Admit your mistakes - Chikane tells ANC

2016-08-11 19:01
(Carien du Plessis, News24)

Johannesburg - Struggle veteran Frank Chikane has said now is the time for African National Congress leaders to admit to their mistakes.

Chikane said the political party needed to realign its members or get rid of those not seeking to rebuild the movement at a media briefing in Midrand on Thursday.

Using Nkandla as an example, Chikane said it was important for leaders in the ANC during the saga to not defend President Jacob Zuma. He said though he believed it was important for the party to support and defend its leader but should not have put that above South Africans.

“I am not one of those people who thinks the president is the only problem in the party. The president makes mistakes, the leadership must deal with that, in not doing so, it’s failed to fulfil its duty.”

In addressing the municipal election outcomes he said he was pained by the outcome but had warned the ANC: “On page 2 I said if this downward turn or trend and loss of confidence is not curbed it will turn into a free fall mode and in the ANC possibly losing one or more metros in about one to five years, provinces in four to nine years and a national election in nine to 50 years.”

The ANC failed to retain a number of municipalities including Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane while it received less than 50% at the polls in areas such as Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni.

The party’s National Executive Committee will meet to discuss the elections and coalitions, Chikane said he hopes that the NEC will be bold and take steps toward change.

“I’m just hoping that as the leadership meets and reflects they will do what the people want to see out of them, take a radical position. Accept that we have failed as leaders to provide leadership when it was needed, defended the indefensible and in our love for the president lost the confidence of the nation” he said.

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