Gives us important platform in those 5 provinces - Zille

13:45 - DA grew in every province, increased share of vote in Gauteng. "Spectacular" increase of over 40% in Gauteng - Zille.

13:43 - Zille looks rather pleased. Maimane looks... less pleased.

13:42 - Zille: 700 000 of 1.1 million new votes came from black South Africans. Argument that DA has reached its ceiling has been blown out of water.

13:41 - It's been a great election for the DA, Helen Zille states. Thanks those who voted for the party, will work hard to justify every vote. She's speaking at the IEC office in Pretoria.

13:35 - Western Cape IEC final count: DA - 59.2%, ANC - 33.04%, EFF - 2.11%, ACDP - 1.03%, Cope - 0.59%, Al Jama-ah - 0.62%.

13:31 - Lekota tells reporters at the IEC: Those who went back to ANC might not have known why they left in first place. I know why I left

13:25 - 

13:01 - The number of spoilt provincial ballots in KwaZulu-Natal equalled the number of votes needed for one seat in the provincial legislature, the IEC says. Read more here.

12:59 - Tlakula: We've been informed about ballots found dumped east of Pretoria. They'd been counted, verified and captured.

12:56 - Very high volume of voters in metros, says Tlakula, explaining why some took so long to be counted. Counters need rest to minimise mistakes.

12:50 - Percentage of counting per province: Eastern Cape - 99,8%; Free State - 94,7%; Gauteng - 98,2%; KZN - 98,2%; Limpopo - 99,9%; Western Cape - 98,3%

12:49 - Final election results will be announced at 18:00 on Saturday, says IEC head Pansy Tlakula.

12:46 - The number of spoilt provincial ballots in KwaZulu-Natal equalled the number of votes needed for one seat in the provincial legislature, the IEC said on Friday.

The Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said this was no more than in previous elections and not a cause for concern.

Provincial chief electoral officer Mawethu Mosery said with 98 percent of the votes counted by 10am, there were about 41 000 spoilt votes, but no marked impact of a no vote campaign.

"We did not pick up any trends on the no-vote campaign."

In the 2009, there were 43 713 spoilt votes.

He said he was happy with the voter turnout which at 10am hovered around 75% with four municipalities recording percentages higher than 80.

The uMngeni local municipality (Howick) had an 83% voter turnout, with 81% in Msunduzi local municipality (Pietermaritzburg), uMhlathuze local municipality (Richards Bay), and Kwa Sani local municipality.

Mosery said there were no objections the provincial IEC was dealing with.

He said the official announcement on the number of seats allocated to each party would be announced on Saturday.

The official opposition is likely to be the Democratic Alliance, which would oust the Inkatha Freedom Party as the second largest party in the province. - Sapa

12:36 - The EFF claims they've found more ballot papers, this time in Joburg CBD.

12:25 - Sapa reports: By midday on Friday 97.62% of the national vote in the fifth democratic elections had been counted.

According to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC), 21734 of the 22 263 voting districts had been counted.

Out of the 17 788 485 votes counted so far 17 546 070 were valid.

Nationally there were 24 269 962 people registered.

The African National Congress was leading with more than 10 million votes so far, 62.26%.

The Democratic Alliance was in second spot with 3 889 949 (22.17%), and newcomer the Economic Freedom Fighters was third with just over a million votes.

12:19 - News24's Roy McKenzie, who is at the IEC centre, tweets: "Animated discussion over results overheard at IEC results centre. Then one guy says 'Bra, what's happened to Liverpool?' "

11:47 - The AU Mission has declared the elections "fair, credible, transparent and peaceful".

11:42 - AU Observer Mission: "We note measures to assist special groups including the elderly to cast their votes early."

11:40 - AU Observer Mission: "Election material adequate in most poling stations but few stations had inadequate material."

11:36 - AU Observer Mission: "We observed high level of tolerance among political parties."

11:35 - "It was interesting election with 29 parties contesting, including numerous newcomers..." - AU observer team says. 

11:32 - AU briefs media at IEC centre about election observer mission: "Mission deployed 26 teams to observe elections in all 9 provinces."

11:26 - Our photo competition is still running! Upload your election day pics on our My2014 section and win with News24.

