Limited resources contributed to unsatisfactory results, says ACDP's Meshoe

2019-05-10 20:40

African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Kenneth Meshoe says limited campaign funding hampered it in the general elections and led to the party's "unsatisfactory" results.

"I expected a much better performance but obviously in a province like this we have cities and townships we have not set our foot in," he told News24 on Friday at the IEC's national results centre in Tshwane. 

The party is currently sitting in sixth place with 0.85% of the votes. In 2014 the party received 0.57% of the votes. 

"I am happy that our seats in Parliament have been maintained. We are going back to the drawing board. I've seen some video clips of people who did not hide the fact that they voted more than once.

"Our fundraising campaign was not good and that's one of the things we should focus on because without resources and people knowing what you stand for then you cannot expect them to vote for you. In this area we have failed as a party."

Meshoe also told News24 he was disappointed at how the IEC was handling numerous complaints related to voting irregularities. 

"The IEC is in denial. If people say we have evidence but we don't want to be arrested why should they say there is no evidence?" he asked. 

"I've heard of people who said if there were no threats of being arrested many of them would come out and say 'I did it' but because people are scared of being arrested they are hiding their identity." 

Meshoe said the party met with the DA and Cope and agreed there should be an audit of the results. 

"We want observer status and they must be very transparent," he said. 

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