De Klerk still the father of the DA - MK veterans

2016-07-28 19:41
Western Cape ANC spokesperson Yonela Diko. (Paul Herman, News24)

Cape Town - The MK Veterans Association (MKVA) in the Western Cape says the Democratic Alliance (DA) has lied in the run up to the elections, adding that former president FW de Klerk still represented the "fatherhood" of the party.

Regional MKVA chair Fumanekile "Fatty" Booi spoke at the African National Congress' provincial offices in Cape Town on Thursday.

He was there to announce the reburial of former MK soldier Norman "Billy Holiday" Pietersen, who was killed by apartheid police in the 1980s.

Pietersen was murdered in New Crossroads, Cape Town in November 1988 after apartheid police surrounded the house he was staying in and fired 12 shotgun rounds through the door. He was 22.

New evidence emerged this year contradicting Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) testimonies, which has led to the move to rebury Pietersen in his hometown in Paarl.

"After 28 years, Billy's reburial comes just in time when our country is faced by this debacle by liars who want to claim our history, and distort our history," Booi, a veteran of 40 years, said on Thursday.

"There are still paid members of the DA who are former NP members. All those who were operating in the National Party, [are] still there.

"They [the DA] are the kindergarten of the National Party. De Klerk is still the fatherhood above the DA."

Booi's comments come after the DA launched new election posters last week, saying a vote for the DA would "honour Madiba's legacy".

"This weekend will be a weekend of remembrance," Booi continued.

Mildred Gladile, who took care of "Billy" for five months in 1988, was also present at the press briefing.

M Ramakoba-Desiea, the self-proclaimed "most hated woman" by the NP in the country during apartheid, recalled Pietersen’s first burial.

Friday procession

"It was a sad day," said Ramakoba-Desiea, who did not want to give her first name.

"Only 200 people were allowed to attend his funeral. We defied that notice. I was the most hated woman. Through underground structures, we got the message out."

At 11:00 on Friday a procession which will include Pietersen's body will travel from Nyanga to New Crossroads, where a memorial will be held.

He will be buried at his old primary school in Paarl on Saturday.

Ramakoba-Desiea said that the DA shouldn't fool people on the ground by trying to "claim" Mandela as their own.

'Mandela is ANC'

"Our struggle was a very hard, difficult struggle. We lost many people who are not even known," she said.

"Now today, I want to make it clear, the DA is claiming that Mandela is their person.

"Mandela is ANC. We are all ANC, we fought ANC. Not with luxury. Our parents grew up without parents. If you weren't in prison, you were in hiding.

"But today they are claiming the [former] president. We sacrificed and we knew the struggle was life and death.

"The DA must not organise members to vote in the name of Mandela."

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