Youngsters lack good, noble leaders - North West University student

2016-07-15 17:58

Potchefstroom - Young people need strong leaders who can still stand for what is good and noble, says a fifth-year student at the University of North West’s Potchefstroom campus.

Jacques Hugo, who is studying for his second Bachelor of Commerce degree at the university, feels a different breed of leaders, like former president Nelson Mandela, were needed.

“I believe if you look at our youth, not just South Africa, but the entire world, we are in dire need of strong leadership - people who are willing to take a stance for something and continue with that and to be an example,” Hugo told News24 earlier this week.

“We have political parties with people that are afraid to take a stance for something good and noble and to be proud of.”

Speaking about the upcoming local government elections, Hugo said he wanted leadership through action, not through speeches and rallies.

The country needed strong leadership to take it forward and currently there were no good examples for the youth to follow.

“Maybe that’s why a lot of people feel the need to express their frustration through vandalising.”

Hugo was born in Tlokwe but moved to Nelspruit when he was a year old. After completing his matric, he decided to return to the town to study.

There was space for improvement in the municipality’s basic service delivery, and Hugo said he would make sure he voted on August 3. Anyone who did not would be acting irresponsibly, he said.

The town’s problems included a lack of water, potholes, and power cuts. While students living on campus had generators, those living elsewhere were not so lucky.

Shortly before he left to join his friends in a common room at the campus’s student representative council offices, Hugo said: “I once heard a quote that went something along the lines of 'politicians tell us they can fix our problems, but many a times it’s them who create the problems in the first place'.”


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