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EFF Joined the Election Poker Table with Spades, and Now Hold Some Aces.

2014-05-09 13:55
MJ Comments: 4 Article views: 473
At the time of writing, around 60% of the votes had been counted for National and Provincial Elections 2019.
Even at this stage, one has to acknowledge that for a political infant, the EFF has succeeded to gain impressive traction in some areas.
As much as I detest anything related to Julias Malema, I see no harm in acknowledging his latest exploit with a brief tip of the hat (it isn't easy, but I believe in good sportsmanship). What has become apparent, is that while many of us were distracted by Malema's seemingly endless volley of irrational unsustainable double-talk declarations and comments; that we failed to realise the full extent of the ingenious scheme cloaked as EFF.
Many rightly viewed the EFF as a vehicle for Malema himself to land a seat in Parliament, thus securing the personal financial security and benefits that position brings (I bet he has already poured over that pesky handbook that costs us tax-payers fleets of new BMW's annually). One must remind Mr Malema that within the past week, he declared that Ministers, MP’s etc should buy their own houses and cars... time to put your money where your mouth is and lead by example. No excuses this time chief.
What we have ignored however, is that for those behind Malema on 'the list', there may well be two or so of his fellow red berets joining him on the lucrative benches in Parliament; and for those who remain, positions within the various Provincial Legislatures are the 'golden ticket' that will secure them a relatively decent income (and their beloved ‘blue light convoys’) for the next five years a least.
This form of ‘job creation' is somewhat perversely created, but one has to hand it to the poisoned jellybean, he has yet again schemed a way into a pocket of steady income, and secured jobs for pals as he did during his black beret phase (not forgetting how many overpaid brats he pushed into the bottomless money pit, National Youth Development Agency).

In the broader scheme of things, I fear that the EFF will be the death blow for effective common cause cooperation between Opposition Parties (for the next five years at least).
I find it hard to believe that any Party, besides the NFP and the ANC that would openly form a working relationship with the EFF. Yes, I said ANC. It might seem impossible given the verbiage in recent months, but surely by now one should realise that the leaderships of both ANC and EFF have a difficult time in keeping their word and abiding by their ever changing convictions. The excuses (and there is always one) will already be in the creative phase.

The EFF have cunningly wedged itself into positionto render the opposition impotent. The EFF now has a handy bargaining chip that will play very well into Malema finding a "political solution" to his legal woes.
More disturbingly, at National level
, the ANC only require a small percentage of ‘assistance’ to gain an 2/3 majority support in Parliament to grant it the power to tamper with our Constitution, and it should surprise nobody when Malema & Co step up to fill this role.
Arguably however, I can’t see Malema adding his support to extend the two-term limit for the Presidency, as the ANC had hoped to undertake had they managed 66% on their own. By permitting Zuma a 3rd Term, it would certainly hamper the personal power ambition time-frames of a handful of Malema allies
within the ANC NEC. Yes, despite what they say, there are still a few (even if it is currently on the down-low so not to upset Zuma before the next cabinet re-shuffle). Mbalula, Sexwale, and Mashatile to name a few, all of whom have their eyes firmly focused on the seat of power at the next ANC Election Congress in 2017; although they will need to negotiate their way around the current party favorites to assume the mantle; Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Zweli Mkhize.
In terms of all other issues, the scope for a cooperation agreement between the ANC and EEF is wide open. For Example, two such issues that the ANC and EFF would gladly scratch each other backs to push through Parliament, would be the imposition of stricter reforms on the media and a severe wing-clipping for the Hawks (
déjà vu... Scorpions).
Where substantiated, by lending their support to the ANC, should it be required to to push through motions at Provincial level, in the Northern Cape for example, the EFF would not resist negotiating further Provincial Government level positions for themselves, etc etc, or perhaps some form of financial reward... a tender or two perhaps. Whereas in areas such as Western Cape, the EFF have absolutely nothing to offer the ANC (except if they commission a joint poo flinging task force).

I doubt the EFF itself is sustainable looking forward to 2019, they simply can’t afford it, and one can only speculate if the current support will tolerate being betrayed, again. By 2017, they may have a few Councillors to add, but by 2019 I expect they shall be fully (re)absorbed into the ANC by whatever factions develop to replace the outgoing Zuma cabal. As such, the EFF leadership themselves will be suitably positioned to secure senior positions in an ANC led Government. As for the EFF supporters, well who knows; it remains to be seen if they blindly follow the path back to Lethuli House after yet another Malema two-face excuse, or will they finally stand up for themselves and refuse to be betrayed by a selfish leadership, again.

For now, sadly there will be 5 more years of Zuma and his insufferable greed (his “reward” for delivering SA to the ANC again, is a R2Billion Jet. No joke, It has already been signed off), and more of the same disastrous regression experienced under the ZANC... or perhaps worse, now that mini-JZ has his bum on a re-enforced green bench in Parliament, and some bargaining chips in his pocket.

In 2008/9, the opposition warned the nation about what Zuma would bring, and look what happened. This year they warned about voting for corruption... and watch what will happen.

We need an effectual opposition, however I fear it possible that we have moved backward... again.
Thanks for nothing South Africa.

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