Parties warned on illegally erected election posters

2016-05-10 08:45
ANC election posters glued onto the bridge on Mayors Walk. They also have posters glued on other bridges. The ANC was asked to respond to questions about this but no answers were received,  ~ Ian Carbutt, The Witness

Pietermaritzburg - The Msunduzi Municipality says it has warned political parties that have illegally erected election posters to remove them or face prosecution.

As political parties try to drum up support ahead of the 2016 local government elections, many residents are becoming increasingly irritated as some political parties have pasted their posters on bridges and walls and any surface they can find.

Msunduzi Municipality spokesperson Nqobile Madonda said on Friday that those political parties that have glued their posters illegally have been instructed to remove them immediately or face prosecution.

She said the Signage business unit attends meetings of the Party Liaison Committee, chaired by the municipal electoral officer of the IEC, which includes representatives from all political parties.

“The committee has been updated on all bylaws pertaining to political advertising leading up to the election,” said Madonda.

She added that parties have been briefed on the dos and don’ts governing the erection of political advertising in terms of the bylaws.

She said offending parties have been contacted and the matter of illegally placed posters has been raised at the committee’s meetings.

In terms of the advertising signage bylaws, anyone wanting to put up election posters must get the municipality’s permission.

The bylaws insist that posters must be “securely fixed to durable hardboard or other approved backing board”.

No posters are permitted to be displayed on bridges, traffic lights, traffic signs, natural features, freeways and/or national routes.

An election poster can only be displayed from the beginning of the day of declaration of an election to the end of the 14th day after the election.