I would vote every day if I could - Mouille Point resident

2016-08-03 19:03
Voting enthusiast Cynthia Hendricks with her family. (Jenna Etheridge, News24)

Cape Town - When Cynthia Hendricks woke up early on Wednesday morning, she messaged all her loved ones to remind them to vote and then had her hair and nails done before heading for the polls.

"I love voting," the professional hostess gushed after marking her ballot at the Sea Point Library.

"I would do it every day. I even wish they could have given me 10 ballot papers, but they can only give one."

Hendricks left the voting station with her husband, uncle, and her brother's two girls.

It took five minutes to vote because there was no queue.

She said she was happy with the party that was running the Western Cape.

"We can see the results, much has been done."

Near her home was the verdant Green Point Park.

"It's beautiful and you get a chance to share the swings with white children, black children."

Racism existed, Hendricks said, but she believed citizens should talk to each other more.

Sometimes her husband felt she talked too much, affectionately calling her "praat machine" (chatterbox).

"I talk to everyone. Everyone is my family," she smiled, as she eventually got into a car where her family was waiting.

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