ANC, DA dominate in Marikana wards

2016-08-04 19:29

Pretoria - In what was believed to be an EFF stronghold, the ANC and the DA have won the majority of the votes captured in two wards of the political hotbed of Marikana so far.

According to the IEC, the ruling party has won 75.9% of the votes in Ward 31, which incorporates Marikana's Karee Mine where 44 people - including 34 miners who were shot and killed during a wage-related strike in August 2012 - lost their lives.

The EFF came in second, winning 17.98% of the votes, while the African Independent Congress came in third with 2.33% of the votes.

In Marikana's Ward 32, the DA was leading with 36.01% of the votes, while the ANC was coming in a close second with 32.04%. The EFF had won 19.94% of the votes in the area.

Shortly after the killings in 2012, the ANC appeared as though it had lost the trust of thousands of miners who live on the platinum belt.

Many of the miners felt the Cosatu-affiliated National Union of Mineworkers had failed to represent them at the negotiation table.

The miners were demanding a minimum wage of R12 500. The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu), which was a smaller union at the time, quickly gained popularity when it promised to take the workers' demands to their employer.

The violence which emanated from the strike left a tense atmosphere in the area. The EFF used the opportunity to also raise their hand in support of the miners, which saw them also gaining popularity with miners across the platinum belt.

During News24's road trip ahead of the elections, the EFF's election campaign was the most dominant of all other parties in Marikana's mining hostels and surrounding informal settlements.

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