The top 10 countries with the most South African voters

2019-04-29 18:57
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South African citizens abroad cast their votes on South Africa's Freedom Day at high commissions, embassies and consulates-general around the world, and most were located in London.

Voting took place for 24 hours around the world, following the passage of the sun, starting off in Auckland, New Zealand and ending in Los Angeles in the USA.

For the 2019 general elections, 29 334 voters received approval to vote overseas.

IEC deputy chief electoral officer, Masego Sheburi confirmed that the process was transparent and the votes were tamper-proof.

Sheburi said ''at the voting stations, a voter will be given their national ballot and they will mark that ballot in secret, put it into double envelopes and those envelopes will then be deposited in the ballot box in use at the station.''

''At the close of the station, those ballots will be sealed into tamper-evident bags and included in diplomatic bags for return to South Africa.''

''The ballots are not counted at the missions, they will be counted together with the ballots cast in the country on the 8th of May and thereafter they will be included in the total of the votes for the ballots cast for the National Assembly in the country,'' he added.


At the close of voting on election day in South Africa (21:00 on May 8, 2019) the returned overseas ballots will be opened by election officials, counted and added to the national ballot count for each party contesting the national elections.

This will take place under the scrutiny of observers and party agents. Overseas voters only vote in the national elections - not the provincial elections.

The top 10 foreign missions with the most registered voters are as follows:

  1. London, United Kingdom: 9 084

  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 1 542

  3. The Hague, Netherlands: 1 355

  4. Canberra, Australia: 1 195

  5. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: 1 061

  6. Wellington, New Zealand: 927

  7. Dublin, Ireland: 817

  8. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: 797

  9. New York, United States of America: 605

  10. Doha, Qatar: 566

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