Roets fighting for his life

2009-04-09 09:11

Bloemfontein - Mathys Roets' accident couldn't have happened at a worse time. This is what a friend of the popular singer had to say about his motorcycle accident in the southern Free State on Monday.

Roets is currently fighting for his life in the Life-Rosepark hospital in Bloemfontein. Among other things, he has cranial bleeding, damaged lungs, broken ribs and various spine and other fractures.

"Mathys hasn't yet come to terms with his divorce at all," said the friend who asked not to be identified. Roets recently divorced his wife, Karen. She and their sons, Liam, 10, and Yuan, 7, have been keeping vigil by his bedside.

"Each time we talked, he said he missed Karen and that the divorce was a mistake. I hope they can fix things once he's better."

Singer and actor Alexa Strachan visited Roets in hospital on Wednesday. "He doesn't look good. Due to the serious nature of his injuries he wasn't even aware of my presence. He's been badly hurt."

'He's badly hurt'

Roets was on his way to the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees) on Monday morning when he crashed his BMW motorcycle near Dewetsdorp on the road to Wepener.

Marie Pieterse, Roets' sister, wrote about Roets' injuries on a Facebook support group. "There have been improvements and we have to stay positive now. I'm worried about his lungs and spine fracture."

Strachan said Roets was passionate about motorcycles and the outdoors. "He lives for his bikes. Every time you see him he's on a bike."

The Facebook support group was started by Carla Sherona Maree, the singer Lukas Maree's daughter. By Wednesday afternoon the group had 1 500 members and had received hundreds of messages of support for Roets.

Maree said on Wednesday that she started the group for her father.

"They're very good friends and his heart is broken. The group helps with the pain. It's amazing how many people care about Mathys."

Lucas Maree wrote on Facebook that Roets had a scan which showed minor brain damage from which he could still recover. "There's a lot of fluid in his lungs and that's why they're keeping him sedated.

Once his lungs are clear they can wake him up to assess the damage to his spine. We trust he?ll get through this, because he's a fighter."

The singer André Swiegers also wrote a message for Roets. "Mathys, I believe you'll be back on your feet and singing in no time. Just stay far away from motorcycles in future - bikes are clearly not your thing! Find a safer hobby."

The police have not yet established how the accident happened. "Only Roets will be able to explain what happened," said Harry Nagel, the Free State police spokesperson.

Roets would have performed in the contemporary musical Ses Snare at the KKNK. The show went ahead on Wednesday.

"Mathys wouldn't have wanted us to cancel the show," Thean Kotzé, who also performs in the show, said on Wednesday. "We miss him and are waiting for him."