Maimane: DA can govern better in Midvaal

2016-07-12 08:39

Meyerton - DA leader Mmusi Maimane has urged his party’s leaders in the DA-run Midvaal municipality to do better.

“More must be done to deliver jobs for the people of Midvaal,” he told a group of about 100 supporters near the Sicelo Stadium in Meyerton during an election campaign stop on Monday.

He told journalists the party, which had led the municipality since 2011, was still not satisfied with its work in Midvaal, even though it was rated the “number one” municipality in Gauteng.

His concerns were echoed by DA voters in Meyerton’s majority ANC ward 10, where Maimane, Midvaal mayor Bongani Baloyi, and some activists conducted a door-to-door campaign to get votes for the August 3 local government elections.

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The block where they campaigned had mostly brick houses with one or more bedrooms, and a paved road. Gravel roads led off the paved road.

While her most immediate concern was getting a blue DA T-shirt so she could join the group singing and walking from door-to-door, Nthabeleng Paki, 29, said she would vote for the DA because “we want jobs”.

She had been voting for the party since the local government elections in 2011.

The community could see a difference since the DA was elected into power. “It is clean here and in town as well,” she said.

Paballo Qophe, 26, said she supported the DA because “the DA, it can come with changes”.

Unemployment was an issue for her. “More youth are educated but they don’t have jobs.”

She was trained in call centre leadership and marketing and had matric.

This year would be the first time she planned to vote for the DA.

Better services

She claimed services in Midvaal were better than in other municipalities. Qophe said the ANC campaigned in the area over the weekend, “but with people from outside”.

The DA campaigners were all from the ward, she said.

Donald Madihlaba, 41, was also a DA voter “because they do nice things”. He would like to see a speed hump in his road, because his house was on a bend and speeding cars regularly crashed through the fence.

Standing outside her house with a few children, Nolwando Mhlekwa, 36, said she was voting for Maimane’s party because they hoped he would bring change in Midvaal.

She hoped the party would bring “new houses for those who are renting”.

Asked whether she had noticed that the DA had been in power for the past five years, she said: “They are doing a good job already, their services are always exciting”.

It would be the first time she would vote for the party. She said she wanted a T-shirt so she could join the party’s march, but the crowd passed and she was left without one.

'I don't like the DA'

Not everybody was convinced by the blue brigade.

Constance Hadebe, 37, dressed in a long blue skirt and holding a DA pamphlet she’d been handed, said she would vote ANC.

“I don’t like the DA, I like the ANC,” said Hadebe. She worked at a small tuck shop in the neighbourhood.

The ANC created jobs and gave people free water and electricity. Under the DA she had to buy water and electricity and could get no proper job. She did not believe the party could deliver for her.

Selina Mbambo, 47, had always voted ANC and wasn’t planning to change. She said the DA had “too much apartheid” because the bulk of their work was concentrated in town.

She said the party never made the municipal Sicelo Stadium available for the ANC.

“They don’t want to give it, they want us to do an application first,” she said.

Mbambo, who had one of the better houses in the neighbourhood, did contract work in the health sector. Her husband was also a contractor. She would like a more stable job, but the DA-run municipality would not give her anything.

“The life is difficult,” she said.

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