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Trollip: We take collective responsibility for poor showing in elections

13-May-2019 16:01:53

Democratic Alliance's Athol Trollip has said that party leader Mmusi Maimane will not be removed after the party's poor performance in the elections.

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13 May 17:26
The press briefing comes to an end. 
13 May 17:26
Trollip says the party takes collective responsibility for poor results in this year's elections. 
13 May 17:23
James Selfe says the party is currently reviewing all its structures. 
13 May 17:22
Trollip says they can't make rush decision when it comes to the future of Maimane. 
13 May 17:21
He says racial nationalism is on the rise the world over and they can't allow the DA to move towards that direction. 
13 May 17:20
Trollip says the DA is not a racial nationalist party, adding that they "took a conscious decision" to build "one South Africa for all". 
13 May 17:18
13 May 17:14
He praises Maimane for leading the party "from the front" in the Nelson Mandela Bay.
13 May 17:13
DA leader Mmusi Maimane remains our leader until the next elective congress, says Trollip.
13 May 17:12
Trollip says the DA thanks the people of the Western Cape for retaining them in power in this year's elections.
13 May 16:22
13 May 16:02
Democratic Alliance leaders, James Selfe, Athol Trollip, national spokesperson Refiloe Ntsekhe, and others brief the media following the party's poor performance in the elections.  
13 May 16:02

#SAElections2019: DA wins one home and one away

Elections are all about winning – winning the right to govern the country, winning control of provinces, winning seats in Parliament, and winning as much support as possible.

For the Democratic Alliance (DA), it was a case of two victories – one home and one away.

13 May 16:02

The EFF was the biggest winner in these elections. This is how it did it

The EFF is without a doubt the biggest winner to step out of this week’s polls, which were a bloody arena for the governing party and the official opposition.

The party’s second national general elections saw the fighters walk off with a bounty of increased support across all provinces with the additional bonus of official opposition status in Mpumalanga.

In the EFF’s maiden election it managed to become the second-highest ranking party in Limpopo and the North West.

13 May 16:02

Why the ANC dropped by 10% in KZN

Voters gatvol over service delivery problems stayed away or spoiled their votes in numbers to give the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) a bloody nose, while an energetic EFF added to the ruling party’s pain.

Support for the ANC in KZN in the national poll fell nearly 10 percentage points, from 65.31% in the 2014 poll to this week’s 55.47%.

And the ruling party’s reduced share of the vote in the country’s second most populous province had a knock-on effect on its overall national result.