Al Jama-Ah

2019-05-03 16:30
elections 2019

LEADER: Ganief Hendricks

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Moulana Hoosen Khan, Moulana Galil Brinkhuis, MF Achmat, Abdul Razak Noorbhai



From Halaal to Hajj – believing there is a gap in the representation of Muslim people, Al Jama-ah believes it is the party which will take up the concerns of the Muslim community.

Not just a party with Muslim leaders – while at the core of the party lies the protection of Muslim people, the party includes all South Africans in its manifesto. Of concern to the party are poverty-stricken communities, economic instability, unemployment and corruption.

Youth development – citing the high youth unemployment rate, the party says it will table a budget that will create opportunities for skills development, especially concerning technological skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Sustainable earth – the party says it will lobby to save the environment, and to create clean water and prevent pollution.

Employment – in order to create more skills development programmes, the party says it will lobby for basic skills development like sewing, construction and call centre initiatives, as well as skills that will equip people to start their own businesses.


- The party admits that it needs support, with only nine councilors across the country. The party narrowly missed getting a seat in the National Assembly after the 2014 elections, but still managed to increase its votes from 2009.

- While the party reiterates that it is not extremist and believes in the hard-won democracy South Africans fought for, it advocates for Muslim interests which, like any other religious parties, might clash with South Africa’s Constitution.

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