Danny Jordaan handpicked by God - bishop

2016-07-17 16:46

Port Elizabeth - God has handpicked Nelson Mandela Bay's ANC Mayoral candidate Danny Jordaan to rise up in the fight for the city, he was told at a blessing ceremony on Sunday.

And if Nelson Mandela Metro falls into the hands of the "enemy", there would be suffering on a biblical scale, an influential church leader warned.

Jordaan's campaign was blessed by the Bantu Church of Christ in New Brighton, Nelson Mandela Bay.

The fifth bishop of the Bantu Church of Christ, Bishop John Bolana, who is said to have more than two million followers countrywide, praised Jordaan for the work he had done in the metro.

Speaking at a Women's League event at the church, the bishop read from the book of Judges, on the rise of Judah, and compared him to Jordaan.

"Today, God is telling me to tell you, people of PE, that if you take and follow my words today, then he will be with you. God is answering us and telling us that Comrade Danny Jordaan will rise up and fight against the enemy, because he has given Nelson Mandela Metro into his hands," Bolana said.

Jordaan would rise along with his deputy mayor, the bishop said, so they could fight together.

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Bolana asked the people of Nelson Mandela Bay not to be taken in by opposition parties, thieves and deceivers.

"We see how well Jordaan is doing in Nelson Mandela Bay, and you can even see the difference. Let's give them a chance," he said.

The church reiterated its uncompromising loyalty to the ANC, with the bishop begging God to have mercy and not let the metro fall into "unworthy hands".

Praying for the ANC, the mayoral candidate and against the rise of the opposition, the bishop said no other church was as strong a supporter of the ruling party as theirs was.

"How could it be, that God could let the metro go to the enemy, while I live among them?" 


The hardships experienced by the Israelites in Egypt, he said, would be experienced by people in Nelson Mandela Bay if the opposition won.

"If they win, they will step on us, on our necks."

Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Danny Jordan was blessed by the Bantu Church of Christ Bishop. (Thulani Gqirana)

Meanwhile African National Congress MP Thoko Didiza attended a church service at Christian Revival Church in Pretoria on Sunday, telling congregants politicians should always put God first.

“We are given the responsibility to lead our nation and we should always put God in front of us,” Didiza said.

"We are here to come and worship and get renewed and we are also here to hear the Lord speak to us," Didiza said.

She said without love, "we are nothing", referring to a verse in the bible, John 10:10.

Didiza was welcomed and blessed with a prayer by senior pastor at the church, At Boshoff.

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