Taxi drivers hit big payday ferrying elderly to voting stations for ANC

2016-08-05 16:36

Mbombela - Taxi drivers in Matsulu are smiling from ear to ear. They have never made more profit than during the current elections, they say.

This comes after the ANC paid local taxi drivers to transport pensioners in various areas to voting stations. One of the areas is Matsulu, outside Mbombela. 

A local taxi driver, Alfred Myeni, confirmed that he had made more money than usual ferrying the pensioners. 

"I have made a lot of profit. I have been transporting elderly persons since Monday for the special votes. I am happy that we have made a lot of profit and the ANC didn't rob us. They paid us in advance," Sithole said. 

He added that he went to cast his own vote early in the morning on election day so he could dedicate the rest of his day to ferrying his elderly passengers.

He expressed his appreciation for the ANC, "because they give us jobs like this one".

A pensioner, Thoko Mabuza, 78, said she was excited that they had been provided with transport to the polling stations, because health conditions sometimes made it difficult for older persons to get to voting stations. 

'We are supporting democracy'

"After three days of going back and forth to the voting station because they couldn't find me on the system, today I am back there and finally have voted.

"It was so kind that we get transport to the voting stations," Mabuza said.

Another elderly voter, Linah Nkosi, 70, said she has been voting for the past 22 years for change.

She wished to see the construction of proper road infrastructure and an end to corruption, particularly the illegal withdrawal of the old people's social grants. 

"I am voting just to put my ID up to date. For the past 22 years I have been voting, and there are thieves who withdraw the last money we get from the social grant," Nkosi said.

ANC spokesperson Mandla Ndlovu said the organisation supported democracy, and assisting the elderly to easily access voting stations is to support democracy.

"It was not going to be possible for pensioners or the disabled to travel to the voting stations, especially if they did not have transport or money. We are supporting democracy," Ndlovu said.