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ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe answers your questions

07-May-2019 10:32:12
 Kenneth Meshoe

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe answers your questions ahead of the elections. It's a live, online interview led entirely by you!

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And your final thoughts? A message to any undecided voters out there? 

Meshoe: Some of the challenges facing SA have to do with poverty and unemployment. The ACDP says it has a way to create a conducive environment to attract investors. We use a phrase that other parties don't use: punish the criminals. We want a society where peace loving South Africans can enjoy their peace in safety, knowing that criminals are punished. We want to make a covenant with law abiding citizens, that if you vote for us, we will get rid of crime. And then we will be creating an environment that is conducive to investors. People will want to invest in SA but they are worried about the safety of their families. When investors come, jobs will be created, the unemployed will get jobs, and then poverty will be reduced. The ACDP is saying to you all that the ACDP is the way to go. We will not tolerate corruption. We will ensure that anyone involved in corruption will pay back every cent. If anyone is involved in corruption, we'll make sure that everyone sees how we deal with corruption. Every cent stolen must be paid back. 

07 May 10:25

What is your response to the argument that religion and politics should never mix? - Peter Sekalo, Facebook

Meshoe: I do not agree with that because in a free society people must have the right to think and to believe whatever they want. It would be unfair to say that, in politics, people can only think a certain way. As long as people are decent and respectful, and they are influenced by views which better society, they should be allowed in politics. Our faith contributes to a better society. 
07 May 10:18

What is the ACDP's view on corporal punishment in schools?

Meshoe: Our view is that there should be a form of corporal punishment. Teachers and parents should be taught the difference between abuse and correction. Because there is no more corporal correction in schools we are experiencing things that we did not experience many years ago. Societal ills are reflected in our schools, because there's no corporal correction. Years ago you'd never think of a child raising their hand to a teacher. So we believe there must be corporal correction but with guidelines. Teachers should not be allowed to hit children in the face or use broomsticks, for example. That is abuse. Because people abuse this, they want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. But children who are raised with corporal correction are well-behaved and excellent. They know exactly what they've done wrong, but they understand, because it is explained to them. They know it is done out of love. 
07 May 10:17

What is your take on the current debates about the land policy? - Landelisa Mzet Mzantsi, Facebook

Meshoe: Section 25 of the Constitution as it is the best way forward for South Africans. People who put Section 25 together were people who wanted to build a united SA. They said, when we correct the injustices of the past, we must do it with the goal of strengthening food producers and not wasting land as was done in Zimbabwe. They also said, we need to consider people who have invested in the land. Some people say the land was stolen, I don't agree with that... if you want to distribute land, give it to people who want to use it productively. We believe when there is expropriation, there must be given compensation, and when people get land, they must be given title deeds. 
07 May 10:12

The ACDP has lost traction since 94. Some say this is due to stagnation within your ranks. How do you account for this, and what are your plans for "revival"? - Martin Lamberti

Meshoe: This is another question we will look at with a smile on our faces after the election. Christians know there are times of being tested. And many people have voted for a "strong opposition" because they are afraid of the ANC being in power. But the days of the "strong opposition" are over because people are now scrutinising their policies. 
07 May 10:10

What is the ACDP's view of the power unions currently have? - Dale Rorick

Meshoe: They have too much power. Unions have a place, but the ANC has gone too far to let them help run government. 
07 May 10:04

My question is around what seems to be your blind alliance towards the DA and I am wondering if this will continue in all provincial and national issues should you have enough votes? It concerns me that you claim to hold a moral ground yet you seem to be subject to your alliance with the DA. - Ian Miller

Meshoe: When you are part of a government and there is no absolute majority, someone must form a partnership. If it is a partnership that has to be formed by either the DA or the ANC, and we are asked to form partnerships with someone else, so that there can be progress. when it comes to matters like budgets, that money must be spent. If there is no majority, that money won't be spent. If in a town or a city there is a partnership, if the DA or the ANC comes, you look at how they have performed and if there is corruption. You can't jump into a partnership with a clena heart if there is corruption. We are not married to the DA. If we discover that there are issues with them, then we will reconsider. It's about service delivery. If they are clean, we will help them. When we have agreed to partnerships, it's when we have seen that there is no corruption on their part.

The EFF is off the table. They can't be considered because of their arrogance and lack of respect. Their used to be decorum in Parliament. I believe in respecting a person even though I disagree with them. For as long as the EFF behaves the way that they have behaved, the ACDP will not agree with them. 

07 May 10:00

My question for the ACDP is how do they reconcile being anti-abortion but pro-death penalty? In other words, why is it ok to kill an adult human, but not ok to abort cells/a foetus? - Lizl Morden

Meshoe: Some people call it the foetus, we call it the baby. We believe it is wrong to deny an innocent baby the right to live. An adult who made mistakes or whatever, and they are given the death penalty it is because of the crime they committed. So a baby should be given the right to live because they have done nothing wrong.
07 May 09:59

I would like to understand why the ACDP promises a uniform tax rate in the most unequal country in the world? - Johann Kassier

Meshoe: We believe that everyone who can contribute must contribute towards building our country. Even though my tax payment might be small, at least in my heart I know I'm contributing towards building my country. 
07 May 09:58

Do voters not "waste" their vote when supporting a small party such as the ACDP? - Adele Oosthuizen

Meshoe: We have to revisit this question after the elections. You cannot have a majority before you have a minority. ACDP is growing. Those who agree with the values of our political party so that one day they will become a majority. In fact, Mandela said, when ANC members were arrogant, that one day those who are minority parties will be the majority. 
07 May 09:57

Can you highlight what influence the ACDP has directly had on legislation or new laws being passed, given that you are a relatively small party. Was there any significant legislation that was brought about entirely by the influence of the ACDP the Christian values they represent? - Alex Paulsen

Meshoe: At this stage, one can only mentioned the legislation that have given men the right to get paid leave to look after their children. Men also want to spend time with their children. ACDP, influenced by Biblical principles, understands the importance of family. Families need to spend time together. ACDP proposed a private members bill that was passed which gives men paid paternity leave.

07 May 09:56
Meshoe: Capitalism is not opposed to Christianity. It would be wrong to equate them. Christianity says, work hard to earn a living. Then when you have profits, don't close your heart to those who are poor and needy. Capitalism is wrong when people are greedy. But we must make profit to help other people. 
07 May 09:55

If you were in government would you put your weight behind your citizens like Caster Semenya who is facing discrimination from an international sports body? - Nkululeko Khumalo

Meshoe:We would definitely defend her. I believe it is wrong to want to change a person's make up to fit some people's ideas or needs. When a person has their make-up which gives them an advantage, we should accept that they were made like that. The tall person in basketball has an advantage, for example. It's not fair to say, tall people have an advantage. People should be accepted the way that they are.

07 May 09:53

The ACDP wants to reinstate the death penalty. How is this compatible with both a democratic constitution and, more important, the Christian values it claims to represent (Commandment "Thou shalt not kill."). - Markus Schönherr

Meshoe: When one looks at our high levels of violence, there has to be a punishment that is severe. It is government's responsibility to ensure that those who take lives are punished severely. Christianity is not against government using capital punishment. But when he said though shalt not kill, he was saying, don't kill each other.

Government "has a sword to punish", as it says in Romans. 

07 May 09:52

What hope do you think minority parties can bring to parliament in these troubling times? - Martin Lamberti

Meshoe: They represent constituencies that have ideas and many of them have solutions. We need to get ideas, when we have challenges in SA, from as many people as possible. So minority parties are contributing to ideas that can make SA a better place.