The DA spent millions campaigning against us - FF Plus

2019-05-09 19:14
Corné Mulder, Pieter Groenewald and Wouter Wessels
FF Plus leaders Corné Mulder, Pieter Groenewald and Wouter Wessels, announcing their plans to ask the Electoral Court to deregister the BLF. (Jan Gerber, News24)

While it might be too early to tell, one of the interesting trends that has emerged from the 2019 general elections, is the spike in the Freedom Front Plus' support, from 0.9% to 2.9% so far.

The party is sitting in fourth place, behind the EFF, DA and ANC, which is in the lead.

On Thursday morning, FF Plus' head of elections and strategy Wouter Wessels told News24 that that the DA had spent money campaigning against the party.

"They spent millions against the Freedom Front Plus, saying: 'Don't vote for the Freedom Front Plus because they are too small,'" Wessels said.

He warned the DA to be careful when attacking the same parties it seeks to work with. 

"We must start to look at the future and the DA should be careful. They told voters that they should not vote for a small party. They campaigned in that fashion and in the same time, they say we should prepare for coalition," he told News24. 

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Wessels said they were taken aback when the DA launched a campaign against smaller parties. 

"We will form coalitions on the basis of bettering the livelihoods of our electorate. The DA had a really big campaign against us. 

"It was very ironic because I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a small party. I would rather spend that money to fight the ANC, which is the enemy. Analysts and independent analysts have said in this election campaign that the DA's biggest problem is that they are race obsessed and they prove it by those type of comments. 

"Everything is not racism. Everything does not stop and begin with race. We are people. We are South Africans. We can build a better future together if we stop focusing on that and we actually unite in our diversity," he said.   

Wessels said the FF Plus succeeded since 2013 to get rid of misconceptions and position itself as a party that is not a "conservative racist party but it is a party of solutions of policy". 

Wessels also added that there were wards which the DA won in 2016 where it has now gained support. 

"We now have a lot of support because they say the DA failed them and it is not white wards if we want to racially classify everything in South Africa."

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