Red (beret) Ringo - 'I won't be in Parliament to sing and entertain MPs'

2019-05-05 18:50
Julius Malema in Soweto
EFF leader Julius Malema arrives at Orlando stadium in Soweto for the party's election rally. Photo: AFP

Parliament should brace itself for a first - an award-winning musician to occupy one of its seats.

Popular musician Ringo Madlingozi could be singing a different tune if the Economic Freedom Fighter secures enough votes in Wednesday's polls to send him to Parliament.

Madlingozi is on the EFF's list of members chosen to head to the National Assembly depending on the number of votes it receives on May 8. However, the muso said he doesn't want to raise his hopes.

"If I am going there, I'm not going to Parliament to sing and entertain MPs. I'm going there to work for our people and my party," said Madlingozi on the sidelines of the party's Tshela Thupa rally in Soweto on Sunday.

He believes that his beloved party will do well and win the elections.

"Things can change in a minute," he said.

Madlingozi, who joined the party a year ago, said he will bring change through his contributions and participation in Parliament, fighting for rights of fellow musicians and artists in general.

'Why must our people suffer when South Africa is rich'

However, he said he joined the EFF after the party spoke the language he wanted to hear.

"Not will I only fight for musicians and artists, I will be championing the rights of the poor and marginalised people of this country.

"Poverty is rife in this country. Our people are impoverished and need to see their lives changing for the better."

Madlingozi complained about seeing unemployed youths roaming the streets seeking jobs.

"This country is rich with minerals. We shouldn't be having poor people in this country at this stage. Why must our people suffer when South Africa is rich. Another thing that hurts is seeing Africans fleeing abroad while the entire continent is rich with minerals."

"The EFF is the only party that understands the needs of the poor and the unemployed," said Madlingozi, who has been hard at work campaigning for the red berets in between performing and recording music.

He told News24 that his party has recognised artists and fights for performers in the country.

Madlingozi said he wouldn't even bother performing at ANC events since he has now joined a new family.

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