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Election Day 2014, part 2 - as it happened

2014-05-07 16:37

Get all the day's highlights as millions of South Africans voted on Election Day 2014.

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Last Checked: 03:46am on 21 March 2018
Millions of South Africans have gone to the polls on Wednesday after months of campaigning by political parties.

Despite 21:00 being the cut-off time, some voting stations will stay open to accommodate the last few voters in the queue.

News24 reporter Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath describes what will happen at the National Results Operations Centre when vote tallies start coming in. Watch.

20:57 - 

20:54 - ANC said people who have not yet cast their votes in the general elections should queue at their voting stations by 21:00 and patiently wait their turn.

"We have been assured by the... Electoral Commission [of SA (IEC)] that those who are at the voting station at 21:00, which is the closing time, will not be turned back until they have voted," ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said in a statement.

He urged latecomers to remain patient and not stray from their voting stations. - Sapa

20:52 - Police had to intervene at a polling station in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, as impatient voters screamed at IEC staff on Wednesday.

Voters queued at the venue entrance as they rushed to beat the 21:00 deadline.

"You were employed to help us and ensure we vote swiftly, not stall and make us stand here for hours," a voter shouted at an Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) staff member at the Diepsloot Combined School.

Two police officers pulled three men away from the door to the polling station when they tried to reach out and grab an IEC official. The officers threatened to arrest them if they continued to cause a disturbance.

"I regret not coming to vote earlier, I would have been done by now," said a voter who identified himself as Moses.

He accused staff members of not caring. Some people in the long queue were wrapped in blankets.

A driver parked his car near the entrance and played gospel music for those waiting. - Sapa

20:48 - Rival groups of ANC and EFF supporters were singing and dancing close to each other outside a voting station in Pretoria on Wednesday evening.

The word "voetsak" was prominent in both groups' songs, with only about a metre separating the competing groups.

The groups had congregated near the voting station at the City Hall, along Paul Kruger Street in central Pretoria. - Sapa

20:19 - Tshwane metro police dispersed Economic Freedom Fighters supporters who blocked Paul Kruger Street in central Pretoria on Wednesday evening.

The EFF supporters left many cars, some attended, parked adjacent to the voting station at the City Hall.

Frustrated motorists hooted and some shouted at the EFF supporters to remove their vehicles.

As several police cars arrived, the EFF swiftly removed their cars and sped off.

Four metro police cars were parked in the busy Paul Kruger Street.

Before 20:00, people were still streaming into the City Hall to cast their votes.

A long, winding queue of hundreds of people was slowly moving towards the voting tents. - Sapa

20:13 - 

20:11 - Voters in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, waited until the 11th hour to put their X on ballot papers on Wednesday.

There were long queues outside the Bokamoso Primary School in Extension four just before 19:00. Many of the voters said they had other commitments during the day.

First-time voter Future Makhofane, 19, said she had to do laundry during the day but made it a point to vote.

"I feel very happy about voting, hopefully my vote will make a difference," she said.

She would be voting for the African National Congress as she was raised on social grants.

Although the day mostly belonged to "born-frees" who were making their mark for the first time, for 28-year-old Martha Mokhete it was also a first. - Sapa

20:04 - ANC supporters in Witbank, Mpumalanga, began celebrating hours before voting stations were due to close at 21:00 on Wednesday.
There was jubilation and celebration as music blared from vehicles covered in ANC flags in KwaGuqa township.
In one developed area of the township, voters clad in ANC T-shirts hung out of their car windows, while some stood up, peeking out from a convoy of convertible vehicles.
In another part of the township, a group of voters blockaded streets, singing struggle songs and dancing in the roads. Some youths tried to make money amid the activity as they carried sand in wheelbarrows to close the massive potholes outside one voting station. They asked for small change in return. - Sapa

19:55 -  Police may have been to blame for the late start at some polling stations in Mpumalanga on Wednesday morning, provincial Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) chair Steve Ngwenya said.
Asked about delays at the Celani Primary School voting station in Bhekiswayo, near Hazyview, Ngwenya said the IEC would need to investigate before answering questions on specific voting stations, a Sapa correspondent reported.
"But what I can tell you, in most cases where we find delays, it's when our officials are [collecting]... ballot papers, ink, stamps. "We do not allow them to take that material until such time that there are members of the SA Police Service to escort them," he told reporters in Mbombela. He said police were not always on time. - Sapa

19:53 - Elections in Limpopo's Giyani area were marred by allegations of campaigning outside polling stations on Wednesday.

