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Mmusi Mamaine Answers Your Questions

06-May-2019 16:53:13

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06 May 17:01

Thoughts on removing Afrikaans as a language in primary and high schools? - @thatomabasa, Instagram

Maimane: Never. Afrikaans is one of the official labguages. Its a right. As jy Afrikaans wil praat moet jy kan, as jy in Afrikaans wil leer moet jy. What's next? Taking away the language rights of Zulu or Tswana speaking South Africans? You have the right to lern and speak in you language. This is an issue of upholding constitutional rights. I'm not Afrikaans speaking. But I will ensure that the right of Afrikaners to speak Afrikaans is protected. The issue is how do we broaden the access for people to work in their language. 

06 May 17:00

I would like to know if he would legalize Cannabis for medical, recreational and industrial usage and if he would adopt the same drug policies that have been so successful in Portugal. - Matthew Bekker 

Maimane: There's a ruling by the Constitutional Court. There should be regulation. But I've seen how cannabis can relieve pain. But regulation is important because its a drug that people use, too. We have to make it clear that for more people...we have to create regulations for responsible usage. Like when people uses alcohol people are protected. Regulation is key, must ensure that people are protected. 

06 May 17:00

What’s the DA’s stance on euthanasia? @tomwelz, Instagram

Maimane: Again, your choice. I would say choose life. But its your choice.

06 May 16:59

Are you planning to go into a coalition with the EFF at any time to gain control of a province or a city? If you do, the DA will never get my vote again. - Jeanne Welsh

Maimane: I will never compromise on certain principles. I won't mobilise on race. I support market freedom. I want a capable state. I want to eradicate corruption. So, if on the basis of these principles, we have an agenda of reform...we want to reform government, so that's more provincial and local. And we want to appoint the best people. Yes, that's what we must negotiate on. Clearly, if the EFF say that want to slit the throat of whiteness, we can't coalesce. I would rather remain in opposition than compromise on those principles. 

06 May 16:58

Why is the DA pro-abortion? Lots of DA Christian votes are lost for this reason. @cornep, Instagram

Maimane: I'm a Christian. One of the verses that gives Christianity much of which its about, is "I place before you life and death...choose life." I think God upholds the right of people to choose. My daughter has the right to choose, as does my wife. I want them to choose life. And therefore I'll make facilities available for them to choose. But we live in an SA, where in Mpumalanga in 2018 alone 7 000 kids fell pregnant. In the townships the education on protections was poor, and you get the situation where illegal abortions leads to loss of life. This comes from the Constitution, which gives the individual the right to choose. We don't only legislate for Christians, we do so for all. Our faith gives people the right to choose. That makes it powerful.

06 May 16:58

Are there any convicted or alleged criminals on the DA’s election lists?

Maimane: Brilliant. No.

06 May 16:57

Please clarify the position of the DA on their relationship with Israel.  – Multiple submissions

Maimane: Truth is a victim of conflict. I support the two-state solution. I have visited Israel and Palestine. Both must exist. And you need responsible leaders. In SA a Moslem South African can talk with a Jewish South African can talk and support the same cause. There are many lies about the DA and Israel. We are not funded by them...or that we hand out contracts to Israelis. Its a pure lie. From where we stand we will always engage both sides of the divide. South Africa has a lesson to teach those involved.

06 May 16:57

What is the DA’s stance on transformation in sports? - Nhlanhla Nene, Facebook

Maimane: If you go back in history, an fly over the country, and look at facilities, its were white schools with facilities. If we transform sport we need to transform sports opportunities for all. If a child wants to play tennis in Dobsonville, cricket an Athlone, or rugby, there needs to be quality facilities. I am proud of the fact that if I look at the Proteas it is diverse, we have fast bowlers who are black...and I love watching our soccer sides. They're all diverse. When we are diverse we may see things differently, but together we make a better effort. Our teams must be diverse, we need to select team that are diverse. IF I look at our Olympic team, we are making our way there. We must provide quality opportunities and equality of outcome. 

06 May 16:56
Maimane: Mister Dugmore is looking at old lists. We have the most diverse list ever. Looking at race and gender, from national and provincial level, is enormously diverse. The objective is to bind people around valules. If you look at the ANC and Freedom Front, these are parties that say only this party can represent black or white. I don't have to be a woman to represent women. I will pursue a dream of non-racialism. Anyone who wants to look at race models is moving backwards. This is not one race against the other. This is about all races fighting against the system. All of us must work together. We are the only party that can produce diverse lists. Where is another paerty doing it? Its only the DA. This is 2019, in 2024 our lists will be even more diverse. Never ever will it be said that the party is a party for whites or blacks. Its a party for all.
06 May 16:55

Could you explain in simple terms how you intend to reduce black tax?

Maimane: Our history...many black South Africans...the whole apartheid system was about oppressing a race. When 1994 came it gave opportunities to many. Many black South Africans not only had to put themselves through school, but also their siblings. There's a natural, additional layer of tax that isn't asked of other people. We need to think carefully how it address this injustice. We need tot talk about savings. SA in many ways a nation of two nations. I want to make sure we offer more opportunities, nreak down the wall of insider and outsiders. So we can talk about one SA, more jobs and more healthcare for people. Better education. It will reduce the burden on people.