Steve: It was only sex

2009-07-26 10:11

Johannesburg – Singer Steve Hofmeyr admitted that he had an affair with another woman who has spoken out after their affair spanning 14 years.

But Hofmeyr claims, it was “only sex”.

Hofmeyr said he only slept with Christina Bergh when he went to East London once a year.

Hofmeyr told Rapport he “couldn’t even remember if we had sex” when he last saw her in January.

A relaxed and laughing Hofmeyr, 44, spoke on Friday night, minutes before a performance in Centurion.

Already married

Bergh, 32, an estate agent who now lived in Cape Town, apparently started the affair when she was 18 years old and Hofmeyr was already married to Natasha Sutherland and was also involved in an extra-marital affair with Janine van der Vyver.

Bergh said she thought he would leave his wife for her.

But Hofmeyr described his once-a-year adventures with Bergh: “It was a relationship of 14 days… that’s two weeks!”

He said there had been only sex between them although he admitted paying for her to have a back operation after she had once called him, apparently in tears.

Hofmeyr believed his fans would forgive him. “I sang this week in Sasolburg and there were 600 girls wanting to bed me and squeezing my bum. Suné (his current girlfriend) and I laugh it off. I feel free.”

Bergh said she decided to speak out after she saw how Hofmeyr was bad-mouthing Van der Vyver on his blog.

“I saw he called Janine a w***e. What will he call me?”

She said she wanted to write a book about her 14 years with Hofmeyr, as Van der Vyver had done.