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The ANC manifesto analysed

2014-04-30 06:55
MAVERICK Comments: 1 Article views: 485

What the AUP thinks of the ANC manifesto-

Most people don’t bother reading a manifesto from beginning to end because A- it’s too boring and B- most of its spin and hype- LIES… but I’ve decided I’m going to go through the 7 main parties out of the 29 that are running for the 2014 elections to see what I agree with and how the Africa Unite Party differs. So we’ll start off with the ruling party…the ANC. HERE GOES!-Nkandla Style!

Do they have a good story to tell? Not on your Nelly!... They’ve squandered their opportunities-wasted it- and their mandate and that’s why we have formed this party as a continuing legacy to Nelson Mandela- Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe- as well as all those we don’t know or never heard of but who are what I call “patriots” of this country…South Africa. Our job is to form a NEW contract with the people and to create a 3rd way in the political arena that honestly addresses the concerns of the people…all the people…


The ANC MANIFESTO STATES: “Together we move forward…” – when in fact with the current ANC government we have seen that together with the ANC we are moving backwards!- more unemployment- less service delivery-Less investment- more poverty, crime and corruption than ever before and a greater brain drain…as we continue to lose our brightest and best to the international marketplace due to stupid expedient policies .

So there is no doubt in my mind that together with the ANC this country will go further and further down the toilet-further and further backwards into the past…they are the “OLD testament” -but the vision of the AUP represents the” NEW testament “in African and South African politics…

 The ANC are out of touch with the people and they have broken their contract with the people…and they deserve to be ousted because they are doing exactly what the National Party did in the “good(sic) old  days”… creating an isolationist and nepotistic- reactionary regime that doesn’t respect the rights of all its citizens whilst perpetuating the evil legacy of apartheid by its actions… its story in fact over the last 20 years…is both sad and tragic… and history has proved they have misled the people of this nation and broken their promises of a “better life for all”(sic)… in fact…it’s a better life for some- !-those that are considered to be part of the “inner cabal”…the rest can ‘ go sell tomatoes!-or eat cake…” – they have become exactly what George Orwell predicted in his book “ Animal Farm” – You have Napoleon the pig -( Zuma making it up as he goes along) and his henchmen who’ve  rewritten the Freedom Charter … to such a degree  you can’t tell the difference between the old oppressive regime and the new one… in fact as Orwell stated: “ You can’t tell the difference between the PIGS and the MEN!”

And whilst this is a very harsh indictment of the ANC… the facts and the truth speaks for itself… in fact it has been the patriots of this country who have a good story to tell- inspite of the ANC-certainly not the ANC as a post liberation movement. They have stolen nearly a trillion rand of public money and are unrepentant about their gross waste of taxpayer’s money.

Not only are they NOT the same… they have lost their way and never will be the same…you can’t fix what is broken!- Once the line has been crossed divorce is inevitable…and that is what the ANC have done with the people…they have broken the trust and have whored around town… so now they are sweet talking the people back into a reconciliation so they can go on abusing their power for the next 5 years…no- You can’t repair this broken vase…  it will still be cracked..forevermore…its DNA infusing one generation with the poison of its predecessors…. And thus a NEW organization has to be formed to give our people hope for real changeand this organization of the people and for the people is and shall be the Africa Unite Party(AUP)…and the Pan Africanist Africa Unite Movement.( AUM)

But let’s go through their election manifesto now:

It begins by stating that the lives of people are better now than before… it’s like comparing Hitler with Mussolini… which is better?

To eat as a slave -or starve as a free man?

Some would argue the latter…but the truth is perhaps it’s better to eat your bread as a free man… we were all released from the prison of apartheid in 1994…only to be reinterred in 2000 with the introduction of the BEE laws which reinstated apartheid and retrenched it into the psyche of the nation… or why did the rand suddenly drop? And why did mega companies suddenly put their head office in London?

The ANC says more people have been lifted out of extreme poverty … but it doesn’t mention that more people have been put into it since… it’s like pouring water out of a glass and more into it… it’s an irrelevant fact… some lives have improved…and some haven’t…in fact the majority of south Africans are suffering more now than ever before…thanks to the treachery of those who have been our stewards.

There’s less money in the economy and less work opportunities and less investment… not only that…but there are large investors that have threatened to pull out their investments which give thousands of jobs because the unions are too strong and productivity is too low because of strikes.

