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Julius Malema must not promote Patriotic Alliance (Gangters’ Paradise) by responding a lot, Part 1.

2014-04-28 07:22
ThabangMaaake Comments: 34 Article views: 1107

While the letter was named scathing or hard-hitting and some say is exposing Malema but there was nothing new in the letter and is really showing signs of frustration. Some of us who have been in politics have been reading about Malema woodwork, Malema “thief” and Malema this Malema that. We are now waiting for ganster number 2 Kenny to try getting support for so called Patriotic Alliance (Gangsters’ Paradise). But the two must keep close eye in Attridgeville on the 4th of May 2014, Lucas Moripe stadium. In this article, Gayton McKenzie (GM), Thabang Maaake (TM) on what GM said, but you can be forgiven if you use that G of GM for Gangter so it can be Gangster McKenzie:

1.       GM: “I wronged people in this country two decades ago when I took part in heinous crimes. I have been trying to repay my debt to society for most of the years since. First, by successfully exposing corruption in jail then by speaking to millions of school kids across this country to dissuade them from a life of crime. I am now dedicating my life to Patriotic Alliance, which puts ending gangsterism, but more importantly the conditions that lead to gangsterism in communities, at the top of its agenda. We must get our young people into the mainstream economy.”

TM: There you have it people, that was the first paragraph of so Patriotic Alliance’s election manifesto. So the president thinks he wronged people and is now time to repay. He also thinks that “We must get our young people into the mainstream economy” but he don’t know how, is a fact. The focus of his party is ending ganterism, what a poor choice of starting a party. His first paragraph was useless, let us move on.

2.       GM: “I see this open letter as part of repaying my many debts to society. If I did not speak up to warn the people of South Africa, but especially our youth, against you, it would mean I have no love for this country. ”

TM: There you have him again South Africa, he is warning you about what you have been hearing all along. The only difference is he managed to add many wrong articles together. So the guy sees only Julius as the “bad” politician out of all politicians that you know. So today out of all the things he says he did, he thinks to be relevant he has to try to attack Julius and that will be enough to show love to his country. When those who showed love for country were busy trying to liberate politically and economically, Mckenzie was busy hurting and stealing from the community he loves and now he is back.

3.       GM: “Julius, you and I are not “revolutionaries”. We both know that. We both shop at the same Louis Vuitton and Gucci shops. We both have watches worth hundreds of thousands. We wear more money on our wrists than a miner at Marikana will ever hold in his hands. This week you had the audacity to say that you wear Louis Vuitton to “inspire the poor”. But the poor get nothing out of you wearing flashy clothes.  For people like us to call ourselves revolutionaries is an insult to history's real revolutionaries. Patrice Lumumba is rolling in his grave. Thomas Sankara wants to get out of his grave and take back his words that have found their way onto your whisky-swilling tongue. If simply wearing a beret makes you a revolutionary then my mum and all her friends have been revolutionaries for far longer than you. ”

TM: This is confusion at its best. You are just running amok sir. Somewhere we heard you complaining that is unfair to compare you with Julius but the above paragraph shows how confused you are by comparing yourself with Julius. So Malema must go pay miners in Marikana? So you don’t even know about houses built in both Mpumalanga and KZN by EFF? So shopping with you makes one not to be a politician or revolutionary but yet you formed a political party? The poor will benefit from nationalisation and land redistribution and you are not even aware, shame on you.

4.       GM: “You have spent more money at any of your own lavish parties than Kenny Kunene ever did. But Kenny never spent public money. It was his own money that he worked for openly. He never earned his money through misdirected tenders to shady companies that were hard to track. You bankrupted the ANC Youth League. You bankrupted Limpopo. You bankrupted yourself. Now you want to bankrupt what's left of South Africa. “

TM: Let me help aging you with the story of so called ANCYL bankruptcy. Under Malema’s leadership there are no outstanding fees including from the Midrand 23rd conference. That is why we say to readers that what you read is what you wrote here so no facts from your fantastic piece of nonsense.  The money owed by ANCYL is from the Bloemfontein conference and Mbalula and ANC were responsible for the payment of that conference. Confirm these facts with the recently parachuted so called ANCYL leaders. So Malema never bankrupted ANCYL. He took over the already bankrupted ANCYL.

 Limpopo bankruptcy is even funny. First you should ask where treasury was when this was happening. There is a court case about this and Malema was accused with other people, currently only Malema is left to answer the case and you ask yourself how come? Did Malema do this alone? Tenders were advertised and the money used was already not meant for poor people directly but for fixing roads. You have never been to Limpopo, roads are way much better than before even though not all. Malema bankrupting himself is none of your business sir. Malema bankrupting SA is not possible and I see you never read our manifesto, it will tell you exactly the opposite of what happened in Zimbabwe except similarities in that black people must have a fair share of the economy.

5.       GM: “The difference between you and me is that you use politics to take money from the poor. I give money to politics. I am not seeking a position through politics. My name is not even on any list. But you are trying to get to Parliament at all costs. Unlike what you may read about me, I never received any government money. I never received any tenders. I was never a beneficiary in any BEE deal. But you have never worked an honest day in your life to earn your own money. You don't know what that feels like. You don't know what it means. “

TM: Shocking now there is a difference. Earlier there was no difference. Malema is a politician and politics is Malema so if it gives him money so what? His fans are not worried that politics gives him money. What is the difference between him and Nelson Mandela on that note? You are not seeking position in politics? I suggest you give that Patriotic Alliance “President Post” to someone and just be a fan that gives money to PA or politics in general, simple. We want Malema to be on a list and contest a postion same as we did during the time in Cosas and former ANCYL. Now we want him at number 1 position so that we continue to give the poor the life we tasted. CIC is far much better than you. Mandela gave millions to his kids when he died, he got the money from politics and he never worked, he was only president of an organisation just like Julius was. Whatever you wanted to achieve by this letter is not possible. Unlike what you read about Malema, he never stole from the poor and put that in your big head but small brain. I suspect you might be going back to jail, the anger tells.

Whatever Kenny will say next is also not worth it because both of you are discredited and struggle to get support for Ganters’ Paradise. If I were you I would love Malema too and join too. If I were you I would love me too because I don’t hide things for you.

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