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#LGE2016: Counting continues through the night at IEC

03-Aug-2016 15:00:00

Get all the highlights and information about this year's municipal elections right here.

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You don't need to be in the IEC results centre to get up-to-the-minute results for your area. News24 has you sorted. You can follow our live results map right here.

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04 Aug 00:21

After a long day, this is where we close updates. Fear not though, you can keep up to date with all the counting by keeping an eye on our maps.

The News24 team will be back early on Thursday morning with more election coverage.

03 Aug 23:49
The ANC in the Western Cape mourned the death of a youth volunteer, who collapsed and died shortly after casting his vote in Struisbaai in the Overberg.
03 Aug 23:19
03 Aug 22:55
News24 analyst Dawie Scholtz tweets - "This is big: First VD from Nelson Mandela Bay (Kruisrivier Primary): DA 77% ANC 19% 2014: DA 67% ANC 21% Big swing to the DA."
03 Aug 22:34
03 Aug 22:29
We're starting to see vote tallies for districts in all but one of nine provinces, the Northern Cape may be first to be counted in full, tweets News24 Live's Erin Bates.
03 Aug 22:15

According to News24's map, 13 392 votes have been counted thus far. That's 0.63% of stations that have been counted.

Of those votes, 193 have been spoilt.

03 Aug 22:09
An interesting shift in voting patterns...
03 Aug 21:53
03 Aug 21:48
03 Aug 21:41
As results now continue to come in, you can see News24's map change colour.
03 Aug 21:35

Two people have been injured after a marquee at a voting station collapsed on the corners of Argyle Road and Montpelier Road in Durban on Wednesday afternoon.

03 Aug 21:19

The government is pleased that voting in the 2016 Municipal Election went smoothly and without major incidents, it said in a statement on Wednesday night. We are satisfied that the elections were peaceful and took place in an atmosphere of political tolerance.

Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Des van Rooyen congratulated the IEC for the successful election.

“Today the profound impact of what freedom means to ordinary South Africans reverberated in the millions of people from all walks of life who cast their vote for democracy,” said Minister van Rooyen.

The government also thanked law enforcement agencies for ensuring that elections were held in an environment that is safe and secure.

03 Aug 21:03
First results from a ward in the Eastern Cape shows the DA in the lead with 45.45% of the vote against 31.8% from the ANC. 22.73% for independent candidates.
03 Aug 20:48
With vote-counting underway, the IEC says the public can expect the first results in a few minutes at 21:00.
03 Aug 20:46
On a lighter note...
03 Aug 20:46
News24 reporter Tshidi Madia has been reliably informed: Lots of residents in ward 113 at a polling station at Combined School Diepsloot, who came to cast their votes have been left stranded after electricity went off before 18:00. They say the elections were not free and fair, they have been denied the opportunity to exercise their rights in voting for their beloved parties.
03 Aug 19:50

Parties were tolerant to each other at the voting stations, and it was "lovely", Patricia de Lille said at the IEC results centre in Cape Town.

"There were a few glitches here and there but I think in general it was well handled," said De Lille. She predicted an "outright majority" for the DA in the metro."I definitely know it is going to be more than 50%."If this is the case she will have another term as mayor of Cape Town.

03 Aug 19:47
Good to know...
03 Aug 19:40
03 Aug 19:21
03 Aug 19:20

Voting stations have officially closed in Nelson Mandela Bay, with presiding officers only dealing with those who are waiting in queues, Thulani Gqirana reports.

At the City Hall in Nelson Mandela Bay, around 10 people strolled in towards closing time.

Presiding officer Nomsa Mpise said it had been like that the whole day."Its mostly been quiet then you find people coming in groups as friends."

03 Aug 19:19

The doors to the Lansdowne Civic Centre closed behind the final voter at 7:03 on Wednesday, reports Tammy Petersen in Cape Town.

According to IEC presiding officer Wesley Marshall, the turnout of locals at the voting station was lower than expected."We have 2 697 registered voters on the roll, but the turnout was only 1 674 [by 18:45]," he said.

