No white men. No food - EFF supporter

2016-08-01 07:57

Eastern Cape - Without white people South Africans would starve, EFF supporter Mike Vink told News24 during its election road trip in King William's Town.

Vink, 54, who switched to the EFF last year after his employees convinced him of the 'Juju magic', said he believed that EFF leader Julius Malema would put an end to corruption in the country.

"I joined the EFF  because I believe that he can stop corruption. My boys (workers) told me about his (Malema) promises and I believed them after seeing him on TV," he said.

Vink said there was no other choice for him but the EFF. He said he believed that Malema and not DA leader Mmusi Maimane or President Jacob Zuma could end corruption.

He cautioned Malema, however, on EFF supporters who might tarnish the party by inciting violence against white people. 

"It’s a pity that someone that comes from the EFF would say babula abe lunga (kill the white men). That story is not going work."

Vink said while he believed in Malema, EFF supporters needed to know that the without the white man, "there won't be food". 

"The white man provides food for people in towns. If there are no white people then there won't be food and we will eat each other," he said. 

News24 caught up with Vink as he was buying bottles of brandy for his two employees who are also EFF members. 

"I love these guys. I buy them food and drinks and we talk about politics. They convinced me that Malema will make a change."

EFF election posters are prevalent on the streets of King William's Town. The EFF enjoys marginal support in the area. 

King William's Town, however, remains a stronghold of the ANC. 

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