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RESULTS: Zero votes for DA as ANC, EFF fire first salvo in rural Eastern Cape village

08-May-2019 00:11:00

All voting stations have closed and the counting process is underway. Click here for the latest results live.

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IEC first results just in from Mzimvubu in the Eastern Cape.
08 May 23:49

No alarm as voting day comes to a peaceful end

Voting stations have closed after South Africa's general election on Wednesday, 25 years after the country's transition to democracy under the stewardship of Nelson Mandela.

Provisional polling numbers will arrive by Thursday afternoon, according to Electoral Commission (IEC) officials, with final results due to be announced on Saturday; South Africa's new president will be inaugurated on May 25.

08 May 23:47


Tshwane (National Results Operations Centre) – In the light of serious allegations regarding two potential instances of double voting, the Electoral Commission would like to assure voters and all stakeholders of the overall integrity of the electoral process.

Two separate instances have been brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission over the past few hours in which it is alleged voters were able to cast more than one vote at different voting stations.

The Commission views these allegations in the most serious light and has launched investigations into these incidents.Fortunately the election process contains a number of checks and safeguards which together serve to protect the integrity of the process.

These layers of security include:

- The voters’ roll which only allows registered voters to vote – and only allows for a single registration per voter

- The requirement for voters to produce a valid ID document before they vote

- The scanning of ID documents prior to voting

- The marking of a voter’s thumb with ink

- The completion of a form containing the details of voters and the signing of as worn declaration by voters where they vote at a voting station at which they are not registered

- Party agents and observers monitoring all aspects of the voting, counting and results capturing process

- In-built system-based exception reports for which various tolerance level shave been set

All of these leave a detailed footprint of voter participation in the process and can be used both separately and in combination to identify instances of electoral fraud.As part of the process of finalizing the results of the elections, the Commission will assess data from scanners, VEC 4 forms (used when voters vote outside their voting districts) and the voters’ roll to identify potential risks.

Where evidence is found to support electoral fraud, the Electoral Commission will firstly quarantine the results of the affected voting districts and secondly will pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.

The electoral process also allows for objections to be raised by political parties throughout the process. This includes instances where they believe a voter was ineligible to vote or has voted more than once.

The Electoral Commission appeals to any party or person who may have evidence of any electoral fraud or significant irregularity to report this immediately so that it can be thoroughly investigated.

The Electoral Commission will not allow the potential misconduct of one or two individuals – be they voters or election officials – to taint the overall outcome of these elections.

The integrity of the results is paramount to the credibility of all elections and all election results are only finally captured and displayed in the results system where the Commission is satisfied in the integrity of the results.

08 May 23:35
08 May 23:34
IEC says two separate instances have been brought to the IEC attention in which voters were able to cast votes at two different stations.
08 May 23:23
08 May 23:12
08 May 22:54
08 May 22:44

Troubled Alexandra votes without a glitch despite recent shutdown

Voting in the township of Alexandra just outside of Sandton, Johannesburg went 'smoothly' and without a glitch on Wednesday despite a recent shutdown over service delivery issues in the area.

"We have had residents coming to vote since 07:00 with no disruptions."

08 May 22:40

How the world responded to South Africa’s 2019 elections

Millions of South Africans headed to the polls on Wednesday in the country’s sixth democratic elections since 1994.

Voting went smoothly at most voting stations, with only sporadic incidences reported of polling stations opening late and shortage of ballot papers.

08 May 22:33
08 May 22:33
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08 May 22:32
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08 May 22:26
“Except at those stations where voters were still waiting to cast their ballots, voting stations throughout South Africa have begun closing their doors and switching focus to the critical process of counting votes," said the IEC
08 May 22:24

Read IEC's full statement here:


Tshwane (National Results Operations Centre) – Except at those stations where voters were still waiting to cast their ballots, voting stations throughout South Africa have begun closing their doors and switching focus to the critical process of counting votes.

The Electoral Commission is extremely pleased with the smooth progress of voting today despite isolated incidents where voting operations were adversely affected by inclement weather, community unrest, power outages and some logistical challenges.

Strong thunderstorms were reported in the early evening in the Free State where 16 temporary voting stations in Manguang were blown down by strong winds and where heavy rain affected the conditions underfoot.In Nelson Mandela Bay and Craddock in the Eastern Cape heavy rain and winds also affected operations in more than 30 temporary voting stations.

In a number of areas voting after dark was affected by power outages including in KwaZulu-Natal (specifically Umlazi), Limpopo (Vuwani and Giyani) and Gauteng (parts of Johannesburg).The nature of the power outages was not immediately apparent but included instances of cable theft, weather related outages and other unscheduled interruptions. 

The Electoral Commission has been working closely with ESKOM and local municipalities to rapidly restore power in affected areas.Voting stations have also been equipped with some emergency LED lighting and lighting provided by the COGTA as back-up.

