Union Buildings will 'by God's grace' be in a DA-run metro - Moodey

2016-08-09 13:43

Pretoria - DA Gauteng leader John Moodey has cautiously predicted that the country's seat of power, the Union Buildings, will soon be in a DA-led metro.

Moodey addressed a "thank you" rally attended by more than a thousand people in Tshwane's Freedom Park on Tuesday morning.

After walking onto stage to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger", Moodey said, "Think about this for a moment. When we won Cape Town, the seat of Parliament was in a DA metro".

"A few days ago Jacob Zuma and cronies woke up with an extreme hangover. Not Johnny Walker Blue [Label] but because of the heartache and defeat you brought about [in last week's local government elections].


"Do you realise the seat of power will now from this day forward by God's grace be in a DA-run metro? When we told them about it, the ANC in its usual arrogance said 'what are you drinking or smoking'."

Moodey said he wanted the people to see the difference between the DA government and maladministration and corruption.

He warned the ANC that "in a few days' time, if other opposition parties come with us, even the economic capital of South Africa, that is Johannesburg, will be a blue-run metro. How about that?"

Moodey said administrators would be expected to perform their utmost in such DA-run municipalities. "There will be no excuses for laziness."

Moodey said the significance of holding the event in Freedom Park was that people were "free of an ANC-run government that has run this government into the ground".


DA leader Mmusi Maimane had said he would give an update on the party's negotiations with possible coalition partners in Gauteng, but instead he merely repeated the DA's stated principles.

He said when the DA went into the election it said it wanted to grow the economy to create jobs.

He said he had told other parties, "This is a local government election, we must ask the question what can we do in local government.

"If you agree with us that we must deliver for poor people, if you agree with us then we can't stand for corruption, if you agree with us we must be non-racial, if you agree with us that you can't hire your chommie into the municipality, if we agree that we must deliver for all South Africans, if you agree that the right individuals must stand up, if you agree that SA must be for black, Indian and coloured, I'm writing to you to say let us govern together that we can deliver for the people of South Africa," Maimane said.

"If not, then we are not desperate to get into government."

Maimane said the DA would serve the people regardless of whether the party was in power or not.

No talks with ANC

He said the DA would, however, not speak to the ANC because "they want to divide us on race, they want to take us backwards," and was corrupt.

He the DA, if it were in power, would deliver for all the people, whether they voted for the DA or not.

Much attention has been focused in the past two days on coalition talks between the ANC and the EFF in Tshwane and Johannesburg, with allegations being that the ANC’s provincial leadership were looking for ways to hang onto Johannesburg, and had told the EFF that it could have the Tshwane government if it co-operated with the ANC in the economic capital.

It is expected that parties will have more clarity by Wednesday about possible coalitions, although they still have until the end of next week to establish municipal governments.

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