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Bornfrees: why a generation is rejecting democracy

2014-05-09 11:28
Francois Frank Prinsloo Comments: 2 Article views: 332

Forgive me for the misleading title. Only about two thirds of the freeborn generation rejected democracy and let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say most were either apathetic or maybe ill. I and many other bornfrees are not part of the former groups though, we are a new breed…

I received my fair share of queer looks and sneer remarks from my family for my choice of not voting. I merely smiled at them and said: “When you that voted today complain about the poor service delivery and corruption, I will merely smile at you and say - "well you voted for it - directly or indirectly; your vote legitimised it and your blind believe in democracy provoked this situation, now reap what you have sown."” This caused a great agitation among my family but I stood my ground and said I would have no part in a system I believe to be inherently a corruptor of souls and the national will, much to their annoyance and grief.

Our reasons might be different for not voting; we the small insane breed that either strives for direct democracy, socialist revolution or monarchy but we all can agree the last 20 years have not produced what we as nation and people could have created with our full potential. We are rather disillusioned with 20 years of democracy and we are looking for alternatives and alterations for something we perceive as poor state of affairs. I will not go on to list the many problems this Republic faces as they are well known to all of you – let someone else do that and let me explain what are the chief alternatives and the reason I personally believe democracy will ultimately fail in the South African context. There are basically four main alternatives: Socialist alternative, Malemaism alternative, Libertarian alternative and the “Dark Enlightenment” alternative.

Socialist alternative:
This is basically the disgruntled communists, socialists and leftists that have gotten estranged with the SACP and their love of the ANC. We all know their ideology and those who do not, please go pick up Karl Marx and read some of his works! In my opinion this group is the most likely to ever succeed in their attempts to undo the current system might that be through violent revolution or through an election is still up for debate.

Malemaism alternative:
I chose this term to describe the collective ideology of Economic Freedom Fighters. Somewhat similar in the tone of Fascism and National Socialism of European countries, it’s not quite the same thing. Where the ideology hopes to empower the black working class with aim of Pan-African unity while mixing it in with good dose of socialism and populism while it lacks the scientific racism and corporate nature inherent in Fascism and National Socialism. With the defeat of the EFFers at the polls it is interesting to see where the party will go from here- will it either go from more populism or more militancy or mix of the two? Will they continue with the democratic process? Will they reject democracy for more militaristic struggle? I honestly don’t know but I do know that if they play their cards correctly they will become major force that could potential change the whole landscape of South African politics.

Libertarian alternative:
Relatively new ideological grouping that really sets itself apart from the current flow of things in South Africa for the main reason that they don’t believe that the government will change everything but citizens in themselves can change this country for the better. They wish to deregulate, decentralize and to some degree change the democratic system to make the indivualism more important than collective need. I doubt this group will ever get into power or change anything but the ideas they hold could and I believe should shape the future of this country if we intent not to march to our ruin.

“Dark Enlightenment” alternative:
Probably the strangest and least known of the alternative ideas to our current strand of democracy. I merely mention it because it could possibly become what the “New left” was in the 60s. For that I think it at least deserves a mention. It completely rejects a lot of ideas inherent in modernity and post-modernity like democracy and equality while it argues for nobility and eugenic principals. I doubt they will ever influence South Africa politically due to our unique history and racial dynamics but philosophically/intellectually it should be watched.

Now that I have at least rudimentarily covered that, I would like to explain why I believe our system of democracy corrupts and will ultimately lead to our common ruin:

I believe that a nation, to succeed to its uttermost potential, needs leaders that do not lie, stand with the farmers in the fields and the works in the factories. That refuse to be slaves to outlandish influences and have the common good of the people at heart even if that sometimes goes against the common desires of the masses. But sadly we have the complete opposite of that. We have bunch of leaders who all try to outdo each other with their lies and political intrigues instead of actually caring for the common folk. Sadly, anyone that wants to become a politician needs to give the people what they desire or else he will not get elected. Unfortunately that means lying to the people because you can’t always provide what they want or what they need. No party is above this and this is the reason why democracy is doomed here. How can you expect virtuous leadership when our leaders abuse the vices of men to acquire power?

The people want the party that can make the state organs do the most for them in various forms like; social grant, RDP house, free education and free water. Though this is very noble in principle, it overlooks something very ominous – it is basically setting up a welfare state. Someone usually ends up paying for it – that is usually the middle class. Initially the government might even have success with such a program but we aren’t USA or the UK were a large middle class exists, we have middle class but it can only be pushed to such a point before it starts declining(we are slowly reaching that point). The rich will just pack up and got to Australia and New Zealand, yet leave the rest of us to our fate.

Really the only way to oppose such a party and those policies is to imitate them. Like the DA is currently doing. The sad thing about this is that most parties must either sell out their own ideas or adopt the ways of the enemy to succeed which inherently makes them no better off than the current ruling elite. The welfare state will grow and grow as all parties try to outdo each other by providing the people with free services until one day we don’t have money to pay back our debts nor do we have the security to ensure more loans to keep the state afloat.

Then the house comes crashing down. All this can easily be avoided by paradigm change of the common will of the nation. The change that needed is best described by the Greek Fascist leader Ioannis Metaxas and his famous quote: “We must subordinate our appettites, our passions and our egoism to the wholeness of the National interest. This way we will be a really free people, otherwise anarchy and indiscipline will reign over us under the false mask of freedom”.

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