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2019-04-25 08:04
Corné Mulder, Pieter Groenewald and Wouter Wessels
FF Plus leaders Corné Mulder, Pieter Groenewald and Wouter Wessels. (Jan Gerber/News24)

LEADER: Pieter Groenewald

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Anton De Waal Alberts, Petrus Johannes Groenewald, Cornelius Petrus Mulder, Wouter Wynand Wessels.

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULT: Won 0.90% of the vote in the 2014 national elections, and 4 seats.


Fight back, there’s hope – the party believes South Africa needs a political system based on Christian values, anchored in principles of justice, truth, love, respect for life and peaceful co-existence. The party finds very little right with South Africa and seeks a new vision for the country.

Affirmative action doesn’t work – the party believes “race-based action” is leaving a trail of economic destruction. It is adamant that enforcing quotas is a “manifold injustice” and that socio-economic conditions, rather than skin colour, should be the indicator of being disadvantaged, and a condition for empowerment.

Small effective government – shocked at the size of the current government’s public service and the amount of money they earn, the FF+ seeks a small, effective government, characterised by hard work and merit-based appointments. It also aims to bring the 34 ministerial portfolios down to 16.

Revise local government – the party has expressed unhappiness over the condition of local government and service delivery, due to the lack of authority at local government level, and municipal regions becoming too large. Through a republican framework, the party says the local communities should be the basic level of government, with national government only responsible for coordination and minimum requirements.

Free market system – the party believes that a free market system will create and protect economic value, saying state expenditure should be reduced, and that Eskom and SAA should be privatised. It also wants to limit performance bonuses for public officials and eradicate corruption through prosecutions.


- The FF+ had the slightest increase in votes, from 0.83% in 2009 to 0.9% in 2014. The party has success in areas like Orania, with the aim of creating a stronghold for Afrikaans and Afrikaner identity in a bid to protect their culture and language.

- Some believe that white voters - who can no longer get behind the DA, which is seeking to appeal to more black people, or because it is just too liberal - are increasingly finding a place in the FF+.

- The FF+ is hoping to branch out from a party that is only for Afrikaner separatists, to one that is for other minority groups in the country. The party’s positioning of Peter Marais as its Western Cape premier candidate is seen as a way for the party to attract the coloured vote.

- The party advocates for the protection of farmers, gun owners, and opposes land expropriation without compensation.

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