Socialist Workers Revolutionary Party

2019-04-25 08:46
Numsa General Secretary Irvin Jim launches the SRW
Numsa General Secretary Irvin Jim launches the SRWP in Kempton Park. (News24)  ~ Pelane Phakgadi

LEADER: Irvin Jim

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Moleko Phakedi, Oupa Ralake, Vashna Jagarnath, Andile Zitho

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULT: The party registered for the first time in 2019.


Abolition of capitalist class – the party’s ultimate aim is to organise workers into a revolutionary working class and achieve political power for a democratic and prosperous South Africa. The party believes in the restoration of all wealth into the hands of all its people to eradicate inequality.

The land belongs to all – all land and natural resources, the party says, belong to all South Africans, and natural resources and land will be transferred to the people. The party says it will end poverty, unemployment and inequality by ensuring that the country’s wealth benefits all South Africans equally. The party aims to amend the Constitution to ensure this happens.

Free education for all – to promote equality and a love of work in the South African people, the party says it will create free, compulsory, decolonised, quality and accessible education for everyone, young and old. The party also says all adults will have access to free, state-provided basic education to combat illiteracy.

Abolish unhealthy living – informal settlements, shacks and “unhealthy dwellings” will be abolished should the party be elected, with the selling and renting of houses regulated by government. The party also advocates for free public healthcare, with special care for mothers and children.


- The SWRP is the country's first workers' party and was born from the trade union Numsa, of which Jim is the general secretary and would hope to draw the majority of its support from union members.

- Having launch just a month ahead of the election, the party has little time to mobilise support and it seems unlikely that they would have great success.  

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