ANC members wearing their party's colours were at almost all polling stations, waving ANC flags and handing out pamphlets, a Sapa correspondent reported.

In some areas, such as the polling station at Famanda High School in Siyandhani village, there were claims that the party was handing out ANC T-shirts to voters coming to vote.

"They had gathered at the gate and were handing out T-shirts to voters," Economic Freedom Fighters party agent Peter Mchavi said.

"It was only when we complained to the voting station manager that they moved a little distance away." - Sapa

19:49 - 

19:48 - Government called on South Africans to vote in the remaining hours before voting stations close at 21:00 on Wednesday.

"We urge voters not to wait until the last minute, but to cast their vote as soon as possible," acting Government Communication and Information System CEO Phumla Williams said in a statement.

Those queuing within the precinct of a voting station would still be allowed to vote.

Government was pleased that millions of South Africans had already voted, and conducted themselves in an orderly and respectful manner.

The home affairs department was satisfied with the number of people who visited their offices to apply for temporary ID certificates and picked up their uncollected IDs and smart ID cards.

A total of 313 home affairs offices were open from 07:00 on Wednesday and would close at 21:00.

A technical glitch involving online verification, which affected a few offices, had been resolved.

"Government is encouraged by the swift manner in which isolated incidents that could have impacted the smooth running of elections, have been resolved," Williams said. - Sapa

19:43 - Sapa reported that police had to intervene at a polling station in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, as impatient voters screamed at IEC staff on Wednesday.

Voters queued at the venue entrance as they rushed to beat the 21:00 deadline.

"You were employed to help us and ensure we vote swiftly, not stall and make us stand here for hours," a voter shouted at an IEC staff member at the Diepsloot Combined School.

Two police officers pulled three men away from the door to the polling station when they tried to reach out and grab an IEC official. The officers threatened to arrest them if they continued to cause a disturbance.

"I regret not coming to vote earlier, I would have been done by now," said a voter who identified himself as Moses.

He accused staff members of not caring. Some people in the long queue were wrapped in blankets.

A driver parked his car near the entrance and played gospel music for those waiting.

19:42 - Voters were flocking to voting stations in Freedom Park, north of Rustenburg in North West, on Wednesday, to beat the 21:00 cut-off time.

Among them was first-time voter Obakeng Molefe.

"I was reluctant to vote in the morning, but during the day I decided to have a feel of voting, that is why I am standing here."

He had not decided which of the 29 political parties would get his vote.

"I will see once I am inside the booth."

Next to him a jubilant Alfred Xulu proudly displayed his inked thumb.

"I was at the gate at 04:00. I was among the first 20 people to vote."

He said he did not want to panic by going to vote late in Marikana, east of Rustenburg. - Sapa

19:38 - 

19:37 - 

“The security provided to our people like in Bekkersdal during this election day should be provided everyday to ensure safety of our people.” – Jabulani wase Voti

19:30 - Any person can lay a charge against someone caught taking a "selfie" of their ballot at a voting station, IEC chief electoral officer Mosotho Moepya said on Wednesday.

"Anyone that is aware of prohibited conduct can lay a charge," Moepya said at the IEC results centre in Pretoria.

"They must be arrested if somebody wants to lay a charge. You can carry your camera. We aren't going to say don't bring it in, but you can't use it inside the voting station. That is a criminal offence."

Selfies are photographs people take of themselves on cellphones. - Sapa

19:25 - “I'll continue being Proudly South African by exercising my right to vote 2014 SA Elections let's shape our country to be the best.” – Sello Maswanganyi

19:15 - 

19:06 - A little more than half the people registered at the Mtunzini voting station had cast their votes by late afternoon on Wednesday, according to Electoral Commission of SA officials.