Or why else do the Chinese insist on bring their own workers? – Because they don’t strike….they work…and they get the job done…

No we have gone from one prison to another…that’s what the last 20 years have proved. Unemployment is in fact growing and will continue to grow with Zuma and the ANC in power because the international business community is not interested in investing in a country run by criminals.

The so called National Development Plan is like Stalin’s 5 year plans… - it is a throwback of the failed 5 year plan now extended for 15 years. It’s a myth. A fallacy…the honeymoon with South Africa is over…and people are learning a new narrative...That of gross corruption and favoritism… a mafia of coercion that only seeks power from the people at election time and then forgets the people after it.


1.     ECONOMY:

“Establish capacity in the state to do long-term planning…” what a load of rubbish. In real language what they will do is waste more of your money on consultants because they aren’t equipped to do the jobs themselves… as Ghana has done by advertising for administrators from the international marketplace because they have realized that their own administrators are too corrupt and inept.

The AUP is not against hiring consultants – but in our case it is in tandem with the racist BEE policy which should now have its sunset Clause long ago because too much damage to the economy has already been done and it is no longer sustainable. Furthermore, it goes against our constitution to discriminate against anyone on the basis of colour, race, creed or economic status. Corrective action has been made and now we need to live our freedom and democracy as the rainbow nation of this planet…

Buying local… good idea…but the proudly South African motto charges 1.5% for its logo and actually defeats the purpose of promoting the idea. If the 75%local manufactured rule is applied it will become easily open to abuse and again impact on the people and their capacity to live against hardship… this is not the answer…we need to totally liberalize the economy and encourage manufacturing by breaking the backs of the cartels and monopolies in this country ( which is still the same as in the OLD apartheid South Africa- nothing has changed)-

Laziness means we don’t manufacture… but if we produce good quality products in South Africa… people will buy them… but you can’t put the pressure on the consumer by enforcing the 75% rule. That will only create MORE hardship…not LESS…

“ACCELERATE THE ROLLOUT OF MASSIVE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAMME…” Again…more utter doublespeak bollocks… we have the highest bank charges in the world… we have higher mobile phone and internet costs than Europe… our tariffs are stifling the economic growth of this country… the AUP will force the mobile phone companies to come in line with international standards – all the infrastructure costs have been recovered. Now it is just plain greed that is fueling these companies.

Our banks which fuel our economy are some of the most profitable in the world…simply because they can get away with charging exorbitant rates…and the only ones that benefit are the elite…Not the people. The real infrastructure we need to build is in renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power to get away from fossil fuel dependency. We are currently building MORE coal fired stations to supply our electricity needs.

This is completely the wrong direction to go in and is not sustainable or environmentally in keeping with global standards of power supply and consumption.

Our economy needs to take on the Norway model which actually exports electricity to Germany and is completely fossil and nuclear free. This is not only good for our environment but will create more sustainable jobs for the future.

“ promote investment and access to credit in the productive economy from the financial sector”… in other words… get people to live in debt- true financial liberalization will begin when the people OWN the economy not are indebted to it. The financial sector needs to be disciplined and be made completely open…which is unlikely to happen under the current ANC or even the DA governments.

“Consolidate the public works programme , creating six million work opportunities by 2019….” This is Zuma living in the clouds… like they promised last election… but Never DELIVERED...These jobs will never materialize. It’s just another ploy to placate the people.

Most of these infrastructure jobs are created by big business who need to take their money and do something with it…even in a repressed economy so that they can increase their property portfolio… as far as government projects… why aren’t the ANC telling us what exactly they will be building? Dams- roads… buildings..? What? The reason is they themselves don’t have a cooking clue… it’s just another way of deflecting the real issues of a lack of investment into the country…

The AUP realizes that our public works are in need of repair… but the main public work that should be done is building decent state housing which can give people more dignity and ownership in their own lives… we don’t need more roads … unless it is to develop areas of economic interest… but we do need more dams…more solar and wind farms… THAT will create sustainable employment…

Giving DIGNITY and INTEGRITY for all… more schools and unfortunately more prisons as our prisons are overflowing and overcrowded…

The AUP agrees with a decent minimum wage for all on an hourly rate. A living-working wage.

Income inequality will only take place when the labor of all is respected and wealth is equally redistributed- and that will begin with the land…and through privatization of our natural resources, mines and certain para-statal companies…giving all the same opportunity to prosperimproving education and communication facilities… when the people OWN the country then all will have a better life… not some under the current ANC regime.

The AUP believes only with a proper Employment Enterprise Programme and by creating a New Empowerment Charter to replace the existing racist BEE policy that true corrective action will be achieved in this country. This will be detailed in our forthcoming manifesto.