11:21 - More than 234 000 ballots were spoilt in the 2014 general elections, according to preliminary figures by the Electoral Commission of SA. Read more here

11:20 - Here's the latest figures for all provinces, according to Sapa: Preliminary results from seven of the nine provinces were expected to be finalised later in Friday.

Vote counting in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape, where the ANC retained control, was concluded on Thursday evening.

Limpopo and the North West were close to completion just before 10:30 on Friday.

According to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC), 99.74% of Limpopo's counting had been done.

So far the ANC was ahead in the province with 78.62% of the vote, which was 1 146 499 votes.

In the North West, where 99.88% of counting had been done, the ANC was also leading with 733 203 votes, or 67.41%.

Newcomer, the Economic Freedom Fighters, was in second place in both provinces with 156 215 votes (10.71%) in Limpopo, EFF leader Julius Malema's home province, and in the North West with 143 524 votes (13.19%).

The Democratic Alliance was in third spot so far in Limpopo and North West, with 94 601 votes (6.49%) and 137 015 (12.6%) respectively.

In the Eastern Cape, 97.81% of the vote had been counted so far.

The ANC, the Democratic Alliance, and the United Democratic Movement were in the top three spots with 1 498 718 (70.08%), 348 316 (16.29%), and 130 547 (6.10%) votes respectively.

In KwaZulu-Natal, where 95.43% of the votes had been counted, the DA was poised to replace the Inkatha Freedom Party as the official opposition.

The ANC was still leading in KwaZulu-Natal, the party's biggest support base and President Jacob Zuma's home province, with 2 251 935 votes so far (64.48%).

The DA had 423 768 votes (12.13%) and the IFP 393 593 (11.27%). Since 2009 the IFP has held the position of official opposition in the province.

The DA was expected to retain control of the Western Cape, where 94.93% of the vote had already been counted.

The party had 1 153 629 votes so far (58.68%).

The ANC was in second place with 659 629 votes (33.54%) and the EFF in third with 41 183 votes (2.09%).

In the Free State 91.6% of the vote had been counted by Friday morning.

So far the ANC was leading with 636 806 votes (69.87%).

Once again the DA and EFF were in second and third spots with 148 430 votes (16.29%) for the DA and 72 955 (8%) for the EFF.

In the hotly contested Gauteng only 82.32% of the vote had been counted.

The ANC, DA, and EFF have been fighting for control of the country's economic hub.

The ANC and DA both had more than a million votes in the province.

The ruling party was leading with 1 854 284 votes (51.93%) while the DA had 1 174 666 votes (32.90%) so far. The EFF had 352 608 votes (9.88%).

10:59 - 

10:55 - Support for the Democratic Alliance is expected to increase by about a million votes in the 2014 national elections, the party's campaign manager Jonathan Moakes says. Read more here

10:51 - 

10:43 - The IEC has counted 17 000 000 votes in the National Vote.

10:39 - Update from the IEC results centre in Pretoria. Watch.

10:34 - The IEC in the Western Cape says it's set itself a target to declare final results at noon, tweets EWN Reporter

10:27 - 

10:14 - Columnist Simon Williamson has five quick takeaways from this year's elections... Read more here.

10:06 - 

10:03 - South Africans have voted resoundingly to extend the ANC's 20-year rule, ignoring leadership scandals and economic malaise in a display of loyalty to the party once led by Nelson Mandela. Read more here.

10:00 - The Gauteng vote count is at 83%.

9:58 - Here are the ten need-to-know facts about this year's elections.

9:46 - ANC heavyweight Malusi Gigaba on Friday accused the EFF of being "sour losers", Sapa reports.

"They need to stop being sour losers and accept they only have one million voters and they have lost," he told reporters at the IEC national results operations centre in Pretoria.

The minister of public works was responding to the Economic Freedom Fighters' complaint about votes in Gauteng coming in slowly, allegedly after counting having been completed in the province.

9:42 - Northern Cape is 100% complete. ANC won with 64.40%, DA 23.89%, EFF 4.96%, COPE 3.60% and VF PLUS 1.09%

9:39 - On balance, I would call this election a major success (for the DA), Lindiwe Mazibuko tells eNCA.

