African Christian Democratic Party

2019-04-26 10:46
ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe. (File, Netwerk24)

LEADER:  Rev Kenneth Meshoe

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Wayne Thring, Jo-Ann Downs, Raymond Tlaeli, Cheryllyn Dudley, Steve Swart



Strong biblical foundation – the ACDP seeks to honour God, while putting the people’s need at the centre of its policies. It wants to bring change and renewal to South Africa and help it flourish.

Family planning – a controversial stand, the party aims to amend the laws that allow for access to contraceptives and abortion for young girls without parental consent and that teach what they call age inappropriate sex education. They are against the legalisation of sex work, pornography and “abortion-on-demand”.

A focus on education – the party has a long list of goals to improve basic education. Among this is the reopening of training colleges and reintroduction school inspectors. They aim to ensure teachers have a competitive salary, create after-school initiatives to improve literacy, focus more on special education needs, and deal with gangsterism in school.

No national health care – on the hot topic of a National Health Insurance, the ACDP say they do not want private health care to be nationalised. Instead, they want to maintain the private sector and regulate anti-competitive practices. The party aims to invest in hospital revitalisation and improve accountability in hospitals and clinics. It wants to reduce waiting times through better management and more nursing and medical staff.

A threat to property rights and rural development – with a belief that land reform should benefit all involved and addresses past injustices, the party aims to ensure fair compensation for any land that is expropriated. To halt illegal land occupations, the party will give the availability and usage of land high priority.


- In a country which has a large population of Christians, the ACDP believes it can appeal to the electorate through religion. Making headway - from 0.8% of the votes in the 2009 elections to 0.57% in 2014 - ACDP leader Meshoe says his party is untainted, and has unquestionable integrity underpinned by biblical principles.

- The party has made provisions for young people and seems to be vying for the youth vote, believing that not all of them are liberal when it comes to LGBTQI or family planning issues.

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