Local Elections 2016: Poster Wars

2016-07-25 21:07

Cape Town – With the upcoming municipal elections just over a week away, rival political parties are stepping up their campaigns in the race to win over undecided voters.

Amid all the mudslinging and grandstanding, dabbing and dishing out of food parcels, there is another battle that is a lot more visible to casual observers on the street – the clash of the campaign posters.

While some are stock standard and dignified, sticking within accepted norms, others have veered into the realm of the absurd, such as these Patriotic Alliance (PA) posters that have been spotted around town.

As if the questionable posters weren’t enough, the PA was also caught in the act of pasting their campaign posters over existing DA placards.

But they weren’t the only ones…

And then there were a few others that told stories of their own, some serious, and some eliciting amusing observations.

Have you spotted any conversation-sparking posters in your area? Send us your comments and pictures.

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