ANC receives backlash after food parcel post

2016-05-20 10:36
(File, News24)

Johannesburg – The ANC faced a strong backlash on its Facebook page this week after justifying the distribution of food parcels in one of its social media posts.

The post read: "The idea of the distribution of food parcels at events, be they government or party, being tantamount to ‘vote-buying’ is a deeply problematic assumption that should not go unchallenged.

“We live in a country where despite the many gains since democracy, a large percentage of our people continue to face lives of extreme poverty.”

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The post linked to a story where ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte criticised a report in the Sunday Independent that questioned the ANC's use of government funds for electioneering through food parcels.

However, hundreds of Facebook users still expressed negative reactions to the post.

User Mzolisi Ka-Xengxe said, “I think the ANC is missing the point here... Cause these food parcels are not done each and every month... But they become alive towards election months... If this government is aware about the plight of our [people] why [is that] the situation?”

Another user McDonald Phasumane said, “If ANC could provide food parcels every month to poor families, then I would also challenge whoever is against that. Now ANC tell me. Why do you people distribute food parcels every time when it's election time? Do you buy people's votes? Is that moral?”

Michael Manpisce highlighted the SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) saying, “But we cannot condone your thieving of SASSA food parcels and you use them at your ANC events to buy votes!”

User Emile Mohare said taxpayer money was being used to fund the ANC.

“What is insulting is using taxpayer’s money for party gains, where are these nonsense food parcels during the year and when there are no elections around? I don't want to see that rubbish in my house by the way!”

Mthokozisi Kubheka maintained that the ruling party had an ulterior motive in its delivery of food parcels.

“ANC buy votes with food parcels. They know our people are poor. Just imagine you give [voters] food [parcels - that's going to] last two days. What about [the third] day? [Worst] stupidity of ANC.”

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