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WHAT HAPPENED: Expats vote in Elections 2014

2014-04-30 07:27

South Africans voted in countries around the world on Wednesday.

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Queue is looking shorter, London voters. Not a bad idea to pop over to vote now.

DA Abroad - @DA_Abroad






Voting in Washington DC
(Simon Williamson)




Voting has started in the US. Lines are short, very few voters at the start.

South Africans casting their votes in Trafalgar Square. It's a beautiful day. Long live democracy.
Darwin Francks -


Total of 260 votes casted in Hong Kong!Changing SA one vote at a time! News24 DA_Abroad VoteDA VoteHomeSA

- Jaco Juul  @JacoHK April 30, 2014

Frikkie and Elma Coetzee in Muscat, Oman

So beautiful:

Remerta Basson says: “It was a bit of an effort travelling from Amsterdam to the embassy in The Hague and taking time off from work, but I have casted my vote today.

"The IEC personnel were very friendly, it was great seeing so many other South Africans - I am definitely feeling proudly South African and homesick today!

"The process went very smoothly, everyone at the embassy was very competent. I love SA, very excited to see what happens in this year's elections!"

An unhappy News24 user in Syechelles tells us: “Despite the fact that there are approximately 3 000 South Africans living and working in Seychelles at any one time, no arrangements were made to facilitate voting.

"The nearest voting station is Mauritius - only 3 flights a week. So factoring in air fare and hotel, plus time off work, it was not an option for most people.”

Vanessa Emslie emails: "What a easy day of voting here in Qatar.

The embassy is closed for the day to accommodate the voting, and the Embassy staff helping the IEC.

No queue (but this is due to the dismal number of 550 out of 6 000 South Africans in Qatar registering to vote).

Just one extra form to fill in as we are voting abroad.

Only one ballot paper, as we only vote for Parliament.

And we have to place our ballot paper in envelope A, then in envelope B and finally into the ballot box.

We had 2 Qatari Police vans sitting outside… just in case of who knows what.
But nice to see the Qatari there as back up to the embassy.

As always, embassy staff were amazingly polite, helpful and friendly.

Always been a pleasure with them when I’ve been at the embassy." She says there will even be a party on Wednesday evening after voting closes.

Pretty smart:

Pippa Tunnicliffe, a South African living in Sydney, Australia, talks about her experience casting her vote. Watch.

South Africans Andries and Anita Bester cast their votes in Mauritius:

Darren in Thailand says he had a very positive experience: “I went to vote at the embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. The experience was smooth as silk. They even prepared a few snacks and drinks, from back home, for all voters to enjoy. We also got to meet the Ambassador who is a lovely person. I feel proud and happy to have had this opportunity!”

Adrian Holmes in the UK tells News24: "Travelled to London from Salisbury. Queues were seriously long but luckily my grand daughter was with me so got into the pram queue."

Meanwhile, a less happy André Johann Nel says: “We are living in Baku, Azerbaijan and are also unable to vote. There is no South African embassy and we were told that we need to travel to Ankara in Turkey.”

Sue-Ellen Hilgemann sent us this from Abu Dhabi: "My brother (Arnold Carstens) and I (Sue-Ellen Hilgemann) voted at the SA embassy in Abu Dhabi this morning. Very proud and exciting moment for both of us. Waiting time was only about 1 hour and the atmosphere was great!" Read more of Sue-Ellen's account here.

Pierre Vercueil has sent us these photos from Paris, France.

A user in Hungary, Craig Munn, tells us: "I voted from Budapest, Hungary this morning.  The process was smooth and well managed!  What a feeling."

Daniel Lutrin, a News24 user in London also shared a photo with us of South Africans queuing to vote.

Don't forget, you can  upload your photos, or tell us of your experience.

DA leader Helen Zille has thanked expatriates for voting. She tweeted: "Thanks Blue people world-wide for going to vote today. We could get an extra MP on your efforts. Keep going! #VoteHomeSA #VoteDA"

There is a 100m voting queue in Dubai, says News24 user Ben Bjergstad:

News24 user Ronel van Rensburg also told us: “Long queue since 07:00 this morning, moving very slow. Although it’s the beginning of summer, it’s already very hot outside but we are all determined to cast our votes!! Every single vote counts.”

News24 User Simson Moller says: “I just want to say that I think it's terribly unfair that they only have a voting and  registration station in Canberra.” Read more here.

A soldier working overseas casts his vote:

Voting is now open for South Africans in European countries such as Germany and France.

Expatriates have already cast their votes in Singapore and other Asian countries as well as New Zealand and Australia.

The voting station in Auckland had opened at 21:00 (07:00 New Zealand time). According to the IEC, all overseas stations would open at 07:00 (local time), and close at 21:00.

A South African in South Korea told News24 of her experience: "I voted this morning in Seoul, South Korea. I am originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa but have been teaching English in Daegu for just over a year. A few friends and I made the trip from Daegu which is about a 2 hour journey away on the KTX train.

It was really great to be able towards a better future for my country. I love South Africa and can't wait to return. I felt very proudly South African today."

More than 26 000 South Africans are eligible to vote worldwide, with the largest number - nearly 10 000, eligible to vote in London, in the UK.

However, a Tube strike in London might stop many South Africans in the UK from voting.

By 08:16, more than 1 000 South Africans were said to be in the queue in London.

Stations have just opened in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the German cities of Munich and Berlin, the Italian cities of Milan and Rome and other countries in Europe.

Some people have already voted in the Netherlands.

A News24 user in Angola has told us he might miss his chance to vote as he has to work. Read more from this user here.

News24 User Tracy Welthagen finds it hurtful that SA has not given her a place to vote at in Bahrain. Here’s what she has to say.

Read more from South African expatriates and their voting experiences here.

*Are you voting overseas? Upload your photos, or tell us of your experience.

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