By 16:30, with about 100 people in the queue, 1 040 people had voted, but election officials expected a big rush later in the evening.

One voter, Tamryn Rossouw, said: "It was busy. We drove past three times and there was always a queue. The last elections [in 2009] that we voted there wasn't a queue."

She thought there was more interest in the present election than in the previous national and provincial elections.

ANC organiser Bongani Nkwanyana said there was a queue early in the morning that tapered off in the midday sun, but in the late afternoon there was a surge of voters arriving to cast their ballots.

Mtunzini, in KwaZulu-Natal, is about 35km south-west of Richards Bay. The area is known for being a birdwatchers' paradise and one of the few places where the Palm nut vulture is found in South Africa. - Sapa

18:58Voters waited in winding queues across South Africa a few hours before polling stations were due to close on Wednesday, as the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said the fifth all-race elections were drawing a massive turnout in cities.

"The most pressing challenge we are facing is the extremely high turnout in urban areas," IEC chair Pansy Tlakula said in Pretoria.

"It should be remembered that we have the highest number of voters registered in South Africa's history... 25.3 million," she added.

Polls were due to close at 21:00, and the IEC said the first results were expected to come in about an hour later. - Sapa

18:57 - “Eagerly waiting for the results, I know ANC will win but I hope they get like 53% or something so they get a wake up call.” – Khanya Ntloko


18:53 - Political parties can hand out T-shirts on voting day but not near voting stations, Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) chair Pansy Tlakula said on Wednesday.

"The law does not prohibit the distribution of T-shirts," she told reporters at the IEC's national results centre in Pretoria.

"[However] the IEC raised this with political parties today [Wednesday]... and we got an undertaking that they will ensure the distribution does not take place next to the boundary of voting stations."

If this happened the presiding officer had to intervene to make sure voters were not disturbed.

Tlakula said no political party was allowed to campaign on voting day. - Sapa

18:51 - “Voted for my first time today, quite a monumental moment! Hope South Africa has a bright future ahead.” – Aquill Gous

18:45 - 

18:42 - “When I was 2 years old South Africa had its first democratic election. Now 20 yrs later I got to vote in the future of SA.” – Brett van Zijl

18:39 - 

“Judging by voter turnout in my area....its gonna be massive Nationwide!!! Big Up.....and #ThumbsUp to south africans who made their MARK!” – Clarence Watts

18:30 - Hundreds of University of Witwatersrand students waited to vote for the first time in South Africa's fifth general elections on Wednesday.

The IEC presiding officer at the university's voting station Justice Lieta said more than 3 000 people had already made their mark.

"We have close to 4 000 people on our voters' roll. More than 3 000 have already voted. We also have people who have not registered here casting their votes."

He said the station had been busy since the doors opened at 07:00.

"It has been a very hectic day. Staff have been rotating and taking breaks."

Their biggest problem was the number of voting booths.

"We didn't have enough voting booths, only three. Then, after 10:00, three more arrived."

Most of the people voting at the venue were students and university employees. - Sapa

18:19 - Missy Ramaphekwa, a domestic worker in Centurion, Pretoria, accompanied her 18-year-old daughter Ayanda to Sutherland High School early on Wednesday evening as Ayanda cast her first vote.

Driven to the polling station by Ramaphekwa's employer Clarissa Theron, the trio made their way briskly through a reasonable queue and voted in the country's fifth national and provincial elections.

"It was a good feeling, making the 'X' was good for me and I am glad," Ayanda Ramaphekwa said after voting.

"This is my first time voting, I am excited and I want to see what happens. My mother was here with me and we voted."

Braving the cold as the sun began to set, Theron said she was delighted to be part of Ayanda's first vote and was happy that she could drive them to the polling station. - Sapa

18:17 - 

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18:13 - Several residents in Palm Ridge, on the East Rand, walked to cast their votes on Wednesday evening.

Sylvia Singh, 72, was one of the many residents who strolled to the polling station at the local community hall.

"I came to the hall earlier today but the line was too long," she said after she made the two kilometre journey from her home.

