Whatever result we get is a gain - Mpofu

2016-08-04 18:43
(Mujahid Safodien, AFP)

Pretoria – Whatever results the EFF gets in the local government elections will be a gain, its national chairperson Dali Mpofu said on Thursday.

“Whatever percentage you see indicates our gain, if it’s 7% then we gained 7%,” Mpofu told reporters in Pretoria.

“I doubt if there will be another party that will make gains of that magnitude. It’s also a better performance because if you look at the performance at the national scale, we got 6.3%. Already we are above that.”

Mpofu said the EFF had changed the country’s political landscape and its existence would force political parties to work together to ensure improved service delivery.

They party would not enter into a coalition with the ANC. People were rejecting the ruling party and they would not bring them in “through the back door”.

In other cases they would form “partnerships” with opposition parties, but under “very severe conditions” to ensure service delivery to the people.

If the EFF managed to get into a coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay, it would ensure the “bucket system”, used in those areas without toilets, was eradicated. People in the metro, especially those in townships and so-called coloured areas lived in the most appalling conditions, he said.

“If we can’t agree on those conditions, we will be happy to serve our people from the opposition benches. We are not obsessed about being mayors or those kinds of things. We just want to play any role that can advance the course of our people, just like we do in Parliament where we are a tiny minority but an intellectual majority,” he said.

Their role in any coalition would be to highlight the needs of the poorest of the poor and those lowest down on the food chain.

“We are not into the language of king makers because we are not about kings, we are about our people. The kings and queens are our people, so whatever arrangement we make must be based on the service to our people,” he said.


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