Don’t play with your votes – Zuma

2016-05-13 17:30

Pretoria – South Africans should not play with their votes and should vote only for tried-and-tested parties, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday.

"Votes are important because we use them to improve our lives," Zuma told hundreds of party supporters at a community hall in Winterveldt, north of Pretoria.

Zuma received a hero’s welcome when he arrived. He told the crowd that time was not on his side and that he would not be staying long.

He encouraged people to vote for the ANC. He said people thought that being in government was easy. He asked the crowd what other parties had done for them – the crowd chanted "nothing".

"You can’t just walk into government. Parties are elected into government. When you vote, vote for parties that will help you build a better country. Let’s leave [other parties]. Why should we vote for them? If we want to improve our lives, our votes should not go anywhere else," he said.

Zuma ,while the government had done a lot for the country, more still needed to be done. But, he said, results would not be achieved overnight. 

"Nothing can ever be achieved in a day. They [other parties] are saying the ANC is not doing enough, what have they done?"

Some parties acted as if they were mentally challenged and others were just angry. He called on people not to vote for them as they would take the country backwards.

"They will make us kill one another. We have faith in the ANC and we accept when we have wronged," he said.

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