Sex, lies and the video

2009-02-22 11:37

Johannesburg - A Rapport editorial article about the Joost van der Westhuizen sex video scandal stated that the Sunday newspaper was still convinced that the controversial video did indeed feature the former Springbok rugby captain.

Since publishing the story last week about a video in which van der Westhuizen allegedly performed sexual acts and sniffed white powder with an unknown woman, a furore erupted over the alleged authenticity of the tape, with Van der Westhuizen saying it was not him in the video and claiming he was the victim of a smear campaign.

In the editorial, Rapport stated it believed it was Van der Westhuizen in the video after consulting with a well-known Johannesburg professor in plastic surgery, who looked at the video and found several "indisputable" similarities between pictures of Van der Westhuizen and the man in the video.

It claimed furthermore that Van der Westhuizen had not demanded retractions of the story and had not threatened legal action and the newspaper found it suspicious that he claimed to know the man and woman in the video but wouldn't release their names.

Furthermore, the tattoo that Van der Westhuizen claimed was missing on the man in the video - on his inner thigh - was done after the video was made (the video is allegedly eight months old).

Rapport stated furthermore that it wished no one any harm and only reported on newsworthy and interesting events. It said it was the newspaper's responsibility to strive to report the truth and it thought it had honoured this rule.