SACP to ANC: Don't point fingers over elections

2016-08-11 16:06
IEC results centre. (News24)

Johannesburg - There should be no finger-pointing within the ANC following its decline in support at the polls as all party leaders should take responsibility, SACP leaders have said.

The party also slammed the "national leaders" who "brazenly undermine" resolutions of the party's integrity committee "without consequences" by contradicting the process.

This was apparently in reference to party president Jacob Zuma recently welcoming suspended ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman back to his position while integrity committee processes over his alleged harassment of an employee were ongoing.

In a statement issued by spokesperson Alex Mashilo following the party's political bureau meeting on Wednesday, the party said the outcomes of the elections shouldn't be treated in a factional way.

"It is absolutely essential that these corrective actions are themselves undertaken in a sober, unifying and non-sectarian manner," he said in the statement.

He said there were already reports in The New Age that some in the ANC wanted to pin the party's bad performance in Gauteng on the provincial leadership.

ANC not 'a rural party'

"We are aware that in some quarters there are attempts to advocate disbanding the Gauteng ANC provincial leadership," he said.

Mashilo, however, said it's not true that the ANC had become a rural party and that the "urbanised middle strata" had deserted the movement because the party's support was down in rural areas too.  

"While percentage ANC support is generally higher in more rural provinces and small towns than in highly urbanised centres like Gauteng, the actual decline in ANC support in these elections has been much greater in more rural provinces like the Free State and the North West," he said.

"All leadership collectives, including all ANC provincial leaderships, need to shoulder responsibility, rather than pointing fingers at each other.

"Likewise, at the national level, it is important that an honest assessment is undertaken.

"To what extent have national errors affected local electoral behaviour? Is it true that only a black urban intelligentsia is concerned about Nkandla?

Clear message from constituencies

"In answering these questions, once again we need to avoid sectarian positioning, either blindly supporting an individual, or, alternately imagining that the recall of this or that personality on its own will somehow solve all problems.

"The problems within the ANC in particular are systemic and find expression at all levels, as the horrific local level assassination of ANC and SACP leaders in the run-up to these elections underlines," he said.

He said the ANC and its alliance partners must take to heart the message their core constituencies sent to them.

"The message is quite clear: 'Don't take us for granted.' 'Don't assume that your struggle credentials will forever act as an excuse for arrogance and predatory behaviour in the present.' 'Don't marginalise us while being preoccupied with your own internal factional battles, your list processes, your personality and money driven rivalries.' 'Don't impose unpopular and discredited candidates on us, based on factional calculations about next year's ANC elective conference.'

"This is the key message that needs to be taken to heart. In response, we need, as the ANC-led alliance, to demonstrate in both word and especially in deed that we have heard the message, loud and clear," he said.

Members of the SACP's political bureau are set to attend the ANC's national executive committee meeting starting in Pretoria on Thursday afternoon, and it is expected that they will communicate their viewpoint to fellow ANC leaders during the four-day deliberations.

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