Elly Jackson bullied

2009-08-08 22:23

London - La Roux singer Elly Jackson was bullied for being a "lesbian boy".

The chart-topping pop star was almost taken out of school because of taunts she received about her appearance.

"There was an especially dark period where I nearly had to leave my primary school after this one girl relentlessly told everyone I was a lesbian and/or a boy. Which, when you're eight and a mixed-up tomboy, is really upsetting and confusing. I got asked out for a joke quite regularly. I just grew to hate everything about the way I looked," she said.

Despite the torment she endured, the Bulletproof star admits she understands why she was singled out by some of her peers.

"I was big, fat, ginger, had size nine feet and looked like a boy. Nothing was really working in my favour was it?" she said.

"There was a vending machine in the swimming pool of our school which took 20p pieces and dispensed things like Skittles. I used to take, like, £35 worth of 20 pences to school with me every day for the machine. Then on the way back home I'd eat two packets of crisps and a chocolate bar and then come home and eat two bowls of pasta. And I used to wonder why I was fat."