The ideal percentage is generally around 80%, he explained, but conceded that since the final registration in May, a number may have moved from the area or may now be deceased.The cold weather may also have played a role, Marshall pointed out.

03 Aug 19:11
03 Aug 18:59
A few seconds left to vote...
03 Aug 18:56
People were still walking in to vote at the Livingstone Primary School in Morningside, Durban, just minutes before the 19:00 deadline. There were no queues and voting went swiftly, taking each citizen about two minutes to compete the voting process. - Amanda Khoza reports.
03 Aug 18:48

Durban - A small group of last minute voters scrambled to the North Beach, George Campbell Boys School voting station on Wednesday.

However, the queue of around 10 people quickly diminished as officials efficiently guided the public at the ward 26 voting station in the Durban CBD. Among the voters to make their mark in the last hour was Thaven Padayachee.

Padayachee said he believed politicians needed to be motivated more by service delivery than monetary offering of public office.

Full story coming up soon.

03 Aug 18:34

At 18:00 the queue at Magaliesskool in Rietfontein, Pretoria was stretching well over 100 metres with citizens complaining about the line management of IEC officials, News24's Wim Pretorius reports.

Willem Posthumus, 24, said he felt that people needed to vote if they wanted any chance of making South Africa a better place even if it meant standing in long lines for a big chunk of the day.

03 Aug 18:26

Jenni Evans, also in Cape Town, writes: They came in their overalls, work-branded fleeces or smart office suits.

Children, already in their pyjamas, joked among each other.

"I'm gonna vote EFF," said a small girl in a pink onesie, skipping off to play on the grass as the sun set.

But their parents kept their choices close to their chests as they waited patiently to enter the Martin Adams Community Hall on Koeberg Road in Brooklyn, north of the city.Some asked people to keep their place while they peeled off for a cigarette.

"Maar die mense van Brooklyn rook gevaarlik (But the people of Brooklyn smoke a lot)," said one man taking a few puffs and then nipping it between the daisies breaking through the parking lot tar, and rejoining the queue.

03 Aug 18:23

Tammy Petersen reports in Cape Town: For Hendrik Geswindt, nothing will ever sway him from voting for the DA."It's the blue party all the way," the 53-year-old security guard said, shortly after voting at the Hanover Park Civic Centre on Wednesday.

He said he trusts the party with his vote because he has seen positive change in the gang-ridden streets over the past 20 years.

"Things are improving here every day. People are getting houses, the community is getting small and big improvements and our children are getting jobs with the council. They are doing their job."

03 Aug 18:18

Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Danny Jordaan has accused the DA of fighting dirty and using the media to wage a “Wouter Basson dirty tricks campaign” against him.

This after News24 on Wednesday reported that Jordaan had hired top lawyers to defend himself in the corruption probe that has rocked football body FIFA.

He had employed top Sandton attorney Anthony Norton and senior advocate Gilbert Marcus to engage with authorities in the US on his behalf, News24 reported on the eve of the local government election.

Full story coming up soon. In the meantime...

03 Aug 18:07

DA leader for Nelson Mandela Bay, Athol Trollip, has urged party supporters to turn out as the polls near closing time at 19:00.

"Residents shouldn’t be discouraged by the weather or long queues, because the stakes are so high. Don't let the weather or a queue determine your future for the next 5 years," Trollip said.

03 Aug 18:04
WATCH BELOW: Extreme weather conditions result in the closure of Eastern Cape voting stations
03 Aug 18:01
There were no more than three people, says IEC CEO Mosotho Moepya of cases of people (wrongly) permitted to vote without an ID.
03 Aug 17:59

Jenna Etheridge reports in Cape Town - When Cynthia Hendricks woke up early, she messaged all her loved ones to remind them to vote and then had her hair and nails done before heading for the polls.

"I love voting," the professional hostess gushed after marking her ballot at Sea Point Library. "I would do it every day. I even wish they could have given me 10 ballot papers but they can only give one."

