Northern Cape: ANC in firm lead but DA, EFF, FF+ eat into support

2019-05-09 18:27
President Cyril Ramaphosa.  ~ deaan vivier

The ANC is leading the field in the largest, but least populated province of the Northern Cape – but it has lost roughly 6% of its 2014 haul, with three opposition parties sharing the spoils.

Getting 219 372 votes in the Northern Cape, the ANC is well ahead in the polls, with nearly 32% more votes than the DA, according to the latest figures as at 16:30.

At present, this shows that the ANC, currently between 57% and 58%, is down from the 64.40% it received in 2014.

If the percentage of votes stays below 60%, this will be the worst electoral performance in the province for the governing party since 1994.

The DA is in second place, with 25.74%, or 98 227 of the votes counted at present.

This would suggest an improvement by roughly 2% from 2014.

The DA has shown steady growth in the Northern Cape, having received 11.08% and 12.57% in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

Mirroring the trend seen nationally and in a number of other provinces, the EFF is in third place in the province, with 8.76%, up from 4.96%.

The Freedom Front Plus is up more than 2% from its 2014 tally, tracking between 2.9% and 3.4%.

Cope, meanwhile, has lost significant ground. With a strong showing in 2009, with 16.67% of the votes, the party only managed 3.60% in 2014.

Currently, it sits at 0.87% or 3 331 votes - almost twenty times fewer votes than a decade ago, and is at risk of not retaining any seats in the provincial legislature.

As at 16:30, 89% of votes had been counted, with a recorded turnout of 64%.

Counting continues.

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