"I'm hoping there is no line now because I have voted in every election since 1994."

Rishaad Ali, 48, was also determined to make his mark.

"We must vote because we must change our community," he said.

Ali said Palm Ridge needed change as many people lived in poverty and the youth were unemployed.

Around 30 people waited in line outside the hall. Many people in and around the voting station wore ANC T-shirts.

The party's posters with the words "Vote ANC" were pasted on several minibus taxis parked outside the hall. - Sapa

18:11 - 

18:05 - Scores of people were arriving at the polling station in Protea Glen, Soweto, opposite the mall late on Wednesday afternoon to cast their votes.

A tent had been erected in a dusty open space near the busy street and voters were still walking in after 17:00. Some of the younger people arrived in cars blaring loud music. One of the them was Ntombi Solo, 26, who arrived at the station with two of her friends.

She said they had wanted to come in the afternoon because they thought the queue would be shorter.

Solo voted for the first time because in the previous election she did not have an identity document.

"Voting for the first time was great, I loved every moment of it," she said afterwards.

She confessed to being confused and not knowing who to vote for.

"Life experience and where our country is now helped me to decide to do the right thing and vote for the ruling party."

She said she was expecting change, opportunities for the youth, and education from government. - Sapa

18:01 - 

17:57 - 

17:47 - 

17:40 - 

“There is no sign of voters in any political party regalia here at Tom Naude school, Polokwane” Modikwa Makgoba

17:36 - A few voters visited stations around the controversial Afrikaners-only community of Kleinfontein, east of Pretoria on Wednesday.

The scarce voters were blacks, who do not reside in the gated settlement.

A Sapa reporter was denied entrance at the settlement's entrance by a security guard in camouflage uniform.

"I do not know where a voting station is around here. We don't vote. We chose not to," he said.

He said an application would have to be made and processes followed for the reporter to be allowed access.

From the entrance, some residents of the enclave could be seen patrolling on horseback.

After 17:00, electoral officials at a voting station near Kleinfontein were idle, awaiting for voters.

South Africans were voting on Wednesday in the fifth national elections. - Sapa

17:34 - Elections were serious business for voters in the east of Pretoria on Wednesday as they queued patiently to cast a vote they believed would make a difference.

Some hitches earlier in the day did not dampen people's enthusiasm to vote.

A number of polling stations in the area opened late, others had no scanners and some ran out of ballot papers. A polling station in Skuilkrans had a combination of all three problems.

Many of the country's so-called born-free generation, who voted for the first time in the South Africa's fifth democratic national and provincial elections, were excited about making their mark.

They were positive about making a difference.

"Every young person should vote. Each vote counts. You cannot complain if you don't vote," said 19-year-old Juvan Maritz, who was voting at Skuilkrans Primary School.

"I've been in Ireland for eight years and my family is still there but this is my country and I want the right party to be in charge." - Sapa

17:30 - Investigations by the IECin the Western Cape into alleged irregularities found no wrongdoing by officials, provincial electoral officer Courtney Sampson said on Wednesday.

Sampson told reporters Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele said she "busted an official with ballot papers" at a voting station in Philippi, Cape Town.

Sampson said an inquiry revealed that the Bongolethu Primary School was used as a voting centre, but that various classrooms were used as sub-stations.

"The official involved was moving material from one sub-station to another. So we are satisfied," Sampson explained. - Sapa

17:27 - A group of five children sang struggle songs outside a temporary voting station in Tembisa on the East Rand on Wednesday afternoon.

Some of the lyrics translated to "Mandela gave us freedom".

People waiting in line to cast their votes laughed and smiled at the children.

Two marquees were erected as a temporary voting station.

Precious Ndlovu lost her right leg in a car accident and walks with the help of crutches.

Despite her disability, she would wait however long it took for the opportunity to cast her vote, she said.

"I get a grant to help me look after my family and so I want to vote for the party that provides for my children and I."

