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Open Letter to Gayston McKenzie in response to the diatribe directed at the CIC…….

2014-04-25 13:21
Siyabonga Tebogo Mosothoane Comments: 49 Article views: 1587

Open Letter to Gayston McKenzie in response to the diatribe directed at the CIC…….

“Tell no lies, claim no easy victories”

Mr McKenzie I hope you are familiar with these famous words, any wannabe activist no matter the orientation or the purpose seems to be inducted in these famous words and I would safely assume that includes you. In the 6 years spent in Grootvlei, and motivated by the need not to be seen as a “domkop” I would safely suspect that one of your past times would have been reading. I could also be ambitious in my assumptions, but pardon me. I’m reminded of this potent passage by Amilcar Cabral having forced myself to both read and respond to your slanderous summary of allegations peddled against the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Your attempts to redeem yourself from being an Ex-Con “Domkop” and Fraudster have been shabby and in the process fed the media merry go round of lies and more lies, so much an appetite our society has for deceit that even when spewed by a known crook convicted of such fabrication, fraud, tomfoolery we still consume. Your character later, let’s start with the lies you have fed us in your first attempt in literature.

“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. ……”

I will collapse the first four paragraphs of your amateurish plagiarism work when dealing with your character later, first lets dispel this untruth of a Julius Malema that bankrupted the Youth League and the Limpopo Government. Mr McKenzie, a political organization or government structure is not a prison gang. If that’s what you had in your mind when campaigning with your gangsta organization, let go of that silly thought. By merely being elected President of the Youth league you don’t become a government “Nongoloza” and decide on everything. In the Youth League, Malema was elected with a competent NEC, NWC and Treasurer General that administered finances. The President of the Youth League can account on many things, but financial responsibility is not one of his key accountabilities its infact the most shared of all the responsibilities. The accusation of a 28 year old driving a provincial government to bankruptcy remains the most laughable and somehow expected from an ex-con who is used to “double-uping” on everything. Government is the most complicated, most bureaucratic and most red-taped of any social networks especially for an outsider, now how would have Julius manipulated administrative and political principals in Limpopo and siphon millions? It’s impossible and simply patronizing to the thousands of the civil servants of that province. Besides and making your argument more adolescent: schools are still not built, textbooks not delivered, roads still pot-holed and bridges collapsing years after Julius was expelled from the Youth League.

“Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories . ……”

Overnight from being released from prison you have become a mining economist with an opinion of what can or cannot be done regarding mine nationalization. Frankly this is what I hate about my country, we give any halfwit an opportunity to opinionate on the most complicated of disciplines hence we ended up with a semi-literate President. As to how you think nationalization diverts fiscus from building schools and hospitals when the contrary is true beats me no matter how low I try to get to your ‘Grootvlei” economic orientation. While R100 entrance times 67 Zar Club revelers times number of overpriced beverages consumed might equal rent for the business and therefore liquidation, Mining and the Social Science of Nationalisation are by far more complicated. The country’s mess was created by state intervention and only through maximum state intervention can we redress the imbalances manifested in Joblessness, Homelessness, Poverty and Sickness. This is not a TV Reality Show or mumbling sushi on young girls torso’s, it’s a revolution!

“Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told….”

Lets now interrogate your character which in any normal society would have made your arguments inadmissible. Only in SA is a thug and ex-con convicted on dishonesty is given such prominence. You gained celebrity status by being amongst the 500 odd people that testified on known facts about Prison Corruption, that you made yourself a prison McGyver is the reason you got released and dated White Monopoly Capital that “bhejad” you with a few millions.

Now full and obese from Goldfield Mines crams you consider yourself a peoples hero and a paragon of virtue. Somehow we fed your newly found gyratics stunts on how to tell lies and get the whole nation excited. You continue being irresponsible and skating dangerously on thin ice. Gayton, you are far from a revolutionary and a peoples hero. While that silly thought plays ping-pong in your empty skull, many of us just see a “prison wyfie” pole dancing for her masters. Such is the extent of how good she is on the pole that every mainstream newspaper and radio station gives him coverage.

Then you sign off as “President of the Patriotic Front. What is patriotic about a racist gangstar which boasts as one of its members a jailed drug-peddler Rashid Stagie. Drugs peddled by your “NEC” are mostly responsible for social ills we face, I’m surprised you are being hero-worshipped together with your Secretary General that reduces women to a mere platter. It is an absurd and dangerous proposition to compare yourselves with Julius Malema. No way you are similar. While you guys were pushing the gospel of the “Hustlers Bible” (Whatever blasphemy that is), Malema was going through a vigorous and sometimes agonizing revolutionary sharpener. It can be tempting to take cheap shots at others but I hope this is the last one you pull, it’s silly to the extreme!

With our Revolutionary Red Berets firm on our heads, ours is a persuasion of Economic Freedom under the banner of Leninist-Marxist-Fanionism and it doesn’t matter who we once were foes or friends with and who embraces our vision now, we “ recognise as a matter of conscience that there have been many faults and errors in our actions: an important number of things we should have done we have not done at the right times, or not done at all.”…..But the march to Economic Freedom in our lifetime remains and joined in daily by the poor of our masses……

I remain,

Tumelo Ya Molakeng
EFF Sandton Branch

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