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IEC declares elections, ANC takes Joburg - As it happened

06-Aug-2016 22:00:00

The IEC has declared the 2016 local elections free, fair and officially over, with the ANC earning the most votes in the City of Johannesburg right at the death.

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06 Aug 22:04

Final thought:

It seems the four young, women protesters have achieved their goal after they protested at the IEC results centre this evening against the rape charge President Jacob Zuma was acquitted of in 2006.

The hashtag #RememberKhwezi has been trending at number 1 on Twitter since the incident at around 19:00, and has reopened the debate into the merits Khwezi's case against Zuma.

Read more about what South Africans are saying, including prominent journalists, politicians and lawyers.

06 Aug 21:54

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Election season is officially over. Coalition season is now beginning.

06 Aug 21:14

There are 270 total seats in the Johannesburg metro.

The ANC thus needs 15 extra seats to form a 50%+1 majority government, while the DA will need 32.

The DA will have to align with the EFF, who won 30 seats, plus two seats more.

The ANC will need to align with all the remaining parties listed below to avoid forming a coalition government with the EFF.

The other parties who won seats in Joburg are:

IFP - 5

AIC - 4

VF Plus - 1

ACDP - 1


UDM - 1

COPE - 1

PA - 1

06 Aug 21:08

The ruling party received 121 seats, while the DA received 104 (38.37%).

The EFF received 30, which amounts to 11.09%.

06 Aug 21:06
The City of Johannesburg's vote count in the 2016 local elections is complete, with the ANC winning the most amount of seats with 44.55% of the vote.
06 Aug 20:53
ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini says the protest earlier today during Jacob Zuma's speech at the IEC results centre was a "publicity stunt".
06 Aug 20:49
The same could possibly be true of Johannesburg, but with 137 seats still to be calculated, it is too early to call the potential party dynamics in that metro.
06 Aug 20:46

Some analysis on the Tshwane result:

There are 214 total seats in Tshwane. The DA won most of the seats with 93, while the ANC won 89.

Therefore, in order to set up a 50%+1 majority government, the DA needs to align with other parties to receive 15 more seats.

The EFF currently holds 25.

The four remaining parties (VF Plus, ACDP, COPE, PAC) have 7 seats between them.

Which means the DA or the ANC have no choice but to approach the EFF if they are to receive majority backing in Tshwane.

If the EFF chooses to abstain, it may lead to a rerun of the vote in the metro.

06 Aug 20:35
WATCH: #RememberKhwezi protesters violently removed
06 Aug 20:24

The City of Johannesburg's vote count in the 2016 local elections is almost complete, with the ANC looking set to beat the DA to the most votes.

At 20:15, 99% of votes had been captured, with only 8 voting districts to be completed.

The ANC stood at 44.4% and the DA at 38.57%.

The EFF are currently standing at 11%.

06 Aug 20:15

"If you look at the results, particularly in Gauteng, you look at Joburg and Tshwane, no one got an outright majority. It was a serious contest and I think we did our level best," she said.

Didiza dismissed the notion that the ANC would be in the opposition benches.

She said negotiations between parties would determine who led and who became the opposition.

06 Aug 20:14

Back to the elections meanwhile, Tshwane mayoral candidate for the ANC Thoko Didiza said the EFF was open to approaches to form a coalition government to lead Tshwane.

"We heard yesterday the EFF saying they are waiting for parties to approach them, so it means they are approachable. I haven't heard any party that has taken a stance that they don't want to talk."

Didiza was among the many politicians attending the IEC's results announcement in Pretoria.

She said the local government elections had been brutal for all parties, with none having received an outright majority in many metros.

06 Aug 19:58
#RememberKhwezi is now trending top on Twitter.
06 Aug 19:51

One of the protesters is speaking to eNCA.

"There was silence about rape in this country when we remembered Khwezi this year (the woman who accused Zuma of rape.

"Black feminists believe Khwezi, and few media outlets carried our remembrance 10 years later.

"We decided that we couldn't listen to this man. We refuse to be silent anymore. We refuse to let the nation forget, because it happened.

eNCA tells the protester that Zuma was acquitted.

"We believe Khwezi," she responded.

06 Aug 19:47
06 Aug 19:46

People are allowed to protest - Mantashe

Pretoria - ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says people are allowed to protest and voice their opinion about anything.

He was responding to the silent protest that took place while President Jacob Zuma was delivering his speech at the IEC's election results announcement.

"Everyone has a right to protest, no one stopped them and it shows you the level of democracy in the country," said Mantashe.

"That shows the extent of freedom in South Africa that you can even protest when the president is talking."

