DA 'wolves' stealing Mandela's legacy - ANCYL in Gauteng

2016-07-26 22:39
(Karabo Ngoepe, News24)

Cape Town - The ANC Youth League in Gauteng is disgusted with some of the DA's new election posters.

The party's Gauteng branch claimed on Tuesday that the DA and its members were "wolves in sheep's clothing" trying to steal former president Nelson Mandela from the ANC.

"We note with utter disgust the attempts by the '(un)Democratic Alliance' to rewrite history," it said in a statement on Facebook.

"True to their inherit character of stealing what does not belong to them as their National Party (NP) forefathers did. The DA now wants to steal Mandela from the liberation movement, in a desperate attempt to confuse the electorate, through posters that say, 'Honour Madiba's dream, vote DA'."

The DA unveiled its new election posters near Union Buildings in Pretoria on Monday. They carry messages calling on South Africans to honour Mandela’s dream by voting for the DA, News24 reported.

ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa on Tuesday said the DA was a "Trojan horse for apartheid".

The Gauteng ANCYL said the scars of the past were too fresh for South Africans to forget the origins of the DA, and its role in "victimising Mandela" and other leaders.

"It is the DA's forefathers that labelled Mandela a terrorist and a threat to the State."

'Can't rebuke them from the grave'

The Gauteng ANCYL accused the DA of waiting for Mandela to die before using his image for their interests.

"The opportunism and moral bankruptcy of the DA knows no bounds. They evidently waited for Tata to pass so they could steal his legacy, knowing he can't rebuke from the grave. While the globe still mourns the passing of a great man, the DA celebrates as it provides an opportunity for them to misrepresent him."

The ANCYL said Mandela had called the DA "a party of white bosses and black stooges", who only cared about black voters on the eve of the elections.

"We call on South Africans and the born frees in particular to be very wary of this inherent racist organisation," it said.

"Wolves in sheep clothing are yet again exposed."

ANC becoming 'desperate'

The DA said the ANC was becoming desperate in its vitriolic attacks on the party's election posters.

The ANC was revealing its growing desperation as it faced losing Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Nelson Mandela Bay on August 3, party spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said in a statement on Tuesday.

The ANC was no longer able to create jobs, stop corruption, and deliver better services, and its election campaign had descended into all-out chaos. It was resorting to divisive and racist comments and facing an internal rebellion.

Van Damme said the DA was the only party honouring Mandela’s dream of a non-racial, united South Africa.

"The ANC have abandoned his legacy – committing instead to corruption and joblessness. We will not be distracted from their negative campaigning, and will continue with our positive offer to voters.

"This is the best way to honour Madiba’s dream."

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