9:37 - EFF: "It is a humbling mandate that our people have shown their faith in us." - tweets Power FM reporter Neo Leeuw.

9:29 - "The new kid on the block Economic Freedom Fighters went into these national elections facing significant head winds that were bound to crush them into pieces, and ANC take those pieces and scatter them to the winds. Right from the very start,  up to the end, theirs was a fragile soaring," writes Chris Kanyane on News24 Voices.

Simply put - EFF managed to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive. How they made it is a story that is subject to academic political studies. A few theories of political science were upheld throughout the campaign."

Read more here.

9:14 - "In spite of a concerted effort by political parties and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to draw youth to the polls, born frees make up just 2.5% of the 25 million registered voters," writes writes Azad Essa for Al-Jazeera.

"In an election that was meant to mark 20 years of freedom and democracy, and the coming of age of those fortunate enough to have been born after 1994, the scale of apathy among young South Africans has severely tarnished the celebrations.

The attitudes of young South Africans towards democracy have also placed the gains of the past 20 years into perspective."

Read more here.

9:04 - Western Cape results currently: 1.9 million votes counted (94%), DA - 58%, ANC - 33%, EFF - 2%, ACDP - 1% - turnout 72%.

8:59 - DA leader Helen Zille is keeping up the fighting spirit. She was quoted by Power FM as saying: "I'm never happy until the fat lady sings."

8:52 - 

8:38 - ANC is currently at 51.76% in Gauteng with 79.49% of the vote counted. DA has 33.15% and the EFF 9.8%.

8:26 - The ANC is still leading in the City of Johannesburg with 45.76% of the vote there. Check out our map for more.

8:11 - Lowest province in terms of voter turnout is Limpopo at 60%. The highest voter turnout is KZN at 75%. National average is 73%. 

Meanwhile, counting of Gauteng provincial results is at 78.16% complete.

8:05 - "IEC deputy chair, Terry Tselane, tells EWN they expect to finish count by lunch time," Eyewitness News tweets.

Tselane also said the photos of discarded ballot papers was a "minor issue" magnified by social media.

7:49 - According to Al-Jazeera reporter Azad Essa quotes Zille as saying: " I offered Mamphela Ramphele the world, she wanted the universe and now she has ended up with a shack in Pofadder."

This follows the failed 'marriage' between the DA and Agang a few months back. The DA announced that Ramphele would stand as its presidential candidate and then it all fell apart.

7:35 - The EFF could secure 23 seats in Parliament in its debut election, according to the latest SABC predictions. Read more here.

7:31 - Wow.  

7:25 - Sapa reports: An Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) centre was set alight by residents of Alexandra, Gauteng police said on Friday.

A room in a community centre which was used by the IEC was burned by residents on Thursday night, Brigadier Neville Malila said.

There were people inside the centre at the time of the fire, but no injuries were reported.

Read more here.

7:18 - Support for the Democratic Alliance could increase by over five percent in the fifth national democratic elections with more than 90% of votes counted on Friday morning, Sapa reports.

According to early results, the DA have 22.03% of the votes with 3 605 019 votes nationally in Wednesday's elections after 94.09% of votes had been counted.

In the 2009 elections, the DA received 16.66% of votes, while it received 12.37% of the votes in the 2004 elections.

Read more here.

7:07 - "Why is Gauteng count taking so long? Have just requested our network to do a separate tally based on OUR stats from each station," tweets DA leader Helen Zille.

7:03 - Take a look at News24's video on the protest in Alexandria:

6:58 - It looks like the EFF has won the Marikana ward:

6:45 - Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape final results are in.

The final results for Mpumalanga Legislature:
24 seats – ANC; 3 seats – DA; 2 seats – EFF; 1 seat - Bushbuckridge Residents Association

Final results for Northern Cape Legislature:
20 seats – ANC; 7 seats – DA; 2 seats – EFF; 1 seat - Cope

6:40 - 

6:38 - 

6:35 - The DA's premier candidate for Gauteng, Mmusi Maimane says he is still hopeful for Gauteng and that 2014's election proved the DA to be a non-racial party.