2.     Rural areas

Implement Rural development…” – again… HOW? With regards to land reform…by breaking up profitable farms you hurt everyone and don’t bring restorative justice for all… people who have legitimate land claims should be recompensed with unproductive government and cartel land. Those lands which have ancestral or historic value to disposed people should be given back if only to right a historical wrong… but in case of confiscating farm land and redistributing it… this is a policy that doesn’t work. Even in Cyprus this issue is being resolved through compensation formulas not outright confiscation or forced selling…

Regarding infrastructures … the best way to create good farming in rural areas is through educational empowerment. Create Agricultural colleges that can help the people to learn how to look after the land in a good way and be productive from it. This has been a successful policy in the past in countries such as Zimbabwe ( Gwebi College)and Israel ( Moshavim and Kibbutizim systems) and will prove so in the future… we can learn from successful models around the world and adapt them to our local environment. But by blindly grabbing productive land…we will only hurt the economy and the rural infrastructures already in place… we need to create good co-operatives.

“distribute foodstuffs directly to the poor communities”- again…this is wishful thinking… the only way to bring people out of poverty is to give them land to farm and knowledge to farm it as well as the tools to prosper it… but all this requires considerable investment in education at a local level and food production that can help the poor…  we need to build more farm and agricultural schools that will serve the poor.

Malnourishment comes through bad diet and a lack of WILL to change cultural habits... With the AUP we will embark on a rural development programme as part of the EEP ( Employment Enterprise program)- AND WITHIN 10 YEARS THERE WILL NOT BE A SINGLE SOUTH AFRICAN WHO GOES TO BED HUNGRY OR HAS TO STARVE. IT CAN BE DONE IN THIS TIME PERIOD OR LESS. The food for all programme must begin by protecting our farmers and encouraging them to produce MORE food…not hurting them and driving them off the land… this is the path to economic destruction. A way too many other countries in Africa have taken to their own detriment… Congo , Zimbabwe and Zambia have all learned from this mistake… our farmers are our food producers and we should look after them, A good agricultural economy means that everyone can eat affordable food. We also need to stay away from GM products until they have been thoroughly tested.

Commercial farming can be replaced by organic farming and it should be encouraged to get smaller farmers to produce better foodstuff.

The ANC will lead people to starvation with their catastrophic rural policies.

3.     Housing & Living conditions

One good thing Joe Slovo did was to immediately embark on a housing programme. But after he left the ANC slacked off… they are promising 1 million “ household opportunities” – yet we have over 5 million illegal immigrants scattered all over the country and over 5 million people living in squatter camps…

Where are these “housing opportunities “going to come from?

“Accelerate provision of basic services and infrastructures in all informal settlements”… if they haven’t done so over the last 20 years…what makes you or anyone else from trusting anything they say?

They simply have not delivered on their promises. And they won’t… we live in a rich and abundant country FULL of opportunities and resources…and yet… we still have people living in abject squalor… why? Because those in the municipalities don’t care about their jobs or the people they serve… they are self serving and don’t understand that to be in government is to serve the people… they need to understand that…

They need to understand they are all the way up to President Zuma… public servants…and nothing more.

“Increase the supply of affordable housing through mobilization of housing allowances for teachers , nurses…”

Every South African should have a proper home. The council should not only think about KEY workers such as nurses and policemen..But everyone… what South Africa needs to do is to build good, council houses… and give their tenants the option of a low cost loan to pay the house off if they choose to purchase it.

Building good quality homes for all is the AUP way! Homes you can be proud of!

We don’t build matchbox houses…and we don’t advocate the building of them. It’s a plaster to the problem…not the solution to the issue of homelessness. Build quality. Build integrity.

Don’t treat the people like idiots and cattle… this is the ANC way!

Connect an additional 1.6million homes to the electricity grid over the next 5 years”

I love this one… but this is a total lie! The Medupi power station when – and if it comes on line will give 4800 MEGA watts… an increase of 20% to the grid. That is what the ANC are hoping for...But the problem is that the principal investor – Hitachi is threatening Eskom to withdraw due to its insider corruption and wasteful management and constant strike actions.

A project that should have been completed already has been massively delayed by these “negotiations “and /strikes…and some of the foreign investors are threatening to walk out and lose their investments if this mismanagement continues. They’ve had enough of DEALING WITH  the ANC!!!