Counting takes place within the voting station in front of party agents and observers.The first step in the process is to check the seals and open the ballot boxes. The ballots contained therein are then reconciled with those issued, any remaining unused ballots and any ballots which may have been cancelled.

Ballot boxes containing special votes are also opened and the contents verified against lists of authorized special voters before being added to the count.Once the reconciliation is completed, the marked ballots are sorted into piles according to the party voted for.

For ease of counting, the ballots are grouped together in batches of tens and hundreds.Where the choice of the voter cannot be immediately and easily determined, these ballots are set aside for further scrutiny.

Where the intention of the voter is then determined the ballots are added to those party piles. Where the intention of the voter cannot be reasonably determined – or where the ballot is obviously spoiled – these are grouped together as spoiled ballots.

The Presiding Officer makes the finaldetermination of this.The ballots for each party are counted and recounted to ensure accuracy and the results captured on two duplicate results slips which reflect the voting station, the number of cast ballots, the number of votes for each party and the number of spoiled ballots.

The results slips are signed by party agents present who are also encouraged to record the details of the results for themselves (including by taking a photograph of the results slip).

One result slip is then posted on the door of the voting station while the other is taken by the Presiding Officer to the local IEC office where it is scanned and the data entered into the results system using a double capture system to minimize any human error.

Once audited by independent auditors, the results are released and aresimultaneously visible to all those with access to the results system – including Electoral Commission, political parties, observers and the media. 

Parties can verify the captured results against their copy of the original results slip to ensure accuracy.

The length of the process depends on a range of factors including the number of votes cast at the voting station, the number of political parties contesting the ballots, and the number of clearly marked or unclearly marked ballots.

The conditions of the voting station – including whether it is a tent or permanent structure and the quality of the lighting and facilities also greatly affect the length of the process.

Once the final results are posted, all materials from the voting station are packed and transported under secure transport to capture sites where they are logged and stored.

By law all ballots must be securely retained for six months in case of objections.The first results from voting districts with the smallest number of voters are expected to reflect on the results system before midnight tonight.

08 May 21:24
08 May 21:17
Western Cape provincial police commissioner lt.genl Khombinkosi Jula on elections in the province: There were some issues on N2 and Baden Powell. It was service delivery related but did not impact on the elections. "The [voting] process was going on smoothly, without any hassles."
08 May 21:13
Tshidi is now interviewing Mkhuleko Hlengwa from the IFP. Hlengwa says the IFP don't like polls as they find them to be desktop exercises rather than a representation of what is on the ground.
08 May 21:09
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08 May 21:08
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08 May 20:54
Malatsi says the DA has not laid any objections with the IEC, but are concerned about basic issues which should not happen. These incidents could have a major impact on IEC's credibility.
08 May 20:53
Malatsi on coalitions says there is no doubt that this is a reality of SA politics, the DA has always been open to coalitions as long there are common principles and strategies to carry it out.
08 May 20:53
Malatsi says the people can trust the DA's polls, which have been historically consistent.
08 May 20:52
08 May 20:51
Responding to Madia's questions about scaring people into voting, Malatsi says the DA's strategy is to retain the Western Cape, and they can not take voters for granted. He says the DA has consistently engaged voters to realise the importance of this elections.
08 May 20:51
Malatsi says that it is a tight call right now but the DA need to make sure their supporters come out to vote, the constant interaction by the DA is to give supporters updates on the climate as it happens.
08 May 20:49
Malatsi says the DA is satisfied with turnout so far, given the amount of time and resources the party put into their campaign. 
08 May 20:49
Malatsi says this day reminds voters of the magnitude of their role in deciding the fate of the country.
08 May 20:48
08 May 20:43
08 May 20:43
08 May 20:40

Take 'harsh' action against protesters preventing people from voting - Magashule

ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule has called on authorities to take "harsh" action against protesters preventing people from casting their votes.

Magashule, accompanied by family members and a group of ANC supporters, was addressing the media outside the AME Church in Tumahole outside Parys in the Free State on Wednesday where he cast his vote. 

08 May 20:38
08 May 20:27
Legoete says the ANC have no opinion on coalitions, it is an arrangement that won't be good for SA voters. He says as coalitions are corrupt. 
08 May 20:25
Legoete expects to see a positive output in the numbers today. The ANC are positive that they will win by a landslide despite the low turnout.
08 May 20:25
08 May 20:23
08 May 20:22

Frantic messages from parties in last minute push to increase voter turnout

"Don't leave things to chance."

"The race is too close to call…"

"One hours left…"

These were just some of the frantic messages which came from political parties on Wednesday as they furiously tried to get last minute voters to the polls.

The smses had been coming thick and fast all day, but those sent in the final hours of the day could be seen as parties worried about low voter turnout.

08 May 20:20
08 May 20:20
Legoete says that only 5 voting stations did not open completely, and the IEC should be commended for a job well done.
08 May 20:19
Legoete says the ANC have raised their issues with the IEC, saying about 37 station country-wide were not open, it must be decided what course of action to take about this.