03 Aug 17:59

Jenna Etheridge reports in Cape Town - When Cynthia Hendricks woke up early, she messaged all her loved ones to remind them to vote and then had her hair and nails done before heading for the polls.

"I love voting," the professional hostess gushed after marking her ballot at Sea Point Library. "I would do it every day. I even wish they could have given me 10 ballot papers but they can only give one."

03 Aug 17:38
Deputy Minister of Communications Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams says the ANC has made a request to the IEC to extend voting hours till 21:00 a a result of weather delays in Eastern Cape, reports Lizeka Tandwa.
03 Aug 17:35

Almost 631 voters had turned up by 13:00 to cast their votes in the tussle between the ANC and DA for ward 11 in Kraaifontein, Cape Town, on Wednesday.

"It is a very good turnout so far," said ANC party agent, Thabo Tsiu, as cars parked outside the church hall where voting was taking place.

He and Chumisa Bambatha sat beneath a gazebo next to a poster of the party's candidate for the municipal elections, Bradley Muller.

The morning sun was slowly replaced by icy cold rain, but voters kept arriving.At the DA table, agents helped voters check their details next to a picture of current councillor, Brenda Jansen, who hopes to retain her seat.

03 Aug 17:08
03 Aug 17:03
IEC experiencing weather challenges in all of the Eastern Cape, reports News24's Lizeka Tandwa. They say that in Nelson Mandela Bay, nine tents were blown away. They say that snow is falling on parts of the former Transkei. The officials want to move stations to other structures as they have concerns about counting in the present ones. Another challenge was a presiding officer allowing three unregistered voters.
03 Aug 16:56

EFF members in Thulamahashe outside Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga walked around with a cardboard box makeshift coffin "demonstrating" the political death of President Jacob Zuma.

Hebron Nxumalo, 29, said that it was about time Zuma’s government came to an end and that he should go down along with his Cabinet members.

“We are burying the tender government along with the corruption that came with it. We are sick and tired that the tenders came also with nepotism, and we feel we cannot deal with a government that helps us only with the remaining cents of our national financial budget,” he said.

03 Aug 16:45

News24 is bringing you live coverage during the local government elections from the IEC National Results Centre in Pretoria. We speak to ANC deputy secretary general, Jessie Duarte.


03 Aug 16:27

Port Elizabeth - A Gelvandale voter rocked up at the voting station in army fatigues with the old and new South African flags, because they both represented his country, he told News24's Thulani Gqirana.

Nelson Mandela Bay resident Craig Roman told News24 outside the Ward 10 voting station that he still had space on the jacket he was wearing for a third flag.

"This one (pointing at the old flag) represents the white people and the new one represents the black people. I'm wearing the old flag because it was never not my country, even then," he said.

He said now he wanted a flag to represent the coloured people, which he would put over his heart.

When asked how that flag would look, he said: "Maybe something with someone sleeping after lunch or holding up a gun."

03 Aug 16:16

Boksburg - By a very chilly 08:00 Amanda Odendaal in her Coffee Café trailer had already sold close to 80 cups of coffee to freezing voters lined up outside Freewood Park Primary School voting station on Wednesday.

Many residents came early and stood in the near-freezing temperatures from well before 07:00, which meant that when the polling station finally opened almost 15 minutes late, they were cheering with relief.

"I saw these people selling a lot of coffee at a motoring event a while ago, and decided I want to do it too," said Odendaal, who is hanging on to her job as financial manager for now.“It took me six months to get everything together and set this up,” she said.

03 Aug 16:08
03 Aug 15:56
03 Aug 15:43
News24 has been running two regional Live Updates on election day as well, to keep you up to date with what's been happening in your neck of the woods.
03 Aug 15:42
News24 has been running two regional Live Updates on election day as well, to keep you up to date with what's been happening in your neck of the woods.
03 Aug 15:28
View images from around the country on Election Day:
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