The demand for power has outstripped the supply .Over the last 20 years the ANC has introduced load shedding because it hasn’t invested in the growth of this country and its increasing needs…now it’s paying the price for its laziness and lack of vision…! At least in the Old SA we never had such blackouts… now its normal.

As far as water and sanitation… another joke… there are still people who wash every day in cold water in the winter and who go to the toilet in buckets and long drops…human waste is a big problem and the AUP are working with South African inventors abroad that have a solution to this increasing ecological problem… (Which if not handled correctly will result in increased liver diseases and health problems).

 Overall the population pressure on living conditions has increased over the last 20 years and the infrastructure to meet these new challenges has not -and will not be met by the ANC because of its top heavy management system ,corruption and lack of foresight.

The AUP has an original and powerful idea to improve service delivery problems starting at a local level until these challenges are met in the 21st century. But it will take united and concerted action. Action from ALL South Africans…working together for the greater good…  BUT….



4.     Education & Training

“Eradicate adult illiteracy, attend to teacher development, and further improve the quality of basic education up to senior grade”

Under ANC rule educational standards in this country have dropped. Qualified and highly educated professors have left the country due to the racist BEE policies- as have doctors and other professionals…including teachers and nurses…

The AUP believes the FIRST step to economic recovery is ADULT literacy –but it needs to start with the president himself who I am told can’t read or write… - no wonder the country is in a mess!... THE SECOND THING IS TO MAKE SCHOOL COMPULSORY FOR ALL CHILDREN UP TO THE AGE OF 16.

The third is to make all Matric graduates do a 6 month patriotic service – 9 BUT DON’T MAKE IT COMPULSORY)- MAKE IT OBLIGATORY…In other words… encourage students to do it as part of their curriculum and for credits so they qualify for student bursaries)-before they go to college or university- why? To create national awareness of others in this nation and our common “south africaness”…we all need to find each other…and with the ANC we are losing each other…

The final thing for high school education and tertiary education is to teach financial literacy. Without this people won’t know how to manage their own money. It will reduce crime, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse…

“Open two universities….introduce compulsory community service for all graduates”

Well- well- well… sounds very good… but when you say compulsory …you will get a lot of people that will rebel against it… the best way to keep people in school or in tertiary service…is to pay them… and if students want to study then they should be given the space to do so… they shouldn’t have to look after their siblings or grandparents … or mind the cattle …they should be in school and given the opportunity to learn… and if they want to further it in university… then they should be given bursary loans that can be paid off when they get employment… and finally the AUP believes we need to subsidize this from an EDUCATION TAX… we need knowledge to save this country…knowledge and trainingand unless we recognize that…there won’t be an economic revival of our fortunes…

Well educated people built countries like Poland after Communism and Germany after Nazism and the Japanese after Nagasaki…

And it took them only 10 years… why has it taken us so long?

Poland has outstripped us in growth and has become stable – why? Because of the education and hard work of its people…so we need to invest more in this in the future… not keep people ignorant so they vote the ANC… and then bribe them with promises of a job if they vote ANC…. OR pay rural chiefs a stipend to convince their parishioners to vote ANC…

5.     HEALTH

“Implement the next phase of the National Health Insurance “ –

This is nothing new… why haven’t they already done it? It works in the UK …why can’t it work here…? We have the same population figures… our hospitals are a mess – they are dirty…unhygienic and over worked… people can’t have complete confidence in complicated procedures because they don’t know if they will come out alive or not…

We need good quality healthcare… its funny that most of the ANC officials in the upper echelons of power all use private healthcare – not public...Why? Because they themselves don’t have confidence in the hospitals of this country… in the UK most MPs use public NHS services because their standards of delivery are professional and good…

Here they don’t because the standards have dropped in the last 20 years.

“Ensure 4.6 million people receive anti-retroviral, and expand male circumcision and HIV counseling and testing programme” –

All very good… but it should be a given that people with HIV have ready access to drugs…for free!...

BUT MORE THAN THAT SEX EDUCATION NEEDS TO BEGIN AT SCHOOL LEVEL…. Thabo Mbeki is guilty of dragging his history has shown us and many needlessly died… some go further and say he is guilty of genocide by sloth…and Zuma believes you cure HIV by taking a shower after sex… (Sic)

With leadership like that… how can you not wonder why the stats are so high?  We need to look at being more aggressive at awareness to stop the spread of this scourge… as long as cultural values take precedence over human lives… as we have seen in Zululand… more people will needle be infected… the ANC…of course have done nothing to change their negative policies…

As far as chronic medication… that should be available at every chemist …not just at clinic level… why isn’t it?