The woman who held placards in front of the stage while Zuma was speaking were seen manning the EFF desk throughout the elections and Mantashe said the protest would not affect negotiations with the party.

"It doesn't complicate anything, that protest is just a protest like any other," said Mantashe.

06 Aug 19:37
FULL STORY: Anti-rape protesters disrupt Zuma's speech
06 Aug 19:37
WATCH: EFF walk out Zuma's IEC speech
06 Aug 19:33
06 Aug 19:32

Analysts on eNCA including Justice Malala say they have "never seen anything like this".

Malala says he was particularly angry over the aggressive reaction of the bodyguards.

06 Aug 19:31

The four women are reportedly EFF members.

The woman on the right of this picture was holding the "Khanga" placard, says News24's Karabo Ngoepe.

06 Aug 19:29

Deputy IEC chair Terry Tselane apologized to Zuma following the removal of the protesters.

"We want to apologise to the president for the disruption that just happened.

"This took us by surprise, and we really want to apologise to all of you.

"Can I request Kate to make sure that members of the media do not exacerbate the situation?"

06 Aug 19:25

They did not say anything, but stood in front of the podium, facing the audience, and held up pieces of cardboard with the words “Khanga”, “Remember Khwezi”, “10 yrs later” and “I am 1 in 3”.

Khwezi was the name given to Zuma's rape accuser by the media.

06 Aug 19:22
The women in question were not just protesting rape, but the rape charge faced specifically by Zuma himself.
06 Aug 19:21
06 Aug 19:19
One of the protesters just tweeted that they "are all okay".
06 Aug 19:18
EFF walking out. (Screengrab, Karabo Ngoepe)
06 Aug 19:17
06 Aug 19:17
Aggressive behaviour from Zuma's bodyguards backstage.
06 Aug 19:16
Video from another angle.
06 Aug 19:16
06 Aug 19:15
Another image.
06 Aug 19:14

More thoughts from Twitter.

(National anthem has finished and Communications Officer Kate Baphela calls the meeting closed. She asks for extra security for the president.)

06 Aug 19:13

More images from Twitter.

(Proceedings have just finished in Pretoria. Attendants are singing the national anthem).

06 Aug 19:09

Reporters say it was a silent protest.

Their removal though was less silent.

Journalists surrounded the protesters while Zuma was speaking to capture the footage.

Their pieces of paper were snatched out of their hands and they were pushed out of the venue.

06 Aug 19:05
The girls were heard crying and moaning while they were being ushered out, Karabo Ngoepe reports.
06 Aug 19:02

From News24 reporter Karabo Ngoepe, who is in Pretoria.

Pretoria - Members of the EFF staged a walk out from the IEC national results centre on Saturday as President Jacob Zuma took to the podium.

Led by Secretary General Godrich Gardee, the  members stood up when Zuma was introduced and walked to the stage. Their walkout was followed by a protest.

A group of women stood in front of Zuma with placards. Their placards made reference to the name of a woman who accused Zuma of rape.

They were manhandled by security personnel after the speech and removed to the side.

The media was told not to exacerbate the situation and barred from going closer to where they were.

06 Aug 19:01
The EFF reportedly also walked out while Zuma was speaking.
06 Aug 18:58

Zuma ends his speech rather abruptly.

The protesters are asked to be removed.

06 Aug 18:56

They are reportedly protesters against rape in the country.

They were not touched nor removed. Zuma continued his speech.

06 Aug 18:55

People have started protesting right in front of Zuma.

Protesters hold up placards as President Jacob Zuma delivers his speech. (Karabo Ngoepe)

06 Aug 18:54
Percentages thus far in Joburg after 96% completion:
06 Aug 18:53
06 Aug 18:52
06 Aug 18:52
More results. Ekurhuleni:
06 Aug 18:51

"Let me congratulate the people. Their will must prevail."

06 Aug 18:50

Zuma: "I wish to extend a word of gratitude to the millions of South Africans who went out to vote, some in difficult weather conditions.

"Let me also extend our collective gratitude to the IEC.

"The commissioners and IEC staff worked long hours and delivered an efficient and fair elections yet again.

"These elections were hotly contested with competing parties passionately arguing their points of view to win over the electorate.

"That is how it should be in a democracy."

06 Aug 18:48

President Jacob Zuma now takes the podium.

More election images to follow.

06 Aug 18:48

Mashinini finishes his briefing:

“In conclusion, our slogan for these elections were 'the future is in your hands'.

“Those voters have now spoken, and they have made their choice.

“They have sent a message. The responsibility of this promised future now passes on to the 9301 councillors who have been elected. Our future is now in your hands.

“It is my great privilege to declare the 2016 local elections free and fair. I thank you.”

06 Aug 18:47
The results in Mangaung: