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Elections 2014: A Christian perspective

2014-05-07 10:19
Somerset Morkel Comments: 15 Article views: 422

Most South Africans are liars.

That includes all races.
One does not want to be racist here..

The reason I say that is that most South Africans (72%) say they are Christians - and they say so census after census.

Being Christian simply means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, the God-man, the crucified and risen Lord.

And only few are in fact just that.   They are fake. They are tepid, luke-warm.  

For instance:

1.      A Christian in view of the basic foundation of Christianity, cannot be involved in furthering any agenda that is anti-God.

2.      A Christian cannot & will not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.    That means one would not pull in the same team should that team further any other kingdom than the kingdom of Christ – a kingdom clearly defined in the Bible as distinct from any other, and as supreme to any other.

3.      A Christian would not vote for an agenda that is anti-God should there be an alternative that would more likely serve the principles of the godly kingdom of Christ.

4.      A Christian would consistently in principle vote for furthering the highest kingdom – knowing that it is the kingdom of Christ Jesus.

5.      A Christian would leave the carnal battles of this world where people tramp on one another and degrade others to further their agenda, by the wayside, and walk in harmony with God, thereby not thinking of voting for an anti-God institution or party in order to ‘strategically’ further God’s kingdom by way of a loop in  totally different direction.  That is the wold’s way.  God’s way is straight in the truth.

Looking at the above points, it is clear that the voting patterns of the majority of South Africans are all but Christian.

It is as if they have asked God to stay out of this picture.


Simply because they do not really believe in the God of Christianity.

They believe He has nothing or very little to do about who they vote for.

Logically, according to all the principles in the Bible, a Christian would not & should not vote for any party that does the following:

1.      Make common cause with God-haters such as the SA Communist Party.     (ANC is therefore out)

2.      Is corrupt from the top down. (ANC)

3.      Pursues destructive policies for their own benefit but not for that of the people they purport to represent. (ANC)

4.      Is racist in its application of its policies. (ANC)

5.      Is pro-abortion death-industry (all parties except the Freedom Front Plus & the ACDP)

6.      Is pro-homosexual (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP)

7.      Is not for any form of racial discrimination whatsoever (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP)

8.      Is against clearly-defined minority rights (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP)

9.      Is pro-interfaith and pro-Muslim and downplays Christianity (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP)

10.   Is humanist in its core and regards man & man’s needs and opinions as the supreme principle by which to decide its policies (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP).

11.   Is not outspoken about God and the role He & His guiding Word play in their thinking – as based in their party manifesto and constitution (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP)

12.   Is power-hungry and prepared to compromise on various issues of principle if necessary in order to further itself (all parties except the FF+ & the ACDP).

There are more, but that is enough.  Get the drift?

Fact is: If you vote for any other party than the FF+ and/or the ACDP, consider yourself a contributor to non-Christianity – unless you want to be branded a liar.

What about the argument that they are “small parties and cannot make a difference in parliament”?
So, if you do not vote for them, who will voice the truth in parliament?

And if they are there, could they not speak up with a prophetic voice against unrighteousness?

There is no other party whatsoever in parliament who will even mention the Bible as argument for point in any legislation.

So, there are on principle only two parties any true Christian should vote for.

Think about it before you cast your vote.

Where you cast your vote, is where you accept responsibility for the programme that party will promote in parliament and elsewhere.

What about not voting at all?

It obviously is your jelly-fishy stupid right to do that and to have no influence on the outcome whatsoever – but do not complain afterwards about what’s happened, because you have no part in who got there.

Someone said to me today:  “The greatest of evil in this land of ours is the ANC/SACP-alliance.  It is ungodly. Whatever you vote for, vote for anything but for the ANC – even if you vote for Malema, it’s better than ANC”.

Strangely, I tend to agree on that too.

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