ANC leaders sometimes scored own goals but we ran a good campaign - Mbalula

2019-05-05 12:27
Fikile Mbalula.  ~ City Press

As the ANC prepared for its final rally engineered to boost voter confidence, head of elections Fikile Mbalula believes the party ran a good campaign. 

Mbalula was speaking to journalists hours before the party's Siyanqoba rally on Sunday at Ellis Park stadium. Spearheading the campaign which spanned over a year, Mbalula said ANC leaders conducted themselves well during the season.

He admitted party leaders at times scored own goals. His remark comes as ANC president Cyril Ramphosa refuted allegations made by the party secretary general Ace Magashule that state organs were being used to tap his phone. 

During a media briefing on the readiness of the party to hold the final rally, Mbalula told journalists it was unfortunate Magashule went public with his allegations. 

"The president has been magnificent in the sense that he did not deviate from the script. We scored a bit of some own goals talking about things we shouldn't be talking about which are actually designed for a later stage. Our leaders all in all conducted themselves well. From the point of view of the elections team we are very happy with our overall message."

'DA tried to unnerve us'

When asked by the media of the latest DA ploy against the ANC when it put a digital billboard at the party's headquarters at Luthuli House last week, Mbalula said he was happy the party ignored DA tactics. 

"The DA ran a dirty campaign and they tried to get to our nerves and we avoided them. Even today we will not mention them. We did not dignify them with any answer or run a strategic campaign. If we wanted, we can deal with that but it will just exhaust us and de-focus our messaging. 

"It is their choice to design and decide what they want to. They tried to capitalise on the Zondo commission about the things that were reported out of that."

Mbalula added that this would backfire against the DA saying the party's dirty campaign had, "thoroughly been undermined by the wall to wall campaign." 

"We admitted our mistakes and we accepted criticism and we went down to the people. It has been a realistic campaign. A campaign that we approach from the position of the incumbent."

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