Donald Mpholo, 23, said everything went smoothly and he did not wait long in the queue to vote. - Sapa

17:25 - 


“If everything affecting u & ur community is in good order & progressive keep that leadership but if not use ur power 4 change.” – Collins T Motau

17:22 - Agang SA's claims of irregularities at voting stations should be raised through the usual channels, the IEC said on Wednesday.

"Agang knows exactly what they are supposed to do [when they have a complaint]," IEC spokeswoman Kate Bapela said.

"There is no political party in this day and age [that does not know that], that's why all political parties that come to the IEC become part of the party liaison committee."

The party had tweeted a photo of its leader Mamphela Ramphele where she confronted an IEC officer carrying ballot papers. - Sapa

17:19 -  Supporters of all major parties voted at a polling station right outside Lanseria Airport this afternoon. Watch what they had to say.

17:16 - 

17:14 - Tlakula: “Voting continues until 21:00. Any voter who is in the queue at that time will be allowed to vote.”
17:12 - Tlakula: “We have the highest number of voters registered for this election at 25.3 million.

17:10 - IEC chair Pansy Tlakula: “I'm pleased to report voting is proceeding well at the country's 22 363 voting stations.”


“Voted in the mist at the crack of dawn this morning. Took us two hours to make it through the queue but so worth it!” – Colleen van Heese

17:07 - 

17:02 -

Sapa reported that the IEC in the Eastern Cape has overcome road blocks, intimidation and missing ballot papers for its 4 165 voting stations to be running smoothly, it said on Wednesday.

IEC officer in the Eastern Cape, Thamsanqa Mraji, said various problems had been reported but had been dealt with.

"The SA Police Service had to clear the barricaded roads and had to force open the voting stations where the locks were changed by the communities in Bamboo Spruit, Jozana's Nek, and Mngcunubeni in Sterkspruit," Mraji said in a statement.

Voters were intimidated at the Kiba voting station, and there were protests in Engcobo, which police dispersed.

17:00 - 

“Please don't tell me to Do It for Chris Hani do you think he would have been impressed with Nkandla or Marikana??? #ElectionDay” – Matlo Katlego Tsele

16:58 - “At the voting station...ready to cast my vote. Very peaceful atmosphere. Aware that so many people do not have that luxury. #ElectionDay” - Sanjana Singh

16:56 - 

16:54 - Residents in Tembisa, on the East Rand, expressed excitement over the opportunity to vote on Wednesday afternoon.

"Our ancestors fought hard to give us this opportunity to vote," Moses Mahamu said as he queued outside the polling station at the Congregation Church of SA.

Many woman in the queue carried babies on their backs while older children played along the pavement. The road was littered with cans, plastic packets, tree branches and rotting food, and dust swept through the air.

Shacks and portable toilets stood metres away from the voting station. Two police officers were at the church, one at the entrance and the other amongst the crowd.

"Things went very well inside the voting station," Reginald Rakumako, 29, said after he had voted.

"It took about 20 minutes to stand in the line and vote," he said. - Sapa

16:52 - Many people turned up at the Noord Skool voting station in Polokwane on Wednesday, with alot of them not registered there, the IEC in Limpopo said.

IEC official Maggy Mamohobo said 4 177 people registered at the station earlier this year, but many more had turned up on Wednesday.

She told a Sapa correspondent an additional 150 people per hour arrived at the voting station. The queue was long and moving slowly.

Because of the extra arrivals and people getting impatient, Mamohobo said IEC officials were under pressure. - Sapa

16:50 - Voting proceeded without incident in the volatile North West platinum belt on Wednesday.

There were long queues in Wonderkop, Marikana, and Freedom Park near Rustenburg.

By 15:00 over 500 people had voted at the Thusanang voting station in Wonderkop, where about 2 000 people were registered. Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) officials said there had been no problems. - Sapa

Share your Election Day pics and experience and you could win with News24!

16:44 -

“Did my part, but queues are soo last century. We should be able to cast our votes online. #GetInked2014 #ElectionDay” – Jasmin De La Roux

16:42 - 

16:39 - “I do hope im not the only one who said a short prayer before putting that very important x on that ballot paper. #VotingDay, thank u IEC!” – Mel Sambo


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