6.     Social Security

Any South African citizen should qualify for social security…why? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL PART OF THE GREATER HUMAN FAMILY… !Whatever the reason is…if people fall on hard times…at least they should be given the basics of human life…and this country has adequate resources to cover this… also more assistance should be given to new Nonprofit organizations and NGOs. …At the moment the ANC is only looking at short term gain rather than long-term building of this nation…

We need to make all social enterprises …tax free and there should be openings for foreigners to come and invest in this country and its people… the government is making it hard for volunteers to get visas to work in this nation with the vulnerable and the weak…

The AUP will create mapping systems online to make it possible to access help for mothers and babies, homeless teenagers, the unemployed and mentally unfit, and all those with social needs.

-  But social rights belong to south Africans first… we can’t support the rest of Africa… as the ANC is doing… paying off old favours…we need to look to our own people first…those foreigners in need should go to special deportation centers and receive help..if they can’t help themselves…then they should go back home…unless they are fleeing genocide and are legal asylum seekers. But economic refugees need to go home.

At the moment … there is no social security net...where are the social workers? The need is so great and the net has such big holes… that it only provides to the lucky few… the rest live by the grace of God.

7.     Corruption and Crime

“Intensify the fight against corruption in both the public and private sectors”

That’s like pretending the elephant in the backyard is a figment of everyone’s imagination… as long as the main culprit is our president… these are all empty promises…!!!

We need to hold to account all those found guilty of corruption as public servants… starting with Jacob Zuma.

There is prima facie evidence that he knew what was happening with the Nkandla upgrades...And yet… he pretended there was no elephant… this is utter nonsense…he knew.

The beginning of the fight against crime and corruption starts with the president’s office and soon after carries on in the offices of our paper companies such as Sappi Mondi- and friends…such as Anglo American… SAB… this price fixing that the ANC talks about all begins by breaking the power of the cartels in this country and opening up our economy for true competition…

The next step is to make the tender process open to all and to create an empowerment charter with the assistance of all the political parties in our country…and that is what the AUP will do.

As for crime… we need to clean out Nigerian ghettos such as in Hillbrow and deport all our illegal aliens who cause trouble in our country... This is not xenophobia it is common sense…much of our crime syndicates are foreigners operating illegally and they need to stop or get out.

We also need a prison reform programme to stop violence in prisons and also make living conditions better for our burgeoning population…we need to introduce solid rehabilitation and training for our inmates and reduce the prison population where possible… At the moment we have the 9 th largest prison population in the world.

The AUP through its prison reform trust “ Vulindela Arts Trust” Intends to reach out to prisoners and cater for their needs and make prisons more human…the last thing society needs is people who come out of incarceration worse than they went in…

8.     Social Cohesion

“Strengthen participatory democracy”…

What utter tripe… none of the real issues are being discussed… and in fact more and more people are becoming apathic… why? Because of the top-heavy ANC who believe they can do whatever they want because they are in power… they can’t… they are just public servants…that’s all..they aren’t royalty and they aren’t above the people or the law…

They are in power only through the generosity of the people… but that will change as the people …arise and shine… ( Vuka Ukhanye!!)…

Blacks are often meant to feel they are ignorant in this country by whites and whites in turn are made to feel they are not welcome by the blacks… ( THIS MUST END!)-and many are voting with their feet… IMMIGRATING TO Australia – the UK- America… anywhere but here… - the ANC is part of the problemthey cannot fix it… !!-and they must gothe truth is the ANC is not listening anymore… they are entrenched in their power and they believe they will be around until JESUS RETURNS… ( Zuma’s words…)  I HAVE NEWS FOR THEM…  WITHIN THE NEXT 20 YEARS ..THEY WILL BE NOT ONLY OUT OF POWER… AND WITHIN THE NEXT 40 YEARS THEY WILL BE HISTORY!

To build this nation we need to stop hate speech and racially motivated violence… we must bring the poles together …and find each other on a platform of listening…

We must unite… and that is the primary goal of the Africa Unite Party…

The ANC hasn’t mentioned the environment in their manifesto …at all!...BUT WE NEED TO AS A COUNTRY GO GREEN MORE..THIS IS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE… AND THIS WILL BE IN THE AUP manifesto.

They carry on with their pledge to the people…which they have broken time and time again..I voted the ANC in 1994 as did my father… both of us have lost our faith in the party over the last 20 years and that is why we are united in our opposition of the ANC…but the DA is not the way of the future and neither is any other party for that matter…there was no third way…until the AUP came to stay!...