6:30 - President Jacob Zuma dropped in at the IEC's offices in Pretoria. Watch News24's video here:

6:27 - Sapa reports: Support for the Democratic Alliance could increase by over five percent in the fifth national democratic elections with more than 90% of votes counted on Friday morning.

According to early results, the DA have 22.03% of the votes with 3 605 019 votes nationally in Wednesday's elections after 94.09% of votes had been counted.

In the 2009 elections, the DA received 16.66 percent of votes, while it received 12.37% of the votes in the 2004 elections.

According to the results at the Electoral Commission of SA's results centre in Pretoria on Friday morning, the African National Congress had 62.51% of the votes by 06:00 with 10 228 644 votes.

In the 2009 elections the ruling party won with 65.9% of the votes.

In 2004, the ANC won with 69.69% compared to the 66.35% in 1999 and the 62.65% in 1994.

On Friday, the early results indicated that the new kids on the block, the Economic Freedom Fighters were in third place with 5.95% of the votes and 973 369 votes.

The Inkatha Freedom Party had 404 692 (2.47%) votes according to Friday morning's early results.

The National Freedom Party remained in fifth place with 1.64% of the national votes.

The results centre was quiet on Friday morning with tired party officials and media waiting for the results to be updated. Shortly after 05:30 police took sniffer dogs through the centre.

A total of 16 362 869 votes had been counted.

6:20 - this is how Gauteng looks at the moment. Keep up to date with your area with News24's maps.

6:14 - DA leader Helen Zille speaks about the ballot dumping in Gauteng:

6:10 - GAUTENG RESULTS: 88% of votes captured. ANC - 52.66%, DA - 31.64%, EFF - 9.36%, FF Plus - 1.48%, Cope - 0.02%, Agang SA - 0.49%

6:04 - The IEC has admitted breaching procedure in Gauteng.

5:48 - The DA held a slim lead over the Inkatha Freedom Party on the provincial ballot in KwaZulu-Natal in the race to become the official opposition in the province, according to election results from the Electoral Commission of SA.

While the ANC, by 05:13 on Friday, appeared to have secured a resounding victory in the province with 64.48% of the vote, the DA led the IFP by 0.92% in the race for second place.

The DA had won 423 608 votes (12.16%), versus the IFP's 391 679 votes (11.24%).

If the DA do become the official opposition in KwaZulu-Natal, it will be the first time ever they have done so.

A reason could be the National Freedom Party, launched by former IFP chairperson Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi in the beginning of 2011, which has received 266 230 votes, possibly cutting into the IFP's base.

In the 2009 provincial elections in KwaZulu-Natal, the IFP came second behind the ANC with 22.4%, while the DA came third with 9.15%.

The vote count by early on Friday morning was 95.13% in the province. - Sapa

5:47 - International ballot papers not in South Africa before 21:00 on Friday will not be counted, the IEC said.

5:40 - The ANC continues to lead the national vote with 62.51% with the DA second at 22.03%.

5:36 - The ANC continued to maintain its lead in the City of Johannesburg early on Friday morning, as results from the municipality continued filtering in to the Electoral Commission of SA's national results operations centre.

Looking at the provincial vote, the ruling party by 04:31 had 49.35% of the vote 267 625 votes, with the Democratic Alliance lying in second with 36.07% of the vote (195 641 votes).

Read more here.

5:02 Sapa report - Voter turnout across South Africa's nine provinces in Wednesday's election varied depending on the province, according to results from Electoral Commission of SA's national results operations centre in Pretoria on Friday morning.

While the overall voter turnout average for the country was 70.89% by 04:39, the lowest was in Limpopo, with 60.56%.

The province with the best voter turnout was KwaZulu-Natal, with 75.73%. It was followed by Gauteng (73.35%), Mpumalanga (72.85%), Western Cape (72.65%), Northern Cape (71.29%), Free State (70.67%), Eastern Cape (68.30%), and North West (66.30%).

A total of 25 383 361 people were registered to vote countrywide prior to election day.

4:45 The ANC is leading in Gauteng with 53,59% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 31,4% of the vote.

4:45 - Get last night's updates here.


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