Azapo - Azanian People's Orgnisation

2019-05-03 16:25
elections 2019

LEADER: Strike Thokoane

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Itumeleng Mosala, Zithulele Nyangana Cindi, Mosibudi Mangena, Lawrence Molai, Senaoane Manku, Nelvis Qekema



Make South Africa gun free – concerned about the prominence of violent crimes in the country, the party believes that guns are a major contributing factor towards this. The party advocates for guns to be removed from civilians, in the belief that this will reduce crime.

Tighten up immigration – while Azapo believes that immigration can be a positive factor, of concern to the party is the number of undocumented immigrants in the country. It believes that tightening up immigration control will lead to less violent crime. The party has pledged to implement policies to deal with criminals from other countries and also register and document all refugees without discrimination.

Going green – the party has committed itself to ensuring green policies for government, citing the Kyoto Protocol of which South Africa is a signatory. The party believes government needs to adopt greener production strategies, promote renewable energy and leave coal, oil and fossil fuels behind.

Black power, land and labour – a longstanding call from one of South Africa’s oldest liberation parties, Azapo is committed to the upliftment of black people through special policies and measures. The party supports trade unions and a system of collective bargaining, and aims to ban labour brokers. The party also says that the repossession of land has always been a strong principle on which the liberation struggle was based.


- The party’s supporters hail mainly from Limpopo and the Northern Cape. Founded on Steve Biko’s philosophy of Black Consciousness in 1978, the party puts the empowerment of black people at the forefront of its policies. While there have been many parties which, like Azapo, were founded upon such ideals in the past, they have been plagued by internal battles – much to the EFF’s advantage.

- The party believes that corruption and crime on the part of the ruling party has destroyed this country and aims to take advantage of this to unseat the ANC. This is seemingly optimistic for a party that was 10 000 votes shy of a seat in the National Assembly.

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