The ANC pledges to remain true to its core values such as courage and service… but they are just words… mostly they sit on their ass and collect whatever money they can for Mahala… LIKE ROMAN SENATORS DID DURING THE TIME OF DECADENCE… and this will be the end of the ANC… through decadence…!!!

As for their commitment to move South Africa forwards; these are also just words...And their only allies are parties like the Communist party which has no credibility…

The manifesto they have written is incoherent, incomprehensible,wordy, unrealistic and unachievable..Why? because they have lost the trust of the people… they are voting them in out of fear ,coercion, duty and habit…nothing more… all these promises are EMPTY… not worth the paper they are printed on…its 100 year experience may stand it in good stead…but in the last 20 years and especially in the last 5 years they have shown a different face to the world…a face that is ugly and sick…a face living in the past and only concerned with its own self aggrandizement…

No…I am convinced (AS ARE MANY OTHERS)..I am certain that the ANC cannot take this country forward… in fact they can only take us back into the dark ages…

9.They boast of all their achievements in the last 20 years…

Their “ uninterrupted economic growth” – total employment of 14 million” … 1.4 million students benefitting from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme …6 million work opportunities created… 5000 farms transferred… to black people… 80 000 land claims settled and 1.8 million people benefitting…. 3.3 million free houses…. (Serving 16 million people)…12 million people with electricity… 92 % of people with access to good water… etc etc…

But in the words of Disraeli…”there are lies, damned lies…and statistics…”

In 1994 there was 40 % unemployment…there still is… (although the Economist quotes around 27%)- no mention is made of the population growth and the massive influx of illegal immigrants… ( nearly 5 million) nor the increases in murders, rapes and other violent crimes involving theft and racism.

No mention is made of the type of RDP homes that have been delivered… nor the fact that our grid is not coping with the demand and nothing has been done to implement the principles of the freedom charter which was the foundation of the freedom struggle itself…

We can question all of these stats… and in general… things are not better for the majority of the people in this country beyond having their political freedom… they are economically deprived and educationally stunted…

10.In the last 5 years

In the last 5 years the ANC claims that it has: “has regained 1 million jobs since 2008, 1 trillion rand has been invested in national infrastructure projects…. – double the amount of the previous 5 years… “- (much of that was to do with the 2010 world cup football… )

And it carries on…” An increase from 60% to 75% in access to banking services… 500 informal settlements have been reduced ( squatter Camps)…matric pass rate increase of over 18%... and quadrupling of student loans… 7 million learners in no fee schools as opposed to only 5 million in 2009… new teachers doubling…. And the reduction of HIV transmissions to babies… BY 66%... and finally, the increase of life expectancy to sixty (60) – (Europe is 75)… this all has to do with good living conditions… and this isn’t happening under the ANC… infact the so called 4 year increase doesn’t account where you are on the economic ladder – its taken over all class structures… in fact we have one of the highest mortality rate sand hijacking rates in the world…why? Because of the stae of our second hand car market and the lack of road sense. The ANC hasn’t changed those stats… in fact life expectancy has dropped under the ANC over the last 20 years… why haven’t they mentioned that….!!? In fact we ve had more violent murders in the new south Africa than in the old…why? Racially motivated Violence…! Bt that wont affect Mr Zuma and co….

( life expectancy doesn’t count for African dictators- they get to live generally up to 95)..

The AUP can’t say if all these stats are true or not...But I personally believe they are massaged - spinned– mostly to create spin in the political arena…I don’t believe them… the National Party did the same thing in the old South Africa….and most of it was crap.

However, still doesn’t change anything… the ANC as a party has NOT delivered what it has promised the people… and the general population – of all races agree on one thing… things are not the same… things are not good!,,,THINGS ARE  NOT BETTER AT ALL!-

Its generally a better life for the privileged… for the some…but certainly not for the ALL… the AUP has a manifesto and a vision to make it so for all...Why? Because our DNA is from the NEW South Africa and doesn’t have the baggage of the past…

We are a Youth Spirited Party with fresh ideas…born in a Free South Africa BUT- with the experience to change this country for the good and for the better.


Support the AUP today by signing up.

Your country needs you…! Together we ARE stronger! Together we can!

Robin Denton- President of the AFRICA UNITE PARTY ( AUP)

“ Vuka Ukhanye!”

“If you see the ANC doing what the National Party did …throw them out!” Nelson Mandela.  ( And that’s exactly what the AUP is doing…throwing them OUT!)

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