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Kings and Queens. We were kids!

2014-04-17 13:11
SydneyG Comments: 0 Article views: 6

Given all the contamination in our God-given atmosphere; courtesy from all the bad vibes and vitriolic exchanges between political rivals in South Africa due to oncoming General Elections in May.

After being a social blogger for a mighty long time, I thought it would be expedient to kind of shift more to the centre where the heart is; and concentrate on the light side of life thus ejecting all the unnecessary baggage heaped on my weak shoulders by body politics! Political rivalry is threatening to even replace bread as our daily staple food, that’s how gullible our society in general has become.

Politicians in this country are unashamedly parading and presenting themselves as Hollywood and rock stars; a complete contrast to the humanitarian course that was demonstrated in the persons of Nelson Mandela and all our founding fathers of our fledgling democracy!

I am almost humbled immediately every time I looked back and ponder over my past childhood, when I was a kid and a rugged teenager with no care in the world. I didn’t have financial complexities as I do now, with all the demands from all my dependants; I was a king of my castle and constantly in search of my queen! Rising prices and cost of living didn’t affect my world as I was completely oblivious to the real parallel adult world of responsibilities.

Time for us as kids was one exciting long haul where 24hrs felt like 48hrs; fewer responsibilities resulted in more fun and limitless adventures! Kings and queens spend more time having the time of their lives while commoners sweat it out in the sweltering heat. We were kids and free from all societal adulthood baggage.

In the next few episodes I want to give fellow bloggers a sneak peek into my lamented past life as a kid, somewhere in the landscapes of SA…once upon a time.

Nobody ever bothered to warn us that we could only be kids once upon a time, no backward movements allowed, yea, come to think of it; not even able to make the same step twice! How rigid can life be sometimes, I still find it hard to get over all those near hits I wasted when a beautiful girl was within my whims of grabbing her heart; and oh my God, I cowed out. Me, damn kid I was!!!

I remember so vividly, once upon a time, where I followed a fellow classmate I fancied so much but had no guts to tell her in the face how I felt. There were mutual signs from both ends that suggested this girl was in the same frame of mind every time we exchanged glances across the classroom; smile to smile.

On the final day of our graduation from primary school I resolved to make my statement into her heart, and let her know where I was at. So, I thought it’d be easy like sliding down the pool….results were read out, I and her formed part of the top performing pupils and were put on the pedestal of success in front of the whole school. We congratulated each other and, the day was pretty tough since all of us were going to start our high schooling in different schools the following year. Did I make my move as I purported?

After all the day’s funfair I couldn’t get myself to approach her and redeem my pride, I chickened out and instead; resolved to follow her unnoticed all the way to her house! I followed her like a paparazzi for more than 3km and kept on ducking out of sight every time she looked back. Eish, but eish…the coward in this kid had me pinned to the ground and kicking to exhale.

Bizarre as it might sound to some of you, yea, I’m saying without flinching….that’s the kid I was, the king of my castle and always looking for the queen thereof always so close within my grasp and yet so far.

Yes, we were kids, bizarre hunters who followed their prey everywhere without ever striking out even when chance presented itself. What were some of your dumbest moments as a kid?

One of the greatest thing I’m forever grateful for as a kid, was the fact that all the adults around me, gave me the space and time to be the kid I was that formed part of the man I was to become later, in life! For this I am grateful to be raised with caring and loving hands, I was never defiled nor had my innocence violently taken away from me; as is the habit of some screwed up adults towards kids today.

It is my earnest prayer that every little girl and boy be given a chance under the South African sun, to enjoy their childhood and be preserved, packed away and protected for the future.

Fellow citizens let’s be mindful of all our children, shield and nurture them in every good way. I cannot imagine living in a world without kids, so beautiful, and so trusting